Author's note yes again!: I'm sorry for not posting in a loooong time, my computers been 'away' for some time now and all I had was my mom's crappy laptop that doesn't even have Microsoft word on it which ment no spellcheck for me. But I've got my computer back now so on with the story! Yippie!

So he left me alone. He came around the next day like he said and we headed down to the nearest restaurant. Well the nearest restaurant turned out to be the taco place, that I know hated. But we had to go there anyways there was no where closer to go to.

We sat down at or seats and started or 'talk'.

"So this alien. Can you explain him to me? His name? What he looks like?" I asked Dib looked up at me.

"Uh-oh yeah! His name is Zim. He wears mostly pink and has green skin. Also he hates…. Water, bar-b-q sauce and basically every food on Earth."

I smiled "Zim huh? Green? Pink outfit almost looks like a dress?" I asked.

He shook his head "Yeah! You know him?"

I pointed across the room "No he's sitting right there." I had been looking at him the whole time.

"Oh God!" He shouted the green kid looked over at us.

He smiled and replied "Yes?"

Dib walked over to them and I followed "Uhm, you're not God Zim." He said The green kid frowned

"I will be though, I think that you would know that?" He said "I am going to rule the Earth someday ya' know." He whispered

"So, you are an alien?" I asked the kid frowned

"Uh, nope! I'M NORMAL!" he shouted holding his hands in the air "perfectly normal!" Dib shook his head

"Not at all." He said under his breath I frowned

"It's a bit obvious you're an alien you know that?" I said Dib looked back up at Zim.

"Why are you here anyway?" He shouted

"No reason really, just waiting for someone. I swear! He takes forever!" He sighed "well, what are you doing here! Spying on me! You stalker!" He shouted Dib gasped.

"I am not! Wa? How do you even know what that is!"

"What you don't think there are stalkers where I come from!" He yelled "Well there are!"

"God! I swear-!" Dib said as the door opened and cut him off. We all looked up and saw a boy walk in. He looked around and saw the green kid. He walked over to us.

"Hay-" the boy started

"You're late." Zim cut him off. The boy frowned

"Yeah, I know what ever." He looked over at me and Dib "Hay isn't that, that kid you told me bout?" He asked Zim shook his head. He looked back up at me. "Do I know you?" He asked "What's your name, I swear I know you from somewhere."

"Nu uh. What's your name first?" I said. He shrugged

"k, My names jimmy what's yours?" He asked again I smiled

"I do know you!" I yelled! "Your that annoying dude I killed remember! Wait! How are you alive!" I asked He looked shocked

"Wa? I still don't know you? What do you mean?" He asked

I grabbed his shoulders and shook him "Its me Johnny! Remember!" I yelled "I KILLED YOU!" I yelled everyone I the place stopped and looked at me. I looked around at them all "WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT!" I yelled they all quickly went back to what they were doing. Dib and the green kid were looking up at me.

"So you the one who killed him huh?" Zim asked

I looked down at him "Yes," I said quietly "Yes I was."

Dib was still staring up at me He shook his head then asked "Well if you killed him how is he alive?" He asked I shrugged and he looked at Zim "you had something to do with that I'm guessing." He said.

Zim stood and smiled "How would you guess that?" He asked

"Well I think you brought him back to life, probably a part of another one of your plans I'm sure. So how did you do it?"

Zim shrugged "I don't know what you're talking about." He said

"Whatever Zim…" Dib sighed "I already know you did it. How you did it doesn't really matter I guess."

"God! We are going to be going now! Later Dib-Monster!" He said

This ends chapter two! Yeah yeah I know kinda short but I have a huge test this week. Its kinda the 'pass or fail this year of school' kinda test and I really don't want to fail so I will post the next chapter later!