Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so-called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter, or One Piece. Nor do I make any money off of either one of them.

Chapter one

An eight-year-old Harry was in his cupboard crying his heart out, in heart wrenching sobs, as he thought of what had just occurred only minutes before. And as he thought back on this, Harry couldn't help but bitterly wonder to himself, just how things could go from so good to so bad, so quickly. Not that they had honestly really been that good for him to begin with anyway. But still, how had it turned out from the bad he was used to, to the nightmarish he had to face now?


Harry was sitting in his cupboard smiling to himself as he held a small drawing, of a rather well drawn detailed mask. A drawing that he had done earlier in his class; and felt rather proud of. Seeing as today had been completely amazing and even though he had been thrown in his cupboard the very minute he had gotten home Harry still felt like he was floating on air.

Harry was feeling like this, because today had been a day the teachers had decided to something the called I.Q testing. A test Harry found challenge in a good way, and a test he found himself giving it his all; because of said challenge.

Because of this, Harry found himself scoring really high, the highest of all of the third years in the school. This little fact gained Harry lots of praise and a couple of special privileges that he had never had before; much to his enjoyment. This was one of the reasons Harry felt like he was floating.

Another reason Harry was feeling so high was because today was one of the first days in a long while that he was actually able to eat his lunch, without his cousin stealing any of it; or all of it like he usually did. Meaning for the first time in at least a month his stomach wasn't rumbling, and he was actually feeling full; something that he hadn't felt in a long time.

Then finally, the last reason Harry was feeling so good today was because today he had had art class; something that he rarely got to enjoy as it was usually cancelled or replaced with something else.

An art class where he had been able to draw whatever he had wanted and best of all he had been able to keep his drawing; both from the school and in his cupboard. Because of all this Harry was sure nothing could bring him down.

Unfortunately, Harry should have known not to think something even remotely similar that; should have really known better than to tempt fate like that. Because as soon as said thought entered his head Harry's uncle, as if he had somehow been waiting for Harry to think even something akin to what he just had, slammed open Harry cupboard door.

Face purple in rage and an ugly snarl clearly seen on said purple face. Said uncle reached out and he grabbed Harry by his hair, lifting him up off his feet, and having said feet dangling uselessly in the air as he did so. Before pulling Harry out of said cupboard, all the while bellowing angrily at the now slightly whimpering child in his hold.

"Boy, what the Hell do you think you were doing you useless freak!? How Dare you show up my son like that?! What were you trying to show him up and make yourself look better than him! That is not happening now, nor will it ever! You hear me, you useless freak! You'll never be better than my son! In fact, you used that freakishness of yours didn't you! That's the only way you could ever do better than my boy! Well, I'll show you what happens to freaks in this house when they don't know their place and want to act like they're some kind of smarty-pants big hot shot when their clearly not!" As he said this Vernon dropped Harry on the ground in front of him before he started to rain down punches and kicks on child in front of him.

A child who was doing the only thing he could at the moment to deal with what was happening to him, by curling in a ball to protect himself the best he could. Knowing from experiences which places could take blows better and what healed quicker after being hit. As well as knowing just where he didn't want to be hit that is if he wanted to be able to even move later on that is.

Which made him know just what was the best ways to protect said places to being with. And Harry had to do this through the entire time his so-called uncle continued hitting him, not stopping until said uncle literally as too exhausted to do so anymore. Something that took a lot longer than you would expect from a man as large as Harry's uncle currently was. Though considering just how much practice said uncle usually got when it came to hitting Harry maybe it really wasn't that surprising.

Uncurling from the ball he had curled in to, which in the end had failed to give him the protection he wanted; due mainly to the amount of hits his uncle had just given him. Harry licked his bloody lip and coughed a bit before looking up at his uncle through a nearly swollen shut eye. Not to mention with a pounding headache from a hard kick to the head he hadn't been able to protect himself from.

"W-what I do?" This was said in a clearly terrified and bewildered tone but despite the fact the tone was filled with innocents, and that the question was actually a good one, all it did was fill Vernon with more rage; making him lose the little rationality he still had. Not to mention the rage seemed to give him an all new burst of energy, curing him from the exhaustion he had been feeling. As he believed he was being mocked by what he deemed a freak of nature, and a cheating one at that.

Because of this the uncle, Vernon, picked up Harry once more by his hair before harshly slamming him into the nearby wall as hard as he could; relishing in the cries of agony said action caused.

