Mask of the sea Chapter ten

Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so called family, and after finding out some Summary-Harry after a particularly bad beating from his so called family, and after finding out some rather horrifying news, wishes with all his heart to be somewhere else; to be anywhere else but where he is. His magic sensing his desperation grants his wish. Now how will Luffy react to a new brother; one who fell out of the sky? And how will Harry deal with the one piece world?

Disclaimer-This story is for all those One piece/ Harry Potter crossover writers out there who have gotten me addicted to one piece/Harry potter crossovers.

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Once both Harry and Zoro reached the island they had been heading to, while chasing the bird that had captured Luffy in the first place. Harry found himself almost wishing that he hadn't done so, or at least he was the moment he found his brother he was almost wishing this; well almost.

Instead he felt closing his eyes and cursing slightly he took in, with slight amusement, and a bit of headache induced wonder, everything hat had happened since Luffy had gotten on the island he was on. And as he couldn't help but wonder just how his brother got in the situations he did as quickly as he did. As even Harry knew his bizarre luck wasn't as odd as Luffy's could be at time; though in certain situations it had been right up there.

Not to mention he also couldn't help but wonder, how did he get dragged into it as much as he was? Was it because he followed Luffy like he was? And if so, would it get worse as more time went on? Something he felt was highly likely to happen and something he oddly enough was rather looking forward to; as at least with Luffy he could say he would never be bored.

Feeling a headache coming on, Harry decide to stop focusing on the direction his thoughts were going. And instead took in everything around him. Gathering the information, he knew he would need as he began to get ready for the fight he could feel building up in the air; causing his own battle lust to start to grow.

As he did this, what Harry noticed was his brother was in a small cage, grinning like no tomorrow; looking for all the world as if the cage he was in wasn't bothering him in the least bit; something that Harry was sure was true as he had been in worse situations and had escaped from them rather easily.

Past that he saw that there was an orange haired girl standing not far behind Luffy, one who seemed to be doing he best to look confident; like the fact Luffy in the cage in front of her wasn't bothering her. Something to Harry's sharp eyes she really wasn't doing too good at but seeing as the moment Harry could see she wasn't the one he needed to keep an eye on Harry continued on with his observations.

Doing this caused Harry to see the one he felt was the cause of the headache inducing situation that was currently going on in front of him. As he caught sight of what looked like to be a blue haired clown staring smugly down at his caged brother. Seeing all of this and seeing the fact his brother was actually trying to chew his way out of the steel cage, Harry felt his eye twitch slightly. Before deciding enough was enough.

"Brother you have bitten through harder things then that when you were eating some of the things our 'dear' grandfather dared called food, you know you have to bit harder than that. And I swear if you don't do it soon, I will make sure you have 'lessons' on escape planed in the future! Ones Grandpa would be proud of!" Seeing the looks that got him, Harry rolled his eyes and asked the question everyone else had expected him to ask to begin with; if only because he felt nothing else interesting would happen until he did so.

"And how did you get in that cage to begin with anyway?" This got Harry a large grin and an answer that only made the eye twitch in his eye get that much worse.

"I'm trying to help Nami here, she's going to be our new navigator!" Harry hearing this, and also hearing the venomous denials that the supposed new Navigator was give, looked over at the Nami.

Wondering just what was going on now, and why Luffy had decided to 'help' her in the first place. Or what was more likely, wondering how his hard-headed brother had been tricked by her to help her in the first place, and if there was a way, he could stop it from happening in the future. Because he knew his brother was going to get his way, one way or another, and this Nami was going to become their Navigator; of her own free will of course.

What he saw when he looked at her, was the orange haired teen age girl, that he had passed over just a little while ago. One now that he was paying attention to her Harry could tell was around the same age as them. With a slim but athletic looking build. In fact, most would call the teen beautiful and Harry could certainly agree seeing as his Kitsune side seemed to perk up a bit at see her.

Then again that could be for more than one reason, if the looks Nami was give the gold off to the side of the clown captain meant anything; along with the strong cunning looking in her eyes. As his kitsune side loved beauty, mischief, cunning and to a smaller degree gold.

Seeing all of this and getting a good read on her personality based on this Harry could see himself both getting along with her. Along with budding heads constantly with her at the same time; most often likely due to Luffy in one way or another.

Knowing this and knowing he could or would have to deal with this all later, that he really wouldn't have a choice in that matter in dealing with her; or the future headaches he knew she was going to cause. Harry decided that for now, he would ignore Nami, or at least as much as he could at the moment. Even as he got the feeling, he wouldn't be able to ignore her much longer.

But first, Harry knew that they had to deal with the situation they were in now before dealing with anything else. Or at least he felt it would be better to deal with in now instead of having to deal with it later, as Harry felt if they did leave it to later it would only bite them in the ass. Most likely ending with one of them being injured in some way while they were at it.

That in mind, Harry turned away from the observation he was doing on Nami and turned back to his brother. Who had taken his advice and was currently biting harder on the cage he was in; managing to free himself as he did so.

Making Harry pout slightly about the fact that he wouldn't be able to give his brother his lessons on lock picking…though maybe he could still teach him how to do so; as you never know when it would be needed. Especially as a pirate, or as Luffy wanted to be the king of the pirates.

