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Chapter 12: Coming to a Close

Orion scrubbed at his eyes as he poured over the transfiguration notes he had taken over the semester. He had his final exam that afternoon and once he finished he was free! He couldn't wait to go home and spend the next three months with his parents and extended family. He even missed Siri and they had been in the same school all year but being in separate houses had made it harder to see his twin, not to mention their little 'spat' at the beginning of the year. He still felt really bad about what had happened and still planned on making it up to his twin somehow.

Shaking the thoughts of summer from his mind, the Slytherin Malfoy refocused on his notes he wanted to get straight 'O's'on his exams and so far he thought he as doing pretty well. He understood first year exams weren't super important but he wanted to start his education off on the right foot. He planned on following in his Father's and Grandfather's footsteps and he knew he needed good grades to do that.

Meanwhile in Hufflepuff dormitories Sirius was sitting with a few friends as he read over his own notes. Like Orion, he had his transfiguration exam later that day and he was just looking forward to getting his exam over with and going home. Like Orion he was super excited to go home but unlike his twin he wasn't able to focus on studying and was instead doodling on the corner of his parchment as he daydreamed about the summer holidays. A gentle nudge jostled him from his thoughts and Siri glanced up to a smiling Kevin.

"Finished studying?" The older badger said with a grin, "Your exam is in an hour" He added. Sirius paled slightly, he wasn't as confident as his twin was with his grades but he was a good student.

"You'll do fine" Kevin said with a grin, "You're doing well in all your classes and thats all exams are, a culmination of what you learned in classes" The older badger had been helping the first year study in between his own studying and was quite happy with how Sirius had been doing so far. He was a good student, if a little shy and unsure of himself, but he seemed to be gaining confidence. He grinned as the younger boy carefully put his stuff away and gathered the things he'd need for his exam.

"You'll do fine" Kevin reassured as he watched Siri join the other first years as they headed towards the room their exam was being held in. Siri offered him a wry smile and trooped out with the other first years.


Exams were done! Siri and Orion were standing together chatting together after the rather challenging Transfiguration exam. Orion, in a very Hermione like way, was asking Sirius a thousand and one questions relating to the exam. Sirius, used to his twin's ways, was just nodding and smiling but not offering any answers. Finally after Orion had worried over the same question what felt like a thousand times, Sirius grabbed his arm and gave him a small shake.

"Ori, the exam is over, there is no use in reliving it, we'll get our grades this summer and I'm sure you've aced it, just like you have everything else" He said with a sigh. "Now lets go pack because we get to go home tomorrow!"

Mollified, Orion nodded and headed back to Slytherin dorms while Sirius did the same. Both boys were beyond excited to go home and the prospect of a summer with their Dad, who was walking! was beyond exciting.


Harry was rushing around trying to make sure the house was perfect for the return of the boys, they would be picking them up from the station in about two hours and he could not wait. He couldn't wait to go pick them up, it was something he hadn't been sure he'd be able to do. The platform was so crowded and being in a wheelchair would have made it damn near impossible for him to pick the boys up. Now however, thanks to Severus, Harry would be on that platform and he could not wait!

Draco smirked as he watched his husband rush about. He wasn't at all surprised with how Harry was acting, like his husband he couldn't wait until his sons were home. As a child he hadn't realized how hard his being gone must have been on his parents, now that the shoe was on the other foot he could completely sympathize and had even gone so far as to casually research some magical day schools until Harry had caught him and he had laughed it off.

"Relax love" Draco said catching his husband around the waist as Harry rushed by again. Harry was getting much better at walking now, his muscles built back up and he only needed the crutches for longer walks or when he'd be standing for awhile. "This will be the last time we have the house to ourself for three months, maybe we should take advantage of this" Draco said with a salacious waggle of his eyebrows.

"Why Mr. Potter-Malfoy what are you suggesting?" Harry said with a grin before he was suddenly swept up in Draco's arms and the two were high-tailing it up the stairs.

