Kellen: Okay, one chapter down...many to go.

*Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof poof in*

Cosmo: Hey Kellen!

Kellen: Cosmo? Wanda? Poof? What are you doing here?

Cosmo: Well, we're here for two reasons...

Kellen: And they are?

Wanda: Well...Amie hasn't talked to us often since she and Lawton started KNS...

Poof: Poof-poof! (It's true!) *nods in agreement*

Kellen: And the second reason?

Cosmo: Well, we noticed you had a review about the three of us not being used that often, so we've decided to stick with you for the time being.

Kellen: Okay, just don't wreck anything...right, Cosmo?

Cosmo: I won't...these power-supressing bracelets I've got on prevent me from doing anything stupid with my magic. Of course, having an increase in intelligence isn't so bad of a trade-off...

Kellen: Well then, care to do the honours?

Cosmo: Absoultely! K.C. Ellison owns neither "The Fairly Oddparents" nor "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

Kellen: Great job!

"Of Fairies and Ponies 2"

by K.C. Ellison


Meanwhile, in a world not so different from Equestria, a young ten-year-old boy was walking along the sidewalks of his hometown. A trio of pink, green, and purple birds were right behind him, following his every move. To most townspeople, this boy would be just an average kid and would be looked upon as such. To these birds, however, they saw this boy as a son...and a hero. "Why," you may ask? Because this boy is Timmy Turner, and the three birds that were following him are actually his fairy godfamily: Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof.

Six months earlier, Timmy and his fairies were wisked away to Equestria during a trip to the forest. Along for the ride was a girl named Trixie Tang, a popular girl from Timmy's school who acts like a princess to everyone around her, but is a total nerd once you get to know her. The four of them were tasked by Princesses Celestia and Luna to take down Luna's evil counterpart: Nightmare Moon. Now approaching summer, Timmy was now out of school and heading to Trixie's mansion for a moment with one of his closest friends. All the while, he was still thinking of their adventures in Equestria.

At the mansion, Trixie was playing a video game on her high-end high definition television when she heard someone knock on her door. "Rats!" she grumbled as she opened the door. The butler was standing outside. "Excuse me, miss; you are wanted personally at the front door," he said. "Very well," said Trixie. She went downstairs and went to the front door. Timmy was outside the mansion, carrying Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof in their standby disguise: a trio of goldfish in a glass bowl.

"Timmy! Nice to see you!" said Trixie.

"Nice to see you too, Trixie," replied Timmy.

The two kids went upstairs and into Trixie's room, just as Timmy's fairies came out of the fishbowl. Cosmo was looking at his wrists, which had a couple of green bracelets on them.

"So tell me again why do I have to wear these bracelets again?" asked Cosmo.

"They're meant to supress your magic power after what happened the last time you waved your wand," said Trixie. What had happened was Trixie wanted to get a more lively hairstyle, but instead of a new do, Cosmo turned her hair into a bunch of tentacles!

"Oh yeah..." said Cosmo.

"Not only that, but all that magic power inside you was clouding up your head!" added Wanda.

"You're right, honey; it almost makes me feel like I was back when we first became Timmy's godparents!" Cosmo said with a grin on his face.

"And Poof seems to like you with the bracelets on, too!" added Timmy while he noticed Poof cuddling his father's arms.

Just then, from out of nowhere, a huge flash of light appeared and then dissappeared in a flash! A scroll then dropped down onto the floor where the flash had occurred.

"What was that?" asked Trixie.

Timmy went towards the scroll and picked it up.

"Hey! It's a letter from Princess Celestia!" Timmy said as he looked at the affixed seal on the scroll.

"Well, what does it say?" asked Cosmo.

Timmy opened the scroll up and began reading.

"Dear Timmy and Trixie, please come to Canterlot Castle as soon as possible. I have some urgent business to tell you both. Sincerely, Princess Celestia of Equestria. P.S.: Do you still have that key I gave you?"

"Key?" asked Wanda.

Timmy showed everyone the key that Princess Celestia gave him before they returned to their world. "Celestia said to use this key on any door whenever you want to go to Equestria," he said.

"Well we can't keep the Princess waiting, let's go to Equestria!" shouted Trixie.

Timmy went to a door and a keyhole magically appeared. He then used the key to open the door, where the was a portal on the other side.

"After you, Trixie," Timmy said.

"Thank you," replied Trixie just before she entered the vortex, followed by Timmy and his fairies. A few seconds later, the portal dissappeared and the closed door reappeared.

-Chapter Two Character Mini-bios-

Cosmo and Wanda: Timmy's fairy godparents. He considers them to be more like his real mom and dad than his own parents! They appeared in the very first "Fairly Oddparents" cartoon.

Poof: Cosmo and Wanda's son. Even though he's just a baby fairy, don't let his cuteness fool you! His magic is extremely potent! Poof first appeared in the "Fairly Oddparents" cartoon, "Fairly Oddbaby."

Kellen: So guys? What did you think of this chapter?

Cosmo: Amazing!

Wanda: Great job!

Poof: Poof-poof. (I liked it.)

Kellen: Thanks. And to anyone (or anypony) reading this: be sure to leave a comment!

Cosmo: See you next time!