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Chapter 11: The Trial

A hush fell over courtroom as the doors opened and Harry Potter walked in. Yes. Walked. Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge's mouth dropped open, as did Molly and Ginny Weasley's. Potter was supported on crutches but his bloody legs were moving. The same legs that were not supposed to be able to move! Slowly the Potter-Malfoy entourage moved to their seats, which were beside the Weasleys and directly in front of the Wizengamot and Fudge. The courtroom that hair had been in so long ago still looked the same though the ominous chair with chains was missing and more people filled the seats positioned above the floor. Fudge was staring down at a slightly exhausted Harry Potter-Malfoy and a very smug Draco Potter-Malfoy. Lucius, his old friend, was standing nearby and Narcissa was seated with Severus Snape in the seating area above the floor. Molly Weasley's face was the same color red as her daughter's hair and both of them seemed to be stammering as they stared at Harry.

"Er, the Wizengamot will now come to order" Fudge called, coughing a few times to clear his throat and get himself back under control. "We are here to on request of a claim filed by Mrs. Molly Weasley pertaining to the health and safety of one Mr. Harry Potter-Malfoy. Mrs. Weasley claims that Mr. Potter-Malfoy is incapable of caring for himself, his children and his family due to his inability to walk due to the curse cast upon him by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" Fudge stated realizing that he sounded beyond ridiculous. Clearly Potter could walk the man had just walked into the damn courtroom! Wiping his sweaty brow with a speckled handkerchief he nodded for Molly's lawyer to begin his opening statements. The poor man was beet red as he began to present his case to the Wizengamot and crowed, this had gone downhill rather fast every argument the Weasley family had relied on Potter not being able to walk!


Two brutal hours later a very red Molly Weasley practically ran out of the courtroom closely followed by her daughter, daughter-in-law, son and husband. After the opening statement by Harry's lawyer, a very well paid man, her and her entire argument had been ripped to shreds. She had lost monumentally and now she probably couldn't ever show her face in public again without being laughed at. All she had wanted to do was help Harry, take him away from the Malfoys who had no idea how to care for him. She had thought that this whole trial was in the proverbial bag but instead Harry had to go and do the impossible again and walk! She shook in annoyance as Ginny herded her towards the bank of Ministry fires hurrying to get home before any of the papers tracked the embarrassed family down.

Draco walked out of the courtroom absolutely beaming, he had known they would win but it was still a magnificent feeling. Harry was hobbling beside Draco concentrating on staying up right as they went. He was only just getting the hang of the crutches as his physical therapy moved forward and he still wasn't very strong. It had only been four weeks since Harry had taken his last potion and with four sessions a week his legs were getting stronger by the day.

"Ready to go home?" Harry asked with a grin, the word home had a whole new meaning for him now. He knew he wasn't going to get ripped away, it felt safe, stable and he couldn't wait.

"We should owl the boys," Draco said as they bid Narcissa, Severus and Lucius goodbye, making plans to meet up with them for dinner sometime over the weekend. Right now Draco wanted to get home and celebrate.

"Why don't we go visit them and tell them the good news in person" Harry suggested, "They deserve to hear this from us, not through a letter, they've been just as worried, if not more worried, then we've been" He added. Draco's brow furrowed thoughtfully, Harry poised a good point.

"Let's go home and floo Minerva we'll see if she'll let us floo over and speak to the boys, we don't want to intrude if something important is going on" Draco said with a small smile. Harry nodded in agreement, letting out a startled laugh as Draco scooped him up into his arms, crutches clattering uselessly to the Ministry floor.

"Summon those and shrink them" Draco ordered with a playful grin, Harry might be mobile now but that didn't mean Draco liked holding him any less, the comfortable weight of his husband in his arms was something the blond loved be it a necessity or just a romantic, playful gesture.

"Sounds good" Harry said resting his head on his husband's shoulder as they headed towards the floo.

Once they were home and settled for the time being, Draco quickly flooed Minerva who invited them through as soon as she heard the good news.

"Honestly I cannot believe the audacity of that woman. Embarrassing to Gryffindor and something I never thought capable of a former student," the aged headmistress said as soon as Draco stepped out of the fire Harry secure in his arms.