"Draco we're gong to be late" Harry said as he pulled a sweater on and shrunk his crutches, placing them in his bag. He knew he'd need them standing on the platform but for apperating they'd only get in the way. Draco just smirked following his husband out of the bedroom, his expression was completely satisfied. Harry just rolled his eyes but he was unable to keep the light blush off of his face as he hurriedly stuff a camera in his bag.

"What do you need a camera for?" Draco asked curiously watching Harry's frantic behaviour with amusement.

"I want to take a picture of the first time the train drops the boys off Draco, its a big first" Harry admonished his husband and Draco grinned. He remembered when the boys had been babies and Harry and his mother had endeavored to capture everything on film. Harry insisting the document all the boys firsts.

"Lets go then" Draco said with a grin as he grabbed his own jacket, much more stylish then Harry's sweater. It was a warm day out but there was a bit of a wind and neither man enjoyed being cold.

"Meet you there?" Draco asked. Now that Harry was mobile he was relishing the fact he could apperate himself once again. When he had been in the chair he had been capable of apperating but it was a danger to himself just with the compression caused by apperation and the landings.

"Yupp" Harry responded with a grin, pecking Draco on the cheek before he turned on the spot and disappeared. With a fond smile Draco followed after his husband landing on the platform with a grin. Harry was already there, camera around his neck as he un-shrank his crutches with a massive grin on his face.

The platform was already packed and Draco noticed many of their friends waiting for their own children. He also noticed, with a frown, that some members of the Weasley family standing closer to the barrier and he frowned.

"Just ignore them" Harry advised as he looked around, grinning as Blaise approached them.

"Waiting for the boys?" Blaise asked, giving Harry a grin, it was easy to see how excited the man was.

"Yes" Harry beamed, glancing around, "Where's Pansy?" He asked curiously.

"She had to work today, some meetings that couldn't be rescheduled. She's just devastated, she wanted to be here"

"I can imagine, I was so worried I wouldn't be able to meet the boys" Harry said.

"Ah yea the chair wouldn't be much good in this crowd, and the kids aren't even here yet" Blaise said with a nod. He could understand that, he'd watched Harry try and maneuver in crowded areas before and it had always been an ordeal, even with a scowling Malfoy hovering over his shoulder.

All conversation was cut short when a loud train horn announced the entrance of the scarlet express.

Soon the Hogwarts Express came to a stop and the doors flew open and hundreds of students spilled off. It was pure chaos for a little while as parents and students searched one another out. Finally Draco spotted some platinum hair and grinned. The twins quickly made their way to their parents side, both of them leaping on Harry though Orion was a bit more sedate then his twin.

"Dad" Michael called, giving Blaise a tight hug before glancing around. "Where's Mum?" He asked curiously.

"Meetings, she wanted to be here really badly though" Blaise explained softly, hugging his son tightly. Like Draco and Harry he had missed his son immensely during the year and he was beyond ecstatic to have Michael back with him for three whole months.

After the boys said a quick goodbye, they'd be seeing one another soon, Draco took Sirius and Harry took Orion and they apperated back home. One of the elves had collected the trunks earlier and the boys belongings were safely put away in their rooms.

Sitting down on the couch, the family basked in the closeness of one another before Orion began quizzing his father for exam answers. Draco smiled and indulged his son knowing he had done the exact same thing with Lucius after his own exams. Sirius was describing the Hufflepuff Common Room to his Dad and Harry was lamenting that it was the only Common Room he had never seen when he had been at Hogwarts.

Knowing his Dad's history, Sirius knew his Dad had had some rather intense adventures at school often which resulted in near death experiences. Harry, however,was perfectly content to listen to his sons far less terrifying adventures, comfortably seated between his sons just basking in them being home.

"We're having dinner with Grandma and Papa tonight as well as the twins, Remus and Severus" Harry finally interjected.

"Here?" Orion asked, pausing his conversation with Draco, to look over at his Dad.

"Yupp" Harry said with a grin, dropping a kiss on Siri's head before repeating the same with Orion. "I missed you two so much" Harry sighed, he couldn't believe how much he had missed his sons. Draco shared a look with his husband over their sons head, he felt the exact same way as Harry.

