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Tagline: Late one night, young Chid asks his father for a story.

How I Met Your Mother – Part One

Mahad swept silently through the halls of the palace on his way towards their - his - bedroom. It was late and most of the candles had long ago been extinguished. He sighed in longing as he opened the door to his empty chambers. His eyes lingered on the large portrait of his late bride; it had been painted just after their wedding day.

She'd been so beautiful…

He'd loved her from the moment he'd met her and Marlene Aston had gained even more beauty as the days passed.

And then she'd told him she was pregnant with another man's child. Her guard, the Caeli, back in Asturia. Mahad had seen the fear in her eyes; he, as the ruler of a foreign country, could dishonor her and destroy her life. But the duke loved her, no matter her past actions.

The Duke pushed away his thoughts as he readied himself for bed.

Mahad turned quickly in his bed, fist at the ready to defend himself against the intruder in his room. His eyes widened as he recognized the little boy, silhouetted by the lone, faint candle in the hall. The guard had of course allowed his son entrance. Sitting up in his large bed and changing his fist into a beckoning hand, he motioned Chid over.

"What is it my son?"

"Papa, I had a bad dream…"

The father pulled his son into his lap.

"P-papa, may I sleep with you tonight?"

The Duke withheld a sigh while the Father spoke, "Yes, tonight you may."

"Thank you, Papa."

He blinked the bright morning sun from his eyes as his consciousness surfaced from dusky sleep. Mahad's arm curled around the small boy still within his loving hold. A silent tear slipped from his eye; no child should make their way in the world without both parents.

Chid shifted, awakening. He pushed his little hands against his father and moved to the open expanse of the bed.

"I'll call the servants and we'll have breakfast here, how does that sound?"

"Really Papa? That sounds wonderful!"

He smiled.

Truly, he shouldn't be indulging his son so; letting him sleep in his bed and having breakfast brought up. But when one has recently lost their mother… A sad smile again graced the duke's features.

After breakfast had been brought up and they'd seated themselves around the duke's table in his outer quarters, Chid picked and pushed his food. After a few minutes, he asked, "Papa, tell me about how you met Momma."

Mahad stopped his fork partway to his mouth. Marlene had been the story teller. She'd told their son many a tale; most of them at least half true. It didn't bother him that her tales centered upon a certain knight; the boy should have some faith and trust in his physical father. Marlene did tell Chid Freidian stories as well as Asturian. "Your mother tells that story much better than I…"

"Please Papa? I think you'll tell it just fine!"

"Well, if you insist…"

"Yes Papa, please!"

HIMYM is being written for deviantArt's EscaFans group's January Contest: Forgotten Characters.

Inspired by a dream I had a couple of days ago... (1/6/2012)

Yes, I am sorta borrowing the title from that TV show... No, I don't watch it.

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How I Met Your Mother - Part Two

"I was in Palas, the capital of Asturia, for a meeting with King Aston to review the treaty between our countries. I was on my way – "

"Momma always says 'The mysterious, intriguing capital, Pallas.'"

"… But you asked me to tell the story. I saw a different side of the tale. I am Freidian, your mother is Asturian. Let me tell the tale."


"I was on my way to visit the marketplace when two young men caught my eye. They were not ostentatious… – they did not stand out, but I had a feeling that they were up to something. I dismissed my guards, bought a colored robe to hide myself, and followed them.

They followed the main streets for several miets and I almost lost them a few times. Eventually they ducked into an alleyway and then into a shabby looking building. By their clothes they appeared to be lower middle class but they clearly did not belong into such a building.

I was perplexed at how to enter the building without being noticed and I was convincing myself to try to gain entrance into the building when I beheld a vision through the uppermost window.

Sunlight spilled from her head, roses grew from her lips, and the blush of the humming bird was upon her cheeks. She was lovely, that much was clear. I pondered why such a wondrous maiden was in a rundown building. I was so stunned by her beauty that it was a few miets before my mind registered her clothes.

I had seen paintings of the Asturian princesses. I vaguely knew their faces from the festivities thrown in their honor that I had attended in the past.

'Princess Marlene Erisha Aston' fell from my lips as I remembered her name and matched the name with the face I was seeing now.

Her portraits did not do her justice. Her exquisiteness must have come from the goddess herself. She –

"Pa-pa! Tell me how you saved her, not what she looks like!"

"Alright my son." The light in Mahad's eyes did not dim, though a small tear began to form in one eye.

I had not been spotted up until this point and the structure did not seem guarded in anyway, nor the door, so I simply entered the building. At the time I was unfamiliar with Asturian architecture, so the three stairways confounded me for a moment. I simply chose the one that I thought was closest to the window that I had seen Marlene through. Lo and behold, my choice had been blessed by the goddess.

I chose to make the main deity of Freid a simple "goddess" just... because... I've been playing Zelda: Skyward Sword, and that might have something to do with it. *Shrugs*

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Date written: 1/25/2012
Date typed: 1/25/2012
Date posted: 1/25/2012 (As it's own separate story)
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How I Met Your Mother - Part Two

I saw the two men standing in front of what I assumed was the room Marlene was in. There was a third with them; they were arguing quietly. I managed to hear the words 'princess,' 'ransom,' 'hurry,' and 'lunacy.' The last word came from the third man. I did not know how the imbeciles managed such a feat, but it appeared that the princess had been kidnapped.

I needed to hear no more. My blood began to boil. How could they capture the princess of their own country? How could that take the rose from her garden? I flung aside my marketplace robe, drew my sword, and issued that they fight like men. The third man fled, leaving his two comrades to face me. One cowered in a corner while the other fumblingly drew a shabby sword.

He was no swordsman, nor did he keep his sword in good condition. It was a short encounter and I am ashamed to have crossed blades with such a lesser skilled man.

However, when he appeared beat, his associate flung himself upon me. He must have had a dagger hidden in the billows of his robes, for I had not seen it before. He was much alike his companion, unskilled. But he had taken me by surprise and managed to mark me.

Mahad drew the sleeve of his over-robe over his elbow, showing Chid the faint scar. The boy's eyes became larger than the breakfast plates.

The one wielding the dagger fell nearly as quickly as the one with the sword. I berated them for their disrespect to their royalty and tied them up. Opened the door and rescued your mother from the clutches of those dullards.

Her eyes were wide with fear as I entered the room, but I assuaged her fright and untied and removed the gag from her delicate mouth. We returned to the streets and I quickly found one of the palace guards and together we ushered Marlene back to the palace.

Her father was overjoyed that his missing flower had been returned.

King Aston offered whatever I wanted as a reward, up to half his kingdom.

"I knelt upon one knee and said, 'Your majesty, I want neither riches nor land nor servants. My only desire is the hand of your gracious daughter in marriage, for I have fallen in love with her grace.' The king was astounded, but granted my wish."


"What is it my son?"

"Momma takes much longer to detail the fight between you and the bad guy."

"She does?"


"Say 'yes.'"

"Yes, Father."

"What else does she say about the day we met?"