Seeing that Luffy had escaped, and hearing what his brother had to say the moment he was free Harry prepared himself for a fight. Even as he mentally told himself that biting through that really couldn't be good for his teeth, and that could give him the excuse he needed to have not only Luffy but maybe even the rest of the crew learning how to escaped different things; including cages or ropes.

"HEY BIG NOSE." This call got all five of Harry's tails raised to prepare for the upcoming fight. All waving eagerly as he took a good look at the reaction Luffy's shout had gained…maybe he should let Luffy antagonize more people if this was the reaction it gained.

It would make everything a little more interesting that way wouldn't it? It gets him more fights, right? As he thought this, and Harry could feel his kitsune's bloodlust rising at the idea of a good fight.

Making a slight aura began to appear around him, and for his nails to grow even sharp as a hint of red began to appear in his eyes; he really wanted a good fight. He really hadn't had an opportunity to go all out yet and was now really looking for one. After all it seemed lately Luffy had been getting all the good fights.

At the same time, it seemed that Luffy had picked the perfect insult to capture what Harry had figured out was Buggy the Pirate, that those earlier clowns in the ocean had been using to threaten them with, attention. Mostly because of everyone's reaction after Luffy had shouted out his insult. As all of Buggy's crew went opened mouth in disbelieve, and as Nami, the woman Luffy wanted to be their future navigator, literally stuttered out.

"Y-you idiot don't call him that." Not to mention Harry could feel the anger coming off Buggy as he, grounded out.

"Whose got a big Nose" Before he went to attack his brother with a dagger, something Harry really wasn't worried about, as even in sparing he was more of a threat to his brother than what Buggy was currently doing. Something that was proven when Luffy easily captured the dagger Buggy was using in his moth before telling said pirate.

"I'm going to beat you!" His grin clearly heard in his voice, along with his desire to fight. Hearing this, Harry felt a near matching grin slowly make its way onto his face. Yes, him and Luffy had seriously affect each other growing up. Then again how couldn't they when they had to rely on each other several times to actual live through the childhood they had had under Garp's hands.

Sadly, it seemed that Harry was the only one to take what Luffy said seriously as after dropping the knife he had been attempting to stab Luffy with Buggy, and the rest of his crew began to laugh. Buggy even began to mock what Luffy had just said.

"You, beat me, you're a real riot there. You couldn't do that even if you tried your hardest. You and your crew are all going to die here, and you'll forever regret messing with Buggy the Pirate and his crew; even in the afterlife!"

As he said this Harry could hear the rest of his crew continuing to laugh, and he could even hear Nami asking herself if this was it, if it was all over. Harry hearing, and not like the fact both He and the rest of his crew was being underestimated. Not to mention, not wanting Nami to question them like that, not if she was truly going to be part of their crew like Luffy seemed to want to happen, decided to do something about it and blasted his killing intent at Buggy's crew.

Just as he did this, Luffy began to laugh and tell Buggy that he refused to die, and that his crew could easily handle whatever Buggy threw at them. Something that Harry could see seemed to boost both Zoro and Nami's confidence in what was going on. Nami more so than Zoro, as the man in question seemed to be rather angry at being underestimated himself.

While at the same time, the blast of killing intent that Harry had let out quickly effected the rest of the crew as they all stopped laughing and instead began to stare at Harry in horror. Taking note of the fact he now had fox ears, and five long flowing tails behind him; not to mention the fact his eyes now both seemed to be half red. All of which were things that marked him as not a normal human being.

Seeing all of this, Harry could now hear those staring at him whispering out in terror about what was he and crying out that he must have eaten a devils fruit as well. Not to mention questioning just how they were going to handle him if that was the case.

Hearing all of this and seeing that they all seemed to be looking at him wearily made Harry smirk, seeing that at least right now he seemed to be taken seriously. Or at least he was until he heard something one of the pirates said to the others; obviously trying to boost their mood.

"What a minute why should we be afraid of him he looks like a girl, and I bet he fights like one too!" Hearing this Harry felt his eye twitch both because the other seemed to have take this to heart and were mocking him again and because the fact he was being underestimated yet again. And this was despite the fact he wasn't trying to be underestimated in the first place.

Who cared what he looked like, and what idiot underestimated someone just because of their gender? Hell, Harry knew from experience and from what Garp had taught him, that woman could easily be just as strong, if not stronger then men at times. Something these idiots didn't seem to know or realize, and something Harry was plan on hammering into their head.

Hell, maybe he could have little fun while doing so, as he made the lesson in question stick in rather painful ways. That in mind, and wanting them to learn to really respect woman, or if not, that have a deep fear of them, Harry decided to use some of the skills he had recently gained with his fifth tail.

Which is to say, he began to shapeshift in to what he would have looked like as a woman. That is if he had actually been born one. It was time to show these so-called pirates how terrifying and enraged woman could actually be.

Not to mention just how distracting as well. Oh, the fun he would have beating this lesson into the moron's head. Though as he was doing this, Harry noticed that Luffy seemed to now be taking Buggy a bit more serious and was trying to work with Zoro at the same time. Seeing this and as he finished up shifting into his female form, Harry couldn't help but wonder how things were going to play out now.

How the fight between Luffy and Buggy would turn out, how the fight between Zoro and the one he seemed to be challenging would turn out and more interestingly how loudly could he get the idiots currently gapping at him to scream out as he completely shattered the illusions they seemed to now have of him.