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Date typed: 3-15&22-2012
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March 2012: Unknown to the World ("Missing")

"Hiiitomiiiiii!" Yukari Uchida yelled at the dark sky. Her best friend did not reappear. The track manager rubbed at her eyes, futilely wishing that she had imagined the dragon, the boy in the red shirt, and the bright blue pillar of light. The girl glanced over at her companion.

Susumu Amano stared at the black sky, wondering how it could be that a boy and a dragon had appeared in front of him only moments before on the track. He pondered that the girl he'd been about to kiss had disappeared into the heavens… He could feel the muscles in his arm relax after he'd reached up, on tiptoes, attempting to grab her hand.

"We've got to tell her mom," Yukari breaks the silence.

"What will she think? 'Mrs. Kanzaki, we're sorry, but you're daughter was captured by aliens'?" Susumu doesn't mean to be rude, but the situation is still catching up to him.

"We'll – We'll give it until tomorrow. Maybe this is all an odd nightmare. If you don't meet Hitomi before school tomorrow, we'll tell Mrs. Kanzaki after school." Susumu's head is returning to him now. He truly does hope it is all a night-dream's wild adventure.

Mouth slightly agape, Yukari nods. She starts to walk home, alone, the pain in her ankle telling her this isn't a nightmare.

It is the right course to inform the mother of the missing daughter… But a night's sleep after a terror such as this would also clear their heads. Hopefully, they'll both truly wake up.

Mrs. Kanzaki accepts the news of her lost daughter far better than either Yukari Uchida or Susumu Amano could have ever hoped.

The mother's first desire is that her daughter is safe, her second that her husband will accept the situation as calmly as she has.

She has experience and faith on her side, though. While Mr. Kanzaki has heard of her mother's tales, he does not believe them. Deep inside, it is his notion that the elder Yuri had imagined her off-world adventure. Mr. Kanzaki is deeply rooted to the ground, but he also would not speak ill of his wife's mother.

Wife does not call husband at work to inform him that their daughter has gone missing. He will be home soon and she does not want him to worry when she thinks that they don't need to worry about their missing daughter. He arrives home soon after Hitomi's friends have left.

Mr. Kanzaki enters the house to find his wife gazing outside at the stars, that odd look back on her face. He is unhappy; he hasn't seen that look in years, not since Grandmother Yuri gave Hitomi the trinket. He says 'hello' and kisses her, then asks about her day.

"Hitomi is gone."

"Gone?" Panic starts to edge into his voice. Hitomi is young and pretty, what if –

"Not in that manner. In the same manner Mother traveled away all those years ago."

His mouth drops. His wife truly does believe her mother's fairy tale? But she is so calm, so certain… "Hitomi is gone."

"Yes; she will return when her reason for being there has been completed."

"We shouldn't… worry? Not at all?" 'How can she be so calm?'

"I do not believe she is in grave danger."

"'Not in grave danger, but danger none the less. And yet you are not worried? Not at all?"

"A little. A mother always worries."

"As she should. But I should not?"

Mrs. Kanzaki sighs at her husband's lack of faith. "No, you should not."

Mamoru is much the same. Mr. Kanzaki spoke with his wife and they agreed that Mamoru should know the truth; they would not lie to their son. The almost-thirteen-year-old looks at his father oddly when his dad says "Your sister is… away… for a while."

The adolescent recognizes that tone of voice; he assigns it to Grandmother Yuri and at times his mother, but never with his sister. "What's going on?"

"Hitomi's friends Yukari Uchida and Susumu Amano told your mother that Hitomi was 'assaulted by a dragon and taken up in a beam of light.'"

"Like grandmother?"

A pause. "Yes."

Mamoru gives his father a questioning look. "Is Hitomi going to be ok?"

"Your mother believes so."

On the faith born in childhood, the son will believe his mother until he sees actual proof. He is not yet a teenager, not an adult. Mamoru will pray for his sister's safety and hopeful soon return. Unlike his father, who disbelieves and prays without believing that his wife is right. Unlike his mother, who sees glimpses of her daughter's adventure and knows in her heart that Hitomi is safe.

Safe enough, guarded by an young king full of emotion.

Dedicated to TsubasaNoKami and GloomyFenris on deviantArt.

Anyone else find it odd that Hitomi leaves at night but it's light when Yukari and Susumu talk to Mrs. Kanzaki? *Raises hand* I mean, if my best friend disappeared on my like that, I'd contact her mom ASAP!

I started with this version, then wasn't sure my memory was correct on the lighting when they talk to her, so I flip-flopped and had another version where they went and told her right away.

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