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"But Princess Luna!" I said "No buts Amethyst." She said "Bu-" "No you are going to Ponyville and that is final!" She said with a bit of anger in her voice. When I saw I couldn't convince her to not make me go I finally gave in. "Yes Princess Luna but why am I going to Ponyville anyway?" I asked with a bit of fustian in my voice. I Sigh "I've told you five times already but I'll tell you again my sister and I have decided that it would be a good idea if you left Canterlot and make some friends." She said "Friends?" I ask. "Yes it has come to my attention that you're always cooped up in your room in the castle reading or using the chemistry lab." She said wide eyed remembering what happed last time when her student messed up a formula. "I only blew off a small part of the castle!" I said. "Well it's the past but the now you must be leaving the chariot is outside waiting for you the guards will drop you off near town there you will meet Twilight Sparkle she will lead you thought Ponyville." She said rather calmly "But where will I stay,

As I walked to the chariot I was in deep Thought. "Why is she really sending me away probably because I blew up a small part of the castle." I'm a unicorn with a midnight blue coat, light blue eyes, and sea blue tail and mane my cutie mark is a chemistry beaker with red inside maybe a potion also Princess Luna's personal student. Being raised by not wealthy but not poor but loving parents I could never afford to go to a very good school. Then Princess- well you most likely don't want to hear my backstory long story short I became Princess Luna's student and I'm now in a chariot headed to a different town without a chemistry lab to help me with my potion making. I simply sighed in anger why send me away to make "friends" all I need in my life is potions to create new things, but that didn't go to well last time…

"{Flash back}"

"A young mare with a blue coat is in a chemistry lab and pouring liquids together while reading a book while speaking to nopony "Now add the healing magic for a young unicorn…this will be easy just a few more ingredients and then I can help fix my father's old hip I swear on Celestia's name he complains about that every day, huh, what's this, is it supposed to bubble like that?" "oh buck" I ran out of the chemistry lab as it exploded all that was lefted was a hole in the castle wall I looked though it I saw the many bricks on the ground with many guards with shocked looks on their faces, one guard even fainted Princess Luna walked up behind me and had a shocked look on her face as well, but then it changed to a smile as she ordered some guards to get some magic to fix it then she told me to try not to blow up the castle anymore then I have so far.

While we were flying I noticed a large and dense forest "that must be the Ever free" I muttered. When we had landed I saw a violet pony coming towards us. "Hello I'm Twilight Sparkle and you must be Amethyst Princess Luna's student am I correct?" She said "How you know?" I asked. "Oh Princess Celestia told me that Luna was sending you here to make some friends Celestia did the same to me at first I thought everypony was crazy but they all are really good ponies and friends just trust me." She said and smiles I just sighed the last time somepony told me to trust them that resulted in somepony getting beat up and it wasn't me. I sighed and said "Ok let's meet your friends." As we were walking it was quiet awkwardly quiet then Twilight asked "Hey amethyst I want to ask you something first." "Hmm?" I asked "Your cutie mark mean's that your talent is with chemistry?" she asks. "Yeah it does also I can make potions and elixirs Miss Sparkle." I say "Oh you can call me Twilight all my friends do." She said she smiles and I say "Yeah friends." I said as I rolled my eyes Then we begin to walk to Ponyville to meet some new ponies.

End of chapter one


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