Author's note: Well I'm sorry I haven't posted in a million years! It's not my fault! Okay so maybe it is…. T.T I'm sorry please don't kill me and enjoy my first bran new Johnny the homicidal manic fanfic! Hope you love it!

Well This is the beginning of my 'so called' story...

This 'story' starts out much like any other. The day the plot comes and asks you for help...

Well I guess that it was a bright and sunny day making my sad boarded up house look small compared to the rest of the world. Yes, house 777... What a wonderful place. Any ways as I was saying it was all very beautiful. I was doing what I normally do, that is listening to the screams of people as their lives ended, till I heard a knock on my door. I calmly dropped my bloody knife to the floor and went up stairs to reach the door. I opened it and saw a small boy. He looked about 10 or 11 and resembled me in a way. "Yes..." I asked my voice was getting crackly again. He looked up and noticed me. He didn't jump or gasp; he just plainly said "I need your help..."

This I would have to say was strange. It's not every day someone comes to my house for help. And also he wasn't shocked by me. My horned shaped hair, the blood on my face, or the blood splatter on the wall behind me. "With what?" I asked staring down at him. He looked around "Could I explain some where a little less here?" he started looking at the sky. I looked up too and saw nothing but sky. "Uh… sure. Come in?" I asked more that welcomed. He walked in and started looking around the room. I pulled out a crate to sit on while he sat on a real chair. "Sooooo…" I continued "help?" He looked at me "oh-oh yeah! I'm Dib! I need your help." He said repeating the now classic 'I need help' line. "Sure, I'm Johnny… But you can call me Nny. What do you need help with?" I asked. He looked around again "an alien…" he whispered. I hunched over, "an alien?" I asked for reissuance. He shook his head and I leaned back again. I laughed a little, Dib frowned. I thought for second, aliens.

"Really?" I asked again. He shook his head "yeah, but I guess you don't believe me either huh?" he said. I stood up "WHY DO YOU SAY THAT OF COURSE I DO!" I yelled. He looked up at me "Re- really? Most people call me crazy that's why…" he frowned and then looked up at me and smiled again "But that doesn't matter because you believe me!" I thought for a second "I see we have a lot in common Dib. I will help you, but what am I suppose to do?" He frowned "Well, you kill people right?" he asked "Kill him." I laughed a little "heheh… oh." I said "well you should tell me more. Like what he looks like or whatever…. God I've really got to get out." I sighed He smiled "Maybe we can talk it over. I'll be back around 8 o' clock tomorrow if that's okay." He said holding out his hand. I smiled "sure." He left me again.

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