Hey, my first Invader Zim/Johnny fic so it might sound a little awkward until I get used to their personality. So I got this idea well reading some crossover fics and and I noticed how similar Dib and Nny are. Not enough to say there the same person but enough to increase my curiosity. SO I wrote this, not quite sure what else to say so I'll leave you to it.


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Dib sat against the wall of his room trying to get a grip on when everything went wrong. He supposed his life started to go downhill the day Zim came to earth. Yes, that's when his life took a turn for the worst. Things were bad before; no one believed him about the aliens before that. But things just got worse and worse after Zim showed up. It seemed like forever that Dib tried to convince these morons that Zim was indeed an alien. He tried and tried but still nobody believed him.

The only person that believed him was Gaz, his sister. And she still didn't take it seriously. Gaz hated him, always picking on him and beating him up. Dib shivered in horror at the memory of Gaz's security system; her stuffed animals. And the tortures she afflicted on him. Dib shivered again at the thought of the tortures.

Pushing that thought out of his mind Dib fixed his thoughts back on Zim. Dib had wasted almost his inter life to catching Zim. He had been obsessed with handing him over to the authorities and laying Zim out on an autopsy table, seeing what was inside. Dib was eight when he came, Dib was sixteen now. Zim had left earth when Dib was fourteen. No one knew where he had gone. All the other kids thought he had just moved, but Dib knew differently.

He had no clue where Zim was but he knew it wasn't as simple as "he moved". He went into space, for what reason Dib had no clue, where he is in space he did not know. Surely not Irk the Tallest hate him after all. Anyway Dib thought the ridicule would stop after Zim left, or at the least it would lessen. But no, it only got worse. People started to yell at him across the street, tripped him up whenever he walked by and dump their lunch on him before they'd beat him up.

Some people would call him "wacky" oh how he hated to be called "wacky." He'd scream at them to stop that they had no right to call him that but they'd just laugh, and walk away. Being called crazy he could stand, he had been called that all his life, but "wacky" was unbearable.

Dip threw a rock out the window, frustrated beyond belief. He could stand these people! All he wanted was to help these…these…these goblins! All he wanted was to save human kind from Zim and what did he get in return. Not even thanks, not a good job Dib, no all he got was ridicule and hate.

He remembered how he used to hunt down the paranormal and tried to uncover the truth about aliens and Bigfoot and goblins. Ha, they are the real goblins. They're the ones that should be hunted down! Ugh, why didn't he see this before humans don't deserve life, they are always taking advantage of it and throwing it away.

A disturbed smile slide across Dib's face and a soft maniacal laugh bubbled from his chest. Yes, why didn't he see it before, these humans didn't deserve life they needed to be shown what life is. He laughed again and reached for the knife his dad gave him when the bullies who called him crazy started to hit. "Just a little protection for my insane son" he would say. "Don't want you to die now before you see the light and start working on REAL SCIENCE!"

Dib chuckled, if only Dr. Membrane could see how insane he could get. "Yes I believe it is time to show Dad how crazy I can be." Dib murmured softly. "It seems almost fitting to start with him…hmm, yes I kinda like that idea. But what should I call myself for some reason Dib just doesn't seem right for what I am now."

Then Dib gasped has a memory from Dib's childhood played in his mind; when he was about three right before his mother walked out on him. She looked at him with pity and murmured. "It's too bad that your Father named you…I always wanted to name you Johnny."