Last Quinn chapter... Yes, this is the end

Quinn's POV

Eight years later

It's funny how life falls together by taking the most unexpected of turns. It's almost never how you picture it and sometimes you think it's not worth it. But take it from me, it is. I've been through a lot. My life is TV-worthy. But here I am, at the ripe age of twenty six, and life is going well.

And once again, my head is in the clouds. I'm supposed to be trying to finish the book I'm reading. It isn't everyday I get a day off, after all. I heard the garage door opening downstairs. Sighing, I marked my page, got off my bed and went downstairs.

"Hello?" I heard the familiar voice call as the door opened.

"I'm coming" I said, hurrying downstairs.

As I turned the hallway corner, I heard little footsteps and I was engulfed in a hug.

"Hey baby" I said, hugging the little girl back tightly. "How was your day?"

"Good. Guess what?" the girl said, staring excitedly at me.

"What?" I asked with a smile.

"Today, I was digging in the sand and I found a quarter!" the girl squealed.

"A whole quarter? Woah, you're rich!" I said.

"Yeah! And Daddy said I gotta put it in my piggy bank" she said.

"That's a good idea. Why don't you go do that now?" I suggested. The girl nodded and ran off down the hall and I heard her clamber up the stairs.

I stood up and smiled at the man who stood before me.

"Hey" he said, kissing me.

"Hi. How was work?" I asked.

"Never the same" he laughed. "I got into a great debate with a kid about gay marriage. It was very interesting."

"Wonderful" I said, flipping his own dread lock in his face playfully.

Yes, I was married to Joe. And yes, we had a daughter.

Joe and I never broke up. After he graduated from McKinley, he didn't end up coming to Yale. He went to another University. It was still a long distance relationship for us and there were times when it was really hard. But we managed. We made it. It was quite an accomplishment. Especially because there was one month where we had got into this huge fight. The distance was getting to us both and we both ended up saying things we didn't mean. But we didn't break up and once we had a chance, we sat down and talked things through, just like we had that day in the choir room, so many years before. Since then, we've been okay. Do we argue? Of course. Usually over silly things like when to fill up on gas or what colour peppers are best. I think red are better, but Joe likes yellow ones.

Joe proposed to me a few days after I graduated from Yale. We were back in Lima and he took me out into the street. I had no idea why were were out in the middle of the road, a few houses down from mine, but Joe did. Once he was sure we were in the right exact spot, Joe told me that this is where he was exactly when he first saw me. He said that the day he moved here, he went for a quick skateboard trip around the block and he unknowingly passed my house. He said my mom and I were outside and at that moment, in the spot we stood, he saw me. Then he pulled out a ring and got down on a knee. He had this really, really sweet speech too. It had me in tears. I could recite it all right now, but I won't. We got married in the December of that year. It was a perfect wedding. All our old high school friends came and it was magic. We did our own vows. Joe had the idea of saying his vows in a fake British accent. It was an adorable gesture, but not the best idea because I was laughing the whole time and no one knew the meaning behind it except me. We had the New Directions allumni sing for our first dance. It was an awesome day.

I'm a real estate agent. Okay, maybe it's not a glamorous job, but we can't all end up on Broadway like Rachel Berry. It pays really well and I get to interact with people, which I love. Plus, I'm good at it. As for Joe, funnily enough, he actually became a religion teacher. He got a job at a local high school and teaches grade nine and ten. He loves it. Not only is he sharing his religion with people, he's interacting with people and we always joke that he's making up for the years he was homeschooled. He refused to ditch the dreads so he quickly became the favourite 'cool' teacher of many kids.

As for our daughter, she came a year after we got married. She's three now and her name is Macy Joanna Hart. Yes, we named her after Joe's old neighbour. We felt kinda bad because when we got married, she was too old to be a flower girl. Joe's four year old cousin was our flower girl instead. The original Macy is now thirteen. We still talk with her all the time. Every time we go back to Lima for a visit, we always stop in and chat with her and her parents. When we had told her that our Macy was named after her, she was floored. She thinks of our Macy as her younger sister and it's adorable.

Our Macy is a very smart three year old. She has curly blonde hair and light freckles. She perfect, if I do say so myself. She's very talkative and even sings a bit. She's a real blessing. Joe and I couldn't be happier.