"Thanks for letting us come Minerva" Harry said as Draco set him down. It took a moment for him to gain his balance before starting forward on his resized crutches. He wanted to walk into the Great Hall and show his kids his walking not to mention reassure them that everything was fine.

Minerva and Draco walked slowly beside Harry, Draco's arm hovering nervously behind Harry. It was a long way to the Great Hall from the Headmistresses office and Draco didn't want his husband to take a tumble and hurt himself. It was a long walk with many stops but finally they arrived outside the Hall where lunch chatter could be heard even before the doors opened. The trial had taken place early in the morning so Draco and Harry had been out in time to see the kids during their lunch hour.


Orion resisted the urge to sigh as he sat down at the Slytherin table for lunch; it had been a long morning waiting on news from his parents about what had happened at the trial. He hadn't been able to concentrate at all during his classes, though thankfully most of his professors seemed to understand and cut him slack, and now he just wanted to see his Father's owl fly into the Hall and give him fantastic news because it would be fantastic news, it had to be.

Glancing across the hall, Orion was amused to see that his twin was indulging in some sighing and fretting as he sat next to Kevin at the Hufflepuff table. Sometimes Orion wished he was in a different house where image wasn't so important. His twin could show how anxious and nervous he was but he wasn't able. Well he could, but he knew his fellow housemates would immediately start judging him.

"Hear anything yet?" Michael asked as he settled down next to Orion and began absentmindedly loading both their plates with food. Orion was a bit too nervous to eat, but he let Michael fuss, it was how his friend handled stress and he was stressed being a close friend of the twins and by extension the Malfoy-Potter family.

Both Slytherins ate slowly, neither tasting the food as they scanned the hall for the arrival of the few owls that came during the lunch hour. A few owls flew into through the opening in the ceiling but Orion didn't see Hercules, which was extremely disappointing.

"It can't be taking this long" Orion muttered to Michael as he viciously stabbed a piece of lettuce. Michael nodded in agreement; a trial couldn't take this long, could it?

Over at the Hufflepuff table Sirius was expressing the same worries to Kevin who was doing a much better job then Michael at calming the young Potter-Malfoy down.

"I just hope everything goes okay," Sirius mumbled into his pumpkin juice, he'd been mumbling the whole conversation.

"Everything will be fine, sometimes these things just take time because the Wizengamot is trying to cover all bases. They won't want something like this happening again, I wouldn't be surprised if a few new laws come out of this" Kevin said sagely. Sirius nodded, Kevin was older then him and probably knew more about this then he did so he decided to listen to him.

What neither Orion or Sirius was expecting was for the doors of the Hall to swing open and their Father and Dad to walk through. A hush fell over the entire hall as students and professors alike stared in shocked amazement as Harry Potter-Malfoy walked into the hall followed by Headmistress McGonagall. Granted he was walking on crutches but after years of seeing him wheelchair bound or not seeing him at all, this was quite the shock. No one was surprised when a small, blond haired blur ran across the hall and dove at the adult pair of Potter-Malfoys. Another blond haired boy made his way across the hall at a much more sedate pace though with an equally big smile on his face.

The entire Hall erupted into applause minus a few individuals as the small family reunited before Professor McGonagall indicated for everyone to go back eating and the small family left to talk privately.

"I can't believe you're walking" Sirius said for the tenth time since Draco and Harry had lead their sons to the abandoned classroom outside the Great Hall.

"Me neither" Harry said as he settled into a chair and pulled his boys up into his lap. He wanted to hold them both, cuddle them before he had to let them go again.

"How did it go? I mean you won, obviously" Orion said as he snuggled into his Dad, Draco standing in front of them just beaming away.

"Yes we won, the Weasley family was decimated" Draco said smugly, "Their entire argument rested on Dad's inability to walk, so when he walked into the courtroom the entire thing was basically over. Of course Fudge loves to hear himself talk so we still had to go through everything, have our lawyers debate everything out, even if it was just for show. Nothing like this can ever happen again anyway, the Wizengamot voted unanimously in our favor and decided that a parent can't be declared unfit without just cause and being disabled doesn't necessarily mean that someone is unfit" Draco explained.

