I know there are many of these but I couldn't help myself! This poem is about Brambleclaw's thoughts after he finds out about Squirrelflight and the kits. Advised not to read all my poems unless you've read the most up to date warriors book. I love SquirrelxBramble… One of my favorite pairings. And I will take suggestions; just tell me, who the speaker is, and what the event is or who they are thinking of. I will not accept toms with toms (ex FirexGray) or she-cat with she-cat (ex FeatherxTawny) only for friendship but no love. And no OC's either, I find other's OC hard to write about. Review! Please?

How I fell

How I felt

Oh there you made my heart melt

Inside my chest became cold and guarded

After you let me believe such lies

Never could I let one in


No more

After what you did

I loved my life

You and our kits

But then you had to lie for it

You said it all that night

Or rather "Our Daughter" did

To learn that I wasn't really her father

Shattered me

It was so hard to take in

And that you didn't really love me…

Though you never said it

I know you must not

For if you really did

If you really did

Then you would have let me in