Of Fairies and Ponies II

by K.C. Ellison

Chapter Seven

"Ugh, my aching head..." Timmy said as he opened his eyes, looking out towards a familiar city. "Wait a second, that's Dimmsdale! That means we're back home!" But that wasn't all that Timmy discovered. He looked down to discover that not only was he back in his dimension, he was human again.

"Wait, if I'm human, then that means..." he turned around to see not only Trixie and his fairies, but Twilight and the others as well...as humans. "Oh boy. Guys!"

Trixie, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof got up the moment Timmy had shouted for them.

"Timmy, you're okay!" cried Wanda.

"And you're human again; are we back home?" asked Trixie.

"Definitely, I can tell were back in Dimmsdale."

"But what happened to Twilight and the others?" asked Cosmo.

"Poof! (Look!)" said Poof as he pointed his stubby little hand at six brightly dressed humans; one of which, a mostly purple-haired girl wearing a purple sweater vest and blue jeans, was starting to regain consciousness.

"Ugh, what in Tartarus just happened?" the girl said.

"Twilight Sparkle? Is that you?" asked Trixie.

"Trixie? I'm so glad to see you! You look a bit...different." said Twilight.

"Speak for yourself!" replied Timmy.

"What are you talking about; I'm..." Twilight stopped the moment she saw her arm. Instead of a purple hoof, there was a yellowish appendage with five smaller appendages attached to it. She stared intently for a few seconds before...


Twilight's loud yell brought the attention of her friends.

"Twilight? What...What happened to you? Ahh! What happened to me!" asked Rarity, who was wearing a white business dress.

"I don't know; last thing I know, we were facing Tirac, and know this!" Twilight said.

"But that not what's important," said Rainbow Dash, wearing a blue track suit with white shorts, "MY WINGS ARE MISSING!"

"Now darling, Twilight's and my horn are gone, but you don't see us freaking out," replied Rarity.

"Well what about that time Discord took your horns away?" countered Rainbow.

"This is different from that time, Rainbow Dash. We've changed into some new form that we don't even know about!" said Twilight.

"I don't mind if my wings are gone; I don't use them that much..." said Fluttershy, who was wearing a yellow sundress.

"Yeah, Dashie! Applejack and I don't even have wings or horns, and we don't need them as if our lives depeneded on it!" said Pinkie Pie, wearing an all pink outfit.

"Well MY wings are my life! Without them, I'll never be part of the Wonderbolts! MY LIFE IS RUINED!" Rainbow Dash said in full freakout mode.

"Now sugahcube, there's no need ta cry over spilled milk 'cause ya lost yer wings!" said Applejack, still with her prized hat, but along with an orange t-shirt and blue jeans.

After Rainbow Dash got out of her funk about her wings, Twilight was checking her surroundings.

"Where are we, anyway?" she asked.

"I guess this is your first time on Earth, right?" asked Timmy. Twilight gave the small boy a nod.

"Well, we'd be happy to show you all around," added Trixie.

"Cosmo, Wanda, if you would please be so kind..." Timmy asked his fairies. The trio raised their wands, and with a small poof, a small book appeared in Twilight's hands.

"How to Act Like a Human: Human Customs for Non-Terrestrials?" Twilight said as she read the book's title.

"This book will teach how to blend in with humans; imagine what would happen if you told someone you were from a magical world full of ponies?" asked Wanda.

"Most likely they would have you committed to a psychiatric hospital." added Cosmo.

"Yeesh, I don't want that to happen!" said Twilight.

Moments later, Timmy and the others were walking alongside a street in Dimmsdale.

"What was that all about? These bodies, and these clothes,and look at the Elements; they've lost their power!" said Rarity as she pointed at the Elements of Harmony, which were now silver in colour and accented each with a dingy black gem.

"I have no idea." asked Twilight, still looking at the book.

"So...is this what you normally look like, Timmy and Trixie?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"Yep, this is the real us!" said Timmy.

"Pretty cool, huh?" added Trixie.

"Nah, I expected you two to be 20% cooler." said Rainbow Dash as she walked nonchalantly passed them.

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie picked up a familiar scent and ran towards an ice cream stand, where two identically looking red-haired men, save for one sporting a mustache, were making sundaes.

"Well, lookie here, John! A customer!" said the first man.

"It sure is, Jim! Doesn't it look good, little girl?" John asked Pinkie Pie.

"Wow! What is it?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"Why it's none other than 'Jim & John's Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme!'" said Jim.

"So delicious, that everyone in the entire world would line up just for a single taste!" added John.

"C'mon Pinkie Pie!" said Timmy.

"Chocolate chip sundae...supreme!" said Pinkie as she was smacking her lips.

"Enjoy it kid; satisfaction's guaranteed! If you don't like it, you get your money back!" said Jim and John.

"Ohh...I LOVE it!" squealed Pinkie Pie.

After Pinkie and the others each got a sundae, paid courtesy of Trixie, Twilight and her friends were figuring out where they were going to stay while they were here.

"Are you sure you don't want me to pay you back, Trixie?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"No, Pinkie. Besides, after eating hay and flowers when we were in Ponyville, it would be great to eat human food again." said Trixie.

"Say Timmy, where are we going to stay while we're stuck here?" asked Twilight Sparkle.

"I would let you sleep at my house, but I'm not sure that, despite their stupidity, my mom and dad would let SIX complete strangers stay in their house. So I guess you all can stay with Cosmo and Wanda." said Timmy.

"And were do they sleep?" asked Applejack.

"In a castle inside a fishbowl." said Cosmo.

"A FISHBOWL? We are NOT sleeping in a fishbowl! I mean, how would we all fit?" snapped Rarity.

"Relax, you remember Dr. Time-turner Whooves' TARDIS? Our castle works on the same principal: small on the outside, big on the inside!" Wanda said.

"Well, that's a relief." said Rainbow Dash.

-To Be Continued-

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(Author's Note: The clothes that the human Mane Six are wearing are based off trinityyinyang's humanizations of the Mane Six. Be sure to check out his deviantART page, cause he draws really great My Little Pony art!)