"Good" Sirius said vehemently, "Dad is the best Dad ever" he added with a firm nod of his head. Harry grinned and dropped a kiss on Sirius' head before doing the same for Orion.

"I can't wait to pick you two up at the station" Harry admitted, it was something he had wanted to do since he had found out he was pregnant eleven years ago.

"We can't wait either, though we can wait for you guys to leave" Orion said softly, neither he nor Sirius wanted their parents to leave at that moment, it had been awhile since they had last seen them.

"We'll stay for lunch," Draco said with a smile. "Speaking of lunch, have you two actually eaten?"

"I picked at my plate, I was nervous and just wanted a letter from you guys," Orion admitted and Sirius nodded in agreement.

"Ah" Draco said, "Well shall we get lunch then, I believe your Dad knows the entrance to the kitchens"

Both twins turned and stared at their Dad, eyes open and begging.

"I can't believe Fred and George never told you" Harry laughed, gesturing for the pair to get off of him so he could lead the way.

"They keep saying they'll tell us when we're older, same with the passages," Sirius explained.

"Good" Draco said with a firm nod of his head, "The last thing Professor McGonagall needs is third generation marauders. At least Severus doesn't teach here anymore"

The family continued chatting as Harry slowly lead the way down to the kitchens which Sirius was shocked to see was very near the entrance to Hufflepuff dorms.


"That was nice" Draco said as he and Harry settled on the couch both of them clutching mugs of tea, Harry's crutches propped up against the nearby coffee table.

"Mmm it was" Harry agreed as he snugged into his husband's side. "I miss the kids though, seeing them was great but now I miss them even more," he confessed before taking a sip of his tea.

"I know, me too," Draco admitted as he wrapped his arm more securely around Harry's shoulders. "They'll be home soon though, only six more weeks and then its summer vacation and we get them for three months" He reminded his husband.

"I know" Harry said with a small grin, "It's going to be a long six weeks though"

The two men sat in comfortable silence for a while longer before the pair headed down the hall towards the bedroom. The intention had been to shower and get ready for dinner but other things ended up occurring and Harry and Draco ended up walking into the restaurant nearly twenty minutes late.


"To Harry" Severus said, raising a glass of fine wine that Lucius had bought, the rest of the table all raised their glasses, toasting the blushing man sitting next to a smirking blond.

"Thank you" Harry said as he took a hasty gulp of his own wine, he hated being the center of attention.

"We should also toast Severus, if it were not for his incredible potion, now being patented, this entire ordeal may have ended very differently" Lucius said, once again raising his wine glass.

After a round of toasts the conversation took a less serious turn though the trial was a main topic as everyone pursued their menus and ordered food from an anxious waitress.

"Did you see their lawyer?" Narcissa tittered, "He knew the case was lost the moment we walked in, certainly didn't stop him from trying to argue however"

"He was being paid, of course he was going to present his arguments even though they all sounded absolutely ridiculous" Lucius said with a smirk, "It worked in our favor though since most of his arguments, which were awful to begin with, were centered around Harry's disability which no longer exists"

"At least its done and over with" Harry said, "I was worried, not overly so, but at the same time the fact that people I used to love and trust would do that to me was worrying and it hurt, plus we all know how the wizarding world looks at the Weasley family especially when they're against the Malfoy family" the raven-haired man said as he nibbled at his pasta, the food had arrived as they'd been talking.

"I was worried too Harry" Draco admitted, "But at the same time even if you still were paralyzed, I can't see the Ministry taking you away from your family. Maybe forcing us to get a caretaker or someone to come in and help you out, but to pull you, a grown man, away from your family and children to let her care for you? It makes no sense and just goes to show how delusional she really is," Draco said leaning over to kiss his husband on the cheek.

"We all knew that this would get resolved Harry, you and Draco just made sure that the results were completely in our favor" Lucius said, "I have no doubt that despite his lack of intelligence Fudge wouldn't have let the Weasleys win nor would the Wizengamot, they know that if the Weasleys had won, we would have called in appeal after appeal wasting time and resources, something neither they or the Weasleys have" Lucius said smugly, everyone besides Harry laughed at that, he did crack a small smile however.