As for everyone else in my life, well, they're still in my life. I stayed in touch with everyone from New Directions and we make sure we all hang out at least once a year. My mom is still as looney but loveable. She's been supporting me the whole time. Same with Joe's parents. They're brilliant and supportive and I think of them as parents to me. My sister and her husband and Tristan still travel, but they no longer are just three. Last summer, Frannie had a baby girl, named Katherine. I'm the Godmother. Frannie and her family always come over for Easter, as do our mom and Joe's parents. We host Easter every year. Beth and Shelby are also still in my life. They both attended our wedding. Beth is ten now. Last year, Joe, Shelby and I sat her down and explained to her that I was technically her mother and I loved her, but Shelby is, and forever will be, her mom. Beth didn't seem upset at all. In fact, she was kinda happy. We try and see them once or twice a year. The only person who isn't in my life is my father. When we were engaged, Joe and I talked about inviting him to the wedding. I wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but Joe really wanted me to try, so I did. I sent him the invite and Frannie said he did get it, but he never came. I'm glad. I've had no regrets about him out of my life. Who needs him? Not me.

All in all, life is grand. I have no complaints.

"Where are we going?" Macy asked for the seventh time as she had her face pressed up against the cool car window.

"I told you already" I said from the passenger seat. "We're going to Lima. Macy, you better not be licking the window. It's yucky." Macy had gone through a licking phase so Joe and I have to keep a close eye on her.

We were going to Lima for a visit. It had been a few months since we went last. It was also great because all our friends from McKinley were going to be there.

"Macy, we're going to see Grandma and Grandpa and Nanna. Are you excited?" Joe said as he drove.

"Yeah! Is Nanna making me cookies?"

"Maybe if you're good" I said, checking my email on my phone. There were a bunch of messages from the gang confirming that they're coming to Lima.

"Everyone confirmed?" Joe asked, glancing over.

"Eyes on the road" I reminded him. Even after nine years, I'm still not taking any chances. "And yes. I just got an email from Kurt saying that they'll be there a bit late though. Their plane was delayed."

"Who's Kurt?" Macy asked loudly.

"Kurt is our friend. You've met him. Remember, he gave you the little stuffed dog in your room?"

"Oh yeah" Macy said but I don't think she remembered who Kurt was, I think she just remembered the dog in her room.

We arrived in Lima an hour later. We were staying at my mom's house this time. The last time we were in Lima, we stayed at Joe's parent's house so we like to switch it up a bit.

We unloaded the luggage and Macy from the car and I opened the door.

"Hello? Mom? We're here" I called.

"Nana! Nana!" Macy helped me out.

"I'm here, I'm here!" my mom said, hurrying into the foyer. "Sorry, I was on the phone."

"Nana!" Macy screamed with joy and flung herself into her grandmother's arms. My mom had aged a lot in nine years. Granted, she was always the oldest mom out of my friends' moms. She still looked great though.

"Hello Precious" my mom hugged Macy and spun her around. "Look how big you've gotten!"

"Am I as tall as Daddy?" Macy asked. For some odd reason, that was her life's goal.

My mom laughed. "You're taller than his hair."

Joe and I laughed.

My mom set Macy down and hugged and kissed both Joe and myself.

"How are you two doing?" she asked.

"Great. How are you?" I asked.

"Fine, fine! Now, are you guys hungry?" Without waiting for an answer, she continued. "I've made you lunch, come on."

We went into the kitchen where my mom had set out sandwich fixings.

"Well, technically you have to make it yourself, but I got it ready."

"Looks great" Joe said, helping Macy into a chair.

"Yes, thanks" I said, sitting down.

"So what are your plans for the weekend?" my mom asked as we ate.

"Today nothing. Tomorrow nothing. Tomorrow evening we're going to Joe's parent's place for dinner. Then Macy is staying with them while Joe and I go meet with our friends" I said.

"Aw, the whole gang is in town?" my mom smiled.

"Yup" I said. "Even Rory."

"Rory?" my mom asked.

"That transfer kid from Ireland. Well, he's not a kid now. In Senior year, he transferred to McKinley and stayed with Brittany's family." I said.

"I barely know him" Joe said. "I knew for a few months. But after that year, he went back to Ireland."

"Well, you've seen him since. He makes sure to visit when he comes to America" I said.

"Oh! I remember him! When you were in the hospital after your accident, he and a bunch of others came to visit. I just remember his strong accent."

"That's him. Anyways, he's thinking of permanently moving to America so he's here house hunting" I told her.

"Good for him" Joe said. "Macy, don't play with your spoon."

"It's like a little teeny shovel!" Macy announced, waving her spoon around.

"You're right" I said. "But put it down, please."

"So smart" my mom cooed proudly.

"Macy, tell Nana what happened to your balloon from the store" Joe prompted.

Macy grinned. "I forgot to hold on!"