"Go get changed" Draco said. ushering the boys upstairs, "Dinner will be ready soon and everyone will be here and you two are still in your robes" Both boys grinned and scrambled off the couch to change, they had had enough of wearing their robes.


Harry looked around the dinner table at his family, his twins were seated between the Weasley twins, head bent forward as they spoke in soft tones about something, Harry just hoped it was age appropriate and didn't involve illegal smuggling of any kind. Lucius, Remus and Severus were involved in a heated but friendly debate about potions and Draco and his Mother were discussing events at the Ministry. Harry couldn't have been happier or more content in that moment. He was surrounded by his family, his real family and he couldn't have been happier.

Dinner was a wonderful and now the adults were sitting downstairs while Harry put the twins to bed.

"How was the picking up the boys?" Lucius asked as he sipped his wine.

"It was great, I had forgotten how crowded that platform could get and of course there were a few undesirable people there but you can't sensor public locations" Draco said with a small smile. "Blaise was there which was nice"

"No Pansy?" Narcissa asked as she looked through the family photo album which Harry had put on the coffee table earlier.

"No, she was in meetings unfortunately, Blaise said she felt awful about it" Draco responded.

"I imagine so, I hated when I wasn't able to meet you at the station" Lucius said ignoring the surprised looks from the Weasley twins. He did enjoy shocking the chosen godfathers of his grandchildren, they weren't the only ones who could play pranks after all. His were just in far better taste then those ridiculous Gryffindor pranks.

"How's business?" He asked the gaping pair, deciding a subject change was in order.

"Booming" Fred, he thought it was Fred, said with a grin. "We're working on a new joke line right now"

George nodded in enthusiastically, him and Fred spent most of their time in the back room working on new inventions, they left Lee in charge of the main store and a few other trusted friends and sales staff to handle the actual customers.

Lucius nodded in interest, he knew Harry had been the whole reason the Weasleys had been able to start their business and now continued to invest with them. The talk moved to business in Diagon Alley something that both the twins and Severus had a vested interest in.

Harry grinned as he pulled the blanket up to Orion's chin and dropped a kiss on his son's head.

"Night Dad" Orion mumbled rolling over onto his stomach and stretching out. It felt so good to sleep in his own bed, in his own room, in his own house.

"Goodnight little Slytherin" Harry said ruffling his son's hair which was so like his Father's before quietly leaving the room and heading towards Sirius' room. The boys had connected room and occasionally shared beds but after months of being in dorm rooms they were both looking forward to their own private spaces.

"Hey kiddo" Harry said sitting on the edge of Siri's bed and tugging the blanket up so it nestled under his son's chin.

"Hey Dad" Sirius grinned sleepily rubbing at his eyes.

"Ready for bed? Its been a long day" Harry said with a grin.

'Goodnight Daddy" Siri said as Harry headed out of the room.

"Sleep tight" Harry said softly as he shut the door. Stretching, Harry carefully limped his way back down the hallway to the family room where the adults were talking. He had been on his feet most of the day and he was a bit sore so he was looking forward to sitting down.

Walking into the family room, Harry gracelessly fell into the love seat with Draco with a relieved sigh. He glanced up to various concerned expressions and offered a wry smile and rubbed Draco's knee reassuringly.

"M'fine" He said softly as Narcissa handed him some tea. He wasn't a big wine drinker so he smiled gratefully at his mother-in-law.

"Boys asleep?" Remus asked curiously sipping his own hot chocolate. Harry's elves knew him so well.

"Should be, they were pretty worn out from today and I doubt they were sleeping well during exams, we never did" Harry said with a shrug.

"No you were never able to" Draco teased, "You studied last minute, I on the other hand got my eight hours" Draco said smugly.

"You worried about exams more then Hermione did" Harry said nudging his husband in the stomach.

"Never" Draco cried playfully shooting a glare at Severus before tickling Harry's stomach to silence is errant husband. "No one was as bad as her, she began studying in January for exams Harry, we all saw or heard her!"