"So Harry how's your pasta?" Draco asked curiously, sensing a change of topic was in order.

"It's fine" Harry said, eyeing his husband curiously before returning to his meal a small gasp escaping him as he saw Draco's fork leaving his plate with a fair amount of noodles wrapped around his fork.

"Draco" Harry admonished though he just shook his head and curled his arm protectively around his plate. Draco just laughed and deliberately slurped up a noodle of pasta much to his parents and godfather's horror.

Dinner continued on in the same light-hearted manner before everyone parted ways making plans to see one another sometime during the upcoming weekend.


"I can't believe he can walk" Hermione said as she sat down at Molly's kitchen table, Ron sitting across from her and Ginny helping her mother in the kitchen.

"I can't believe it either" Ron said, though he was less annoyed about it then his Mother, wife and sister were.

Hermione gnawed on a fingernail as Molly set down a plate of biscuits in front of her and Ron before beginning to bustle about once again.

"Did anyone see that coming?" Ginny asked curiously, a scowl marring her features as she grabbed a biscuit.

"No" Hermione grumbled in annoyance. She hadn't wanted Harry to be walking, she, like Molly and Ginny had wanted Harry to come home with them. Harry needed to be with his family, they were his family, not those damn Malfoys. Didn't he see that? Not to mention Hermione wanted Harry's endorsement, she wanted him to put in good words for her in high up positions. She had never envisioned this life for herself, yes married to Ron and having a daughter but she certainly didn't see herself working at such a small, insignificant business place. She wanted to be big and important to change the wizarding world for the better and she couldn't do that from Molly's table. It was one of the reasons she had agreed to help Nott, which thankfully no one seemed to know about. She felt guilty about it but at the same time she felt righteous in her actions, Harry marrying Malfoy was like Harry endorsing the Dark Arts, endorsing Voldemort and Hermione was disgusted with that.

Ron glanced at his wife she was a lot more upset about this then he was, hell she was on par with his mother and that was just weird to him. Yeah he wanted Harry away from the Malfoys, and like Hermione he had personal, selfish goals, though his were more money and fame oriented, just like he had been a Hogwarts. Unlike the women in his family, he was happy Harry could walk, he was happy for his friend even if he was a bit disappointed about the outcome.

Getting up from the table, Ron went to join his father who was seated in the living room sipping a mug of tea and reading a book. Arthur hadn't supported Molly in this endeavor, hell he hadn't even gone to the trial and Ron wanted to talk to him without his mother's domineering influence.

"How did it go?" Arthur asked his son as he put away his book, he could tell from the way Molly and Ginny were acting that they had lost, but he wasn't sure why Hermione and Ron were upset.

"We lost, obviously" Ron said with a shrug. "Mum's pretty upset, so are the girls"

"Why? It was inevitable" Arthur said, he might kowtow to Molly but not on this matter. "No sane person would take a loving parent away from their children, nor would they piss of a family with the wealth and power that the Malfoys have"

"It wasn't that, though I'm sure that's a factor" Ron said, "Dad, Harry walked in"

"What?" Arthur sputtered, tea sloshing noisily in his mug. "Walked?"

"Yea, on crutches, but he walked in that was the end, every argument Mum and her lawyer had was based on Harry's disability"

"And you aren't happy for him?" Arthur asked, raising an eyebrow at his son.

"I am, I mean Harry's suffered more then most and I'm glad he's walking again" Ron said softly, "I'm sad that Harry's still with the Malfoys though, I feel like he threw our friendship away, after everything Hermione and I went through with him. I thought if Mum won this then maybe we could have that back" he didn't tell his Father about his more selfish desires because he knew Arthur would give him heck for that.