"You did?" my mother gasped. "Then what?"

"It flew away! I said 'bye-bye balloon!'" Macy said, pointing to the ceiling dramatically.

"Yeah but tell her where it went" Joe said.

"The park! It was at the park!"

"Really? Wow, that's quite a story" my mom said, looking at Joe to confirm or deny the last part.

"It's true. We went to the park the next day and it was stuck in a tree" Joe said. "It was crazy."

"Neat" my mom smiled and winked at Macy, who was beaming.

The rest of the day was spent just chatting with my mom. It was good to catch up with her. The four of us ordered Chinese that night. The next day Joe, Macy and myself went to visit Joe's parents. They're so awesome. It was great to see them and Macy loved the fact that they showered her with attention. During the day, Joe and I did some shopping and we went next door to visit original Macy. She's grown so much. She filled me in on all the pre-teen drama. Times have changed. When I was her age, my biggest issue was if my Tamagotchi was dead yet. Oh, man, I sound old. I'm not old! I'm young!

We ate dinner at Joe's parents' house and my mom came too. That was great because all of us were together. It was just like the old times when Joe and I were dating...plus Macy. After dinner, my mom left to go the Ladies' Movie Night at the church and we left too. Macy stayed with her grandparents. We left as they were starting a puzzle.

"This is exciting" I said as Joe started the car. We were going back to McKinley to see everyone. We meet in the choir room, just like always. Who cares if there's been new Glee kids using it now? That room is, and forever shall be, ours.

"It's always awesome to see how we've grown" Joe said. "We all changed but stayed the same in a way."

"You're the same" I said. "You're exactly the same."

"Am I?"

"Yup. You're still the silly-haired compassionate kid I met so many years ago" I said.

"You haven't changed much either" Joe told me. "You're about the same."


"You look older."

"Oh, Joe. You say the sweetest things" I said in a sarcastic monotone tone.

"It's not an insult" Joe said. "I'm not saying you look old! I'm saying you look older than you did when we met."

I crossed my arms. "I don't like this conversation any more" I said with a small smile.

"Well luckily for you, we're here" Joe said. Sure enough, we were in the dark but achingly family school parking lot. We got out of the car and walked to the doors.

The school hasn't really changed at all. We walked to the choir room to find it full and busy already. We were greeted by screams of joy and within four seconds flat, we were wrapped in tight hugs.

"Quinn! Joe! You're here! Look at you! Still hot!" Mercedes grinned.

"Me? Look at you! Fabulous!" I said. She did. She had lost some weight, got a short haircut and was wearing an adorable blue dress.

"So got a boy down there in LA?" I asked her. I scanned the room and didn't see anyone unknown.

Mercedes winked. "Maybe."

"I want details" I said to her and moved on to hug Rachel, Santana, Brittany and Tina.

At first it was just small groups chatting with each other and once in a while someone would move between groups, but after a while, we settled on those maroon plastic chairs in a large circle. We started talking about life. Everyone's life is going just as swimmingly as mine. Mercedes is a singer at a fancy hotel in LA and is dating a guy named Randy, who plays bass in the hotel's band. Santana and Brittany ended up getting married a few years ago in New York because Brittany went there after she graduated. Santana is a model and Brittany's web show Fondue For Two is now a morning talk show on local TV. Rachel did make it to Broadway and starred in many shows. She married Finn four years ago and they have a son named Alex who is almost a year old. Finn works at a video game company where he tests games and pitches new ideas. He's really into it. Kurt and Blaine are also married. They, too, got married in New York. Blaine went to school for music and now writes music for a lot of famous singers. Kurt finally picked between fashion and Broadway. He is the editor in chief of Vogue and also is working on his second fashion line. Kurt and Blaine also adopted a kid; a girl named Mikaela. She's two. Mike and Tina aren't dating and are separately married, but are best friends and dance partners. They teamed up and have a studio where they teach kids how to dance. Sam put his impressions to use on a small scale sketch comedy show. He's got a girlfriend named Jessica now. Artie is a director. He's only done small, unknown films, but it's a start. Sugar has a successful blog about everything from candy to fashion to hot guys. She's still single, though. Puck actually did write a screen play and it did become a movie, one that Artie directed. Puck is also single but he's had many, many partners over the years. Rory and his girlfriend Angela, also from Ireland, are looking to move to America. Rory was a police officer and wants to continue that here. Mr. Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury, or should I say, Mrs. Schuester, are married and have two kids, Jeremy, age five, and Dianne, age two. They both still teach at the school and they promised they'd stop in for a visit tonight too.