"She was a bit enthusiastic" Harry agreed, a small grin on his face as he remembered the Hermione of his school days not the one who existed now.

"Just a bit?" Severus drawled sarcastically, "She nearly dislocated her shoulder with how often and quickly she raised her hand to answer questions which were not directed at her" He grumbled.

"Says the dungeon bat himself" George, or was it Fred? said with a chuckle.

"She was insufferable then and is even more so now" Severus said with a scowl on his face.

"Don't hold anything back Sev" Fred said with a chuckle, wincing as the man directed his dreaded glower at him. "Hasn't been teaching for years and he's still got it"

"Oh hush you red-haired devils" Severus grumbled reaching for his wine.

Fred and George shared a grin before standing and offering everyone a grin and a wave.

"Well my friends..."

"...Not all of us are as wealthy as you lot..."

"...So we are off because we actually have...

"...To work tomorrow"

And with that parting remark the twins promptly headed off.

"I should probably go as well" Remus said, "I have a few things I need to take care of"

"I'll join you" Severus said, finishing off the wine and heading off with Remus after Remus had hugged Harry and Draco and bid the Malfoys goodbye.

As the two men left, Draco turned to Harry a curious expression on his face.

"Do you think those two are...?" He trailed off curiously.

"Draco!" Narcissa scolded though she looked highly amused.

"They did arrive together as well" Lucius mused, "But Remus and Severus?" He shook his head slightly.

"Who knows" Harry said with a shrug, "It has been a long time for both of them, it would be nice if they found something special in one another"

Draco just smiled at his husband's kind response, it was just so...Harry.


Hermione sighed as she looked at the letter she had penned to Harry and Draco asking them for a play date later in the week. Jamie hadn't been overly pleased at the idea but she had finally caved after her grandmother had sat down and talked with her.

"Did you send it yet?" Ginny asked as she walked into the kitchen to where Hermione was sitting with a cold mug of tea and the letter.

"Not yet, I had a huge disagreement with Ron about this. He thinks we should just leave Harry be"

"Ron's an idiot, send the letter" Ginny said grabbing the parchment from Hermione and attaching it to the leg of the new family owl with little ceremony. Errol had finally passed away a few years back and the Weasley family had been forced to purchase a new one.

"Ginny!" Hermione gasped, "I wasn't done with that, I wanted it to be perfect"

"It's fine Hermione, Harry'll get it, they'll come, the kids will get along and then we'll have our Harry back" Ginny beamed.

"Parts of our Harry" Hermione was quick to caution. "He'll always be part of the Malfoy family Ginny, we tried separating them and it came back and bit us in the arse"

"Stop being so negative Hermione, this will work" Ginny said, eyes shining as if she were fevered. Hermione had grown accustomed to that look on both Molly and Ginny's faces and she was sure Ron had seen it on her own. Watching the other woman Hermione had a moment of worry. Was she as bad as Ginny and Molly? Was she forcing herself, forcing her daughter on Harry? Biting her lip she bid Ginny goodbye and went to collect her daughter completely caught up in thoughts of the past. She rubbed a hand through her hair, she was as bad as Molly and Ginny. Worse! She had helped Nott, she had put Harry and his children in danger. Her best friend! No wonder Harry wanted nothing to do with them.

"Mum?" Her daughter asked softly, seeing her mother's worrying look.

"Hm? Yes dear?"

"Are you okay?" The little girl asked curiously.

"I'm fine dear" Hermione reassured annoyed at herself for showing her worries to her daughter.

"Okay" Jamie said uncertainly as she took her mother's hand and they headed back to their own house. She had enjoyed baking and stuff with Grandma Molly but she wasn't sure what she wanted to play with the Potter-Malfoy twins. They weren't friends at school, they were younger then here and one of them was a Slytherin. But her Mum, Aunt and Grandma all really wanted this play date to happen so they could see her Uncle Harry. Hermione looked down at her young, brilliant daughter. It hit her like a ton of brick, she was using her daughter, letting Molly and Ginny use her daughter. She felt disgusted, bile rose in her throat and she forced herself to swallow the bitter liquid. Shaking her head she gathered her wits about her and escorted her daughter home, she'd fall apart later.