"Ron" Arthur started, a serious expression on his face, "Harry never threw his friendship with you and Hermione away. You two did that," the Weasley patriarch said firmly. "When Harry and Malfoy began dating you two acted more like parents to that poor young man then his friends. It is no wonder to me that he distanced himself from you too. Good friends support one another in their lives and you two did everything you could to control and restrict Harry. If you want a friendship with Harry then apologize to him and reach out. Don't condemn his relationship, his family or try and restrict him. He's a grown man; he has two children who he clearly loves and a husband who loves him. You should be happy for him, not trying to take him away from all that"

Ron's brow furrowed as he listened to his Father, eyes widening with realization as he realized his Father was right and he was so, so wrong.

"Shit" Ron cursed with a groan, head falling back to hit the back of the couch. Arthur just nodded sagely as the room lapsed into contemplative silence as Ron mulled over how to fix this and Arthur wondered how to approach Molly. His wife was incredibly stubborn and he knew this wasn't something she would just let go, though at least legally she no longer had anything to peruse.

"Is there anything we can do now?" Hermione asked as Molly finally sat down.

"Beyond kidnapping? No" Molly said, annoyed. "They won, Harry will stay with that awful family and now we've burnt all bridges with him. He won't trust any of us"

"He trusts Fred and George" Ginny piped up, setting down a teacup in front of her mother. "Not that they'll help us" She added. Molly huffed, she wished her wayward twins trusted her more but ever since this ordeal with Harry started they had had nothing to do with her.

"We'll just have to keep trying, maybe write Harry letters or petition the Ministry for a re-trial, though they won't give it to us" Hermione said. "At the very least we have to try and get back into Harry's good graces, be friends to him and then maybe, maybe he'll trust us again. That's the best thing we can hope for, he'll never be away from the Malfoys but maybe if he's friends with us he'll let us influence him a bit more" She explained.

"I guess that's what we'll have to do" Molly said, annoyed. Ginny nodded in agreement and sighed before sipping her tea.

"Shall we begin now? Or give Harry some time to cool off?" Ginny asked.

"Leave it for a few weeks, maybe until summer vacation? Maybe we can try and get him and Draco to do an outing with us and their kids. Jamie isn't friends with the twins but she might be agreeable to something like that. She understands the importance of what we were trying to do" Hermione said, wondering how she could swing this.

"Good idea" Molly said, "Maybe get together a few more parents so that they don't feel pressured to spend time with just us. A house unity thing" She suggested. Hermione nodded and grinned that would work. Harry and Draco's sons were in two different houses so they had to be big fans of house unity.

"Its a plan" Hermione said with a wicked grin, Molly and Ginny nodding in agreement. Ron hovered in the doorway, uncertain. It was clear that his family had good intentions, or at least they had had them but now they were just acting insane. Biting his lip he wondered if he should contact Harry and Malfoy and warn them or just let this play out, either way it was going to blow up in his Mother and Hermione's faces.


Sirius grinned as he flopped onto a couch in Hufflepuff Common Room, after lunch with his parents in the kitchens; he and Orion had gone to classes and had had a good day. A lot of people had come up and congratulated them and McGonagall had made a small toast to Harry's miracle, as people were calling it, at dinner that night.

"Feeling better?" Kevin asked the young Hufflepuff as he walked over to him.

"Yea, way better" Sirius said as he shifted on the couch, making room for his friend and mentor.

"Good" Kevin said, "I told you you had nothing to worry about" He added cheekily.

"I know, but I was worried, he is my Dad. I can't imagine going home and he's not there," Sirius explained.

"I understand" Kevin said wrapping an arm around Sirius and giving him a quick yet reassuring hug. "I can't imagine that happening to one of my parents" He added. "You can always talk to me though Siri, if you can't talk to Orion about it or you don't know how to talk about it, you can always talk to me" Kevin said. He'd said it before but he wanted the young 'Puff to know that.

"I know Kevin" Siri said, wondering if his brother was fortunate enough to have a friend like Kevin in Slytherin.

"Good" the older 'Puff said with a smug grin. "Now do you have homework?" he asked in a mock parental tone.

"Kevin" Sirius gasped, scandalized, "You're my friend, not my teacher," he admonished playfully.

"I'm your elder and as your elder I worry about your education," the older teen teased summoning their book bags so the pair could begin their homework. Sirius huffed playfully but dutifully began his work.

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