Before watching with a sickening smile as Harry slowly sunk to the ground, clearly in pain and leaving a blood smear on the wall as he did so. Once Harry was on the ground and trying to catch his breath from being slammed so hard into the wall, Vernon started repeatedly kick him as hard as could; while grounding out in-between the kicks.

"Boy Don't – kick- Play with–kick-Me!-kick-You Know Just-kick-What You've-kick-Done!-Kick- And Playing Stupid-kick- Isn't Going-kick- To Help You In –kick-The Least Bit!-kick- Hiw Dare You –kick-Do So-kick- Much Better Then-kick My Boy-kick- On the IQ test!-kick- What did you-kick- Do? Use your freakish -kick- stuff and -kick-switch your paper-kick- with my son's-kick- So that-kick- you could soak-kick- up all-kick- his glory!-kick- And then you dare-kick- Come in here-kick- acting all innocent-kick- when I come-kick- In here-kick- To give you-kick- Your rightfully deserved-kick- Punishment!-kick- I will not-kick- have it-kick- No I won't!-kick- Either you-kick- will learn your rightful kick- place -kick- Or I will-kick- Beat it in-kick- to you!-kick- After all you-kick- should be grateful-kick- for everything we-kick- Have done-kick- for you!-kick- We took-kick- You in!-kick- We fed your-kick- Worthless ass-kick- We put a-kick- roof over your –kick-Twice damned head!-kick- When you own- kick- Damn father-kick- Didn't even -kick- seem to want -kick- to do that!-kick- So you should be –kick-Thanking me on-kick-Hand and knees!-kick- You hear-kick- Me you freak!-kick-"

Coughing up blood this time, and trying he best not to pass out, even though he could tell he was losing that battle, Harry managed to wheeze out one last question; hoping to get the answer before he passed out. Even as at the same time, he got a feeling of dread about the answer to the question he asked; like he knew he wouldn't like the answer he got in the least bit.

"What do you mean about my father not wanting to do that?" Sadly, Harry was able to get his answer and the answer horrified him more than anything else; which is perhaps why his uncle had decided to answer it in the first place.

"Your freak of a father is still alive. It was just you whore of a mother who died. Your pathetic father came to us, asked us to take you worthless hide in, paid us to even. Told us he couldn't stand to even look at you! That looking at you reminded him of all the bad things that had happened! So, how does it feel freak to know you aren't even wanted by your own father? That he got rid of you and started a whole new family without you in it. That he made sure…" whatever else his uncle may have said was lost on Harry as he gave in to unconsciousness; no longer having the will to stay awake to hear anything else.


Once he woke up Harry immediately remembered everything his uncle had said, which was what had led to him crying his heart out and wondering just what had caused such a good day to go so bad. As he did this, and as his uncle's last words keep repeating in his head, Harry could help but to begin to feverishly wish with all his might; pushing everything but his want for this wish to come true away as he did so.

'I wish I was somewhere else, anywhere else. Somewhere that my uncle can never get me…no somewhere where I would never have to meet my father ever again. I mean if he doesn't want me then I don't even what to see him; ever! I just want to be somewhere where I can be myself and have someone who loves me for that. I just really want to be somewhere that I would be accepted at as I am not made to be someone else. That's what I wish! That's the only thing I want!'

Unknown to Harry while he was doing this, he was unknowingly calling on his magic, magic that until recently had been nearly completely blocked off for some reason, and magic that really wanted to be used now that it was finally free. Not only that but the magic of his mother's magic, that had been left behind as a form of protection, was finally able to act as well; joining in with Harry's magic.

Because of this, and because of the fact he has so much magic built up from being unused for several years, Harry magic began to grant Harry wish. Transporting him somewhere where his wish could become a reality; while all the while changing him so that he could best suit his new environment.

Though again Harry was unaware of all of this. Though now it was not because he didn't know, but because of a blinding light that had completely covered him, and the untold amount of pain he was feeling; more pain then he could ever recall feeling coursing through him.

Then just as Harry felt he could take no more of either the light or the pain both of them began to ebb away; leaving Harry feeling like he was floating on a cloud once more. As he drifted in this feeling and as he felt a sense of peace he had never felt before, Harry found himself once more slipping into the sweet arms of oblivious; as he did this however Harry swore, he heard the sound of voice and splashing.