The Fire's Heart

(Disclaimer) I don't own Harry Potter or Sherlock(BBC). If I did Sherlock and John would be together and the show would be on HBO. If I did the book wouldn't be children's books.

Warnings: Slash, Sexy Stuff, kids!Harry and Neville, Language, homophobic people, Crime Scene blood and gore.

Pairings: John/Sherlock, Harry/Neville(later) and Lestrade/OMC. More will be added later.

Bashing: Anderson, Sally, Lily and James Potter, Frank and Alice Longbottom.

Side note: Magic is not like in the books/movies. There are people that have Taming Magic examples: talking to animals, *controlling* fire, water, air, earth and blood(only their own). They are called Tamers.

Then there are people that have Natural Magic that are able to talk and change into animals. They can also *make* fire, water and other element without having the element already there. They are called Shifters. There are schools for training of ones gifts one named Roseline School of the Compass (school symbol compass rose), for Shifters and Demi School of the Stars (school symbol pentagram), for Tamers.

Chapter 1

A Flame is Born

Harry James Potter was born to James Potter and Lily Potter nee Evans the Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress of Demi School of the Stars. The two new parents were both proud Tamers both of their family lines were pure Tamer blood. James's line being the purest went all the way back to the first Tamer Demi Andrew.

Soon after young Harry's third birthday the Potter's noticed that between Harry's shoulder blades was a paw like mark. That was the day that changed Harry's life forever.

Outside London's Orphanage of The Rose a year later

Young Harry now Harry Watson was in the yard waiting for his best friend Neville who showed up at the Rose two months after Harry.

Harry got his new last name after the kind old nurse that found him, soon after the Potters dumped him in London and worked at the Orphanage.

I know that this was really short but I wanna give you all the information first before going ahead.

Next chapter Harry and Neville meet two important men out in London.

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