Harry frowned as an unfamiliar owl flew into the house. It got past the wards so it didn't hold any malicious mail but it still made him nervous. Pulling his wand from his wrist holster he cast an array of detection charms on the letter as well as the owl before finally deeming it safe. Giving the bird a treat, it had been rather patient while he checked for curses and jinxes.

"Who's it from?" Orion asked from his place at the table where he and Sirius were working on homework. The twins had taken Draco's advice and were working hard to get their homework done at the beginning of vacation so they could enjoy the rest of it without worrying.

"Hermione" Harry said in surprise as he opened the letter from his former best friend. Reading it over he let out a small sigh, careful to keep the disappointment off of his face in front of his children.

"What does she want?" Sirius asked as he fiddled with his quill.

"She was wondering if we could get together during the summer so you two and her daughter could play" Harry cringed a bit as he said the word, Orion was giving him something akin to the Malfoy death-glare and he did not blame his son at all, Malfoys after all were much to sophisticated for something as plebeian as a play date.

"I take it that doesn't interest you two?" He asked wryly.

"Not really" Sirius said softly, much more charitable then his twin would have been with his response. "She wasn't very nice to us at school and we're not friends"

Harry nodded in agreement, he wasn't about to force a play date on his children.

"I'll just write her back that it's not something that would work for us" He knew that this wasn't all just Hermione's idea, it had Molly and Ginny written all over it. Sighing to himself Harry wrote a quick note to Hermione telling her it just wouldn't work out. Hermione and the Weasley women had to realize that they would never be friends again, not after everything that had happened. He had tried to rekindle the relationship before and that had clearly failed, no they would not be friends again.

Handing the letter to Hercules he left Hermione's letter on the table so Draco could read it, he knew his husband would want to see it once he heard about it and he probably would be slightly annoyed with the fact that the Weasley family was trying to get back into their lives.

"We're not going to do it?" Orion asked.

"No we're not" Harry said with a small smile, "The only way would would was if you two were actually interested and then we'd have to make sure your Father was okay with it, you know how he feels about Weasleys"

Both boys giggled a little bit as Draco's owl took off -Harry had never bothered to get a new owl after Hedwig- leaving a content family behind as Harry leaned across the table to help Orion with his Defense essay.


Hermione sighed as she read the letter Harry had written her She wasn't really surprised by his response, since she had left the Burrow she had been thinking about what they had done to Harry. She had been awful to Harry and the realization about her being so, so wrong had stung. She had poisoned him, all for her own ambition, she had tossed away her first genuine friend all for some ministry ambition and she hadn't cared, not one whit, not until now. Hell she had been willing to use her child as a bartering tool to try and win Harry back over and that was the most sickening aspect of this mess. Brushing a few tears away she resolved to leave Harry alone. Ron and Arthur had been right even Ron had been a little late to the party. She had royally screwed up and she now would set things right and she would start by gracefully bowing out, leaving Harry and his family completely alone.

"Hermione?" Ron asked as he stepped into their kitchen and saw his wife with tears on her cheeks sitting at the table.

"Oh, hello Ron" She quickly brushed off her tears and offered him a watery grin.

"What's wrong?" Ron asked as he sat next to her and took her hand, he was a bit concerned, coming home from work and seeing his wife in tears was always worrying.

"I just...Oh Ron we screwed up, I screwed up so bad" She said suddenly breaking into soft sobs again.

"What do you mean?' Ron asked though he had an idea of what she was talking about. Suddenly Hermione was sobbing and babbling incoherently, something about Harry, Nott and a whole bunch of other nonsense.

Ron just let her cry, Hermione was coming to the same realization he had come to before the trial and he knew she needed to cry, to mourn for her lost friendship as well for all her mistakes. Finally Hermione seemed exhausted and Ron continued to just hold her, he was glad Hermione was coming to her senses about the Harry thing, he was just sad that it was to late for them to try and save their friendship with Harry.


