You sold me

Maria was out working on her uncle and aunts farm, it was a lovely sunny day and nothing was going to change it, at least that's what she thought. While Maria was out working hard, her uncle and aunt were having another one of their fights, which her aunt always came worst off.

Maria could hear them but as always she stayed in the background it was what her aunt always told her just so she did not become her uncle's next target, even though he managed to get some good hides in, whenever she would get involved.

Maria could hear her aunt Aderline now screaming, all she thought was this was bad, so being defiant yet again she walked up to the door of the house, she was just about to go in when she heard her uncle say, "she is going, and that's that, I sold her, how else do you except us to keep this place, she'll be better off than us, I don't know what your whining about". "She my niece, our niece", She heard her aunt cry out. That was when it hit her she, her uncle, Hans had sold her.

Oh no, Maria thought to herself, not this please, had she done something wrong and gone too far this time, how could he, I always tried my best but I never been good enough. What has he sold me to? As what? The next thing she wanted to know, she needed to know and before she could stop herself she was thought the door, demanding to just that, which she was quickly silenced by her uncle and his frets, with his fist up to her cheek, as if to say try it Maria and your know what your get.

Maria looked towards her aunt, who was in the corner of the floor curled up in a ball holding her stomach, that was always her uncles way to lash out to the place that were invisible to others. Maria hated that, it was always a secret to others how her aunt was really treated and herself included, her uncle always made out that they were a loving family and couldn't do enough for each other, in the public eye he was respected for taken in his niece, adopting her when she had no one else. She had just turned four when her parents had been killed in a car crash while away for a weekend break, and she'd been staying with her uncle and aunt when they got the news. She didn't understand much at that age, but eventually she learned they would not be coming back.

Maria hated her life there but she did her best just for her aunt if nothing else, she knew her aunt would get the worst end of it, her aunt always stood by Maria trying her best to keep her safe from her uncle but at times there was no stopping him, not when he'd had too much to drink. No matter if she did good or bad she too would always end up on the worst end of her uncle, he didn't like her at all, she always though it was because she was a girl, and to a man's point of view, girls are not strong enough for a farm, but she was, and he would never admit it, Then there's their son Danny, who could never do anything wrong, even when he'd be the one starting the trouble in the first place, or even treating his mother like dirt, Maria too for that matter, but his father would just pat him on the back and offer him a drink, Maria despised them and they knew it.

Maria walked over to help her aunt up, as she got her to her feet her uncle started to speak, "you'd better get yourself cleaned up I don't want these people think they be done by your aperients, I'll drive you down there myself" as he said this Maria could tell that once again he didn't have a care in the world for what he done, but the only thing she could do was look towards her aunt, who just looked at her with a look of hurt in her eyes but a fusel smile on her face, and said, " go on Maria, it will all be all right".

As Maria was just about to leave the room, she turned to her uncle to ask the question "what have I been sold as". His answer was quick with a laugh of enjoyment as if he had got one upon her again. "A wife" and just sat there with his boots up on the table without a care for what he'd done. She was in complete shock she couldn't move, it was when her aunt came and took her by the arm to guide her out of the room.

When in Maria room with her aunt, Maria just asked "why"? Her aunt answered her and said "it was this or loose there home". Maria just looked away not wanting to argue she just started to pack her things up, not much but there was no she was leaving them behind to be sold just like she her.