"Remember when Finn had that kissing booth?" Santana laughed. "What did you make, thirty bucks?"

"Two hundred!" Finn laughed. "And hey, at least I was doing something for the team!"

"True" Sam said. "But we did stuff for the team too. Or do you not remember the Men Of McKinley Calendar?"

A wave of laughter shook the room. I remember that calendar. Joe sent me a copy. I think I still have it in a box or something.

"I still have that!" Blaine said.

"Same" Artie smiled.

"Have any of you talked to the others lately? Marley and Jake and Ryder and Kitty and Unique?" Blaine asked.

"I do sometimes" Tina said. "Marley wrote a book."

"I read it" Rachel said. "It was great."

"What was it about?" Puck asked.

"It was about Anorexia and eating disorders and how peers can pressure you" Tina said.

"Did Kitty read it?" Santana smirked. Joe had told me all about how it was finally revealed that Kitty was tampering with Marley's clothes and how mean she was being. Marley ended up forgiving her and they became friends, I think.

"What about Jake and Ryder?" Artie asked. "Who'd she marry?"

"Neither" Tina said. "Ryder became a collage football player and Jake is a dancer. They all went their separate ways."

"Unique works at Vogue" Kurt said. "She's an intern."

"Sorry, but who are you talking about?" Rory asked.

"Kids from New Directions" Kurt said. "You've met them at our wedding."

Rory frowned. "I don't remember."

"Oh! Guess who I ran into last week!" Mercedes clapped her hands loudly. "Jesse!"

"St James?" I asked.


We talked for hours. It was so great to catch up with them. It's been a while since I was laughing that hard. I was literally gasping for breath. But after a while, someone looked at a clock and noticed it was past midnight. Rachel and Finn and also Kurt and Blaine decided it was best time to go back because both their kids were at Burt and Carole's. That prompted us all to leave. So we said sad goodbyes and hugged and promised to all get together soon.

"That was fun" Joe said as we walked out into the parking lot. It was super dark and a bit cold since we went in.

"Yeah. I miss everyone though. We don't see each other enough." It was true. Despite the fact that we laughed the night away and it was fun, I left with a heavy heart. It happened every time; you'd think I'd get over it by now.

As if Joe could sense how I was feeling, he put an arm around me. But he didn't seem to have anything to say. I guess he knew there was nothing he could say.

"Are you tired?" Joe asked me as he started the car and the heated seats kicked in, to our satisfaction.

"It's almost one a.m." I said.

"But are you tired? Joe asked. "Or do you maybe want to go for a little trip?"

I smiled. Joe was always planning something. "Alright."

Joe ended up driving us to the park.

"Ah, the park. I haven't been here in ages" I said. The last couple times we've come to Lima, we've either been too busy to take Macy to the park, her grandparents did it, or it was too cold. "Now that I think about it, when was the last time we came to the park?"

Joe paused as he thought about it. "It was during a summer. I think it was after my first year at University."

"Yeah, I think you're right" I said. "And that was after the playground structure was rebuilt so we ran around and played on that like five year olds."

Joe laughed. "That was fun!"

"It was" I said as we started walking on the dark path.

There were a few lights in the park that lit our way, but for the most part, it was dark.

Joe and I walked to a bench, where we could see the whole park and the large field behind it. There was also a single lamp post nearby. I sat as close to my husband as possible and rested my head on his shoulder. He put his arms around me.

"I love you" I whispered. "We've been together for years and I can't imagine life without you."

"Me neither" Joe said quietly.

"It's weird to think that we survived since high school" I continued. "You know, seeing everyone and how they're not with who they dated in high school made me glad that we are."

"Some of them are" Joe pointed out. "Finn and Rachel, Kurt and Blaine, and Santana and Brittany."

"But they all broke up at one point" I said. "We never did. That's rare, you know."

"I know. We had something special."

"Have" I corrected. "We still do."

"Yeah. Did you ever think that life would turn out like it did?" Joe asked.

"Never. Never, ever, ever" I said to emphasize my point. "But I'm glad it did."

We sat there on that bench, silently. I don't know about him, but my mind was racing through all our memories. Everything we've been through. When we met, my car accident, our first date which led to our first kiss, prom, graduation, our wedding, our honeymoon, buying a house, getting pregnant, Macy's birth... We've been through so much. It was so magical.

If you had asked me my freshman year of high school what my life would be like, I never thought it'd be so amazing.

Life's wonders were just sorta thrown at me. But before it ignited, it was nothing more than a simple spark.

When you're in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from you, from her, or from the meeting of your sparks.

-Natalie Clifford Barney


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