Harry groaned softly to himself as he brushed a hand over his mouth. He had been feeling sort of sick on and off all week and he just wasn't sure why. Draco wanted him to see a healer but Harry just wasn't sure, it didn't seem like it was so bad plus he'd had enough of healers to last him a life time.

"Just go to a healer" Draco said as Harry emerged from the washroom. Wrinkling his nose the raven-haired man shook his head.

"It's just a cold or something Draco, I'll be fine" Harry reassured heading to the kitchen to make some weak tea. He didn't think he could stomach anything else at this point.

"Harry please?" Draco sighed, "I know you think I worry to much which is true, but you've been throwing up for a week and I just want to make sure you're okay" Harry looked into the worried eyes of his husband and sighed.

"Fine, but take the kids to your parents house first please" He said making his tea and watching Draco floo call his parents to ask if the twins could stay with them for a few hours.

After getting his parents okay, Draco packed a day bag for the boys and went to get them, they were out in the back yard tossing a quaffle back and forth on their brooms.

"Hey boys your Dad and I have some errands to run do you mind going over to Grandma and Papa's?" He asked them curiously.

"Sure" Orion said while he and Sirius landed their brooms and headed inside to straighten up before heading to their grandparents house.

"What are we going to do over there?" Sirius asked curiously after he had finished washing up.

"I don't know" Draco said with a small grin, "But you know your grandparents always have something fun planned and I packed you guys a bag with some small toys and books just in case" He added as he led the boys to the floo. Harry was sitting on the couch and quickly gave each of the boys a hug.

"See you two later" Harry called as he finished off his tea. Draco rolled his eyes at his husband and ushered the boys through the floo into Narcissa's waiting arms.

"There, the boys are taken care of now lets go" Draco said as he gave his husband something Harry had long since dubbed 'the look'.

"Fine, fine" Harry said getting up off the couch carefully, his stomach had finally settled and he just knew flooing was going to make him ill all over again.

Sitting in the waiting room at St. Mungos Harry rubbed his aching stomach, he had just been violently ill in the washroom and he just wanted to get this damn appointment over with. Even though they hadn't had an appointment, the Malfoy name carried a lot of weight and Harry had the next appointment with their Healer.

"Potter-Malfoy?" One of the medi-witches called and Harry sighed as Draco tugged him to his feet. A few people watched in awe as he walked but only a few, it was pretty common news now that Harry had been cured by Severus.

Sitting down in the small office, Draco fussed slightly over Harry while they waited for the Healer.

"So Harry, back again" Healer Jenkins said as he stepped into the office. "What's the problem this time?" The man asked wryly. Harry chuckled weakly while Draco launched into a huge explanation of everything that had been happening the following week.

"Alright, I'm going to cast a few diagnostic charms and then if need be we'll do a few more in depth tests"

"Sounds good" Harry said laying back on the exam table. Jenkins rolled up his sleeves and began casting a few spells before he suddenly came to a stop looking carefully at his wand readings. Shaking his head he cast a few more spells a bemused expression on his face.

"I think I know what the problem is" Jenkins said with a small chuckle.

"What? What's wrong with my husband?" Draco demanded gripping Harry's hand tightly.

"Nothing is wrong with Mr. Potter-Malfoy" Jenkins said with something that could only be described as a smirk.

"Nothing's wrong with him? Why is he throwing up almost non-stop? Having dizzy spells? And stomach pain? What's wrong with him?" Draco demanded way more anxious then Harry was at that moment.

"Mr. Potter-Malfoy isn't sick, he's pregnant"

"P-p-pregnant?" Draco warbled out before suddenly...


Harry glanced at the floor, seeing his husband lying their sprawled out and laughed, a full-bellied, extremely happy laugh. They had come full circle and his life really was perfect. Smiling he looked and Jenkins and the two spoke softly while they waited for Draco to come through.

"Pregnant?" A weak voice sounded from the floor and Harry began to giggle again. Life was perfect.

-The End-

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