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Chapter Two: Pride

Orion Draco Potter-Malfoy hated a lot of things. He hated how people would point and stare at his Dad in public, looking at his wheelchair with pity and sometimes disgust. He hated how his Father had to work late sometimes and wouldn't have time to take him and his brother flying. He hated the faces people would make when they saw his Dad and Father together, like the were doing something wrong. He also really, really hated how people would look at him when they heard his last name, they'd look at him like was the spawn of an unholy union. He hated that Sirius had gotten hurt as a baby and has a scar on his cheek that made him all self-conscious, even though their Dad said he shouldn't be. However, in this one moment, Orion hated one thing in particular. He hated the Sorting Hat, he could imagine marching up to the Head Mistress' office and lighting the stupid thing on fire and watching gleefully as it burned. Yes, Orion Draco Potter-Malfoy hated a lot of things. He also loved a lot of things as well. He loved his parents and grandparents. He loved flying with his Father and sometimes his Dad, the wind whipping through his hair as he chased a practice snitch. He loved fresh baked cookies, especially when Mipsy made them. He loved going to his grandparents house and sitting in the big, old leather chairs and listening to his grandma read them a story. He loved his twin brother more then anything, and he always felt like he needed to protect him. He loved his friends, and Slytherin house, but he really, really loved Siri, but he was mad at him.

It was Orion's first week at Hogwarts, he had, not surprisingly been sorted into Slytherin house, just like his Father, Papa and the rest of the Malfoy family back something like nine generations, if Papa was to be believed. He was currently sitting in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, the great was not exaggerated, as the ceiling was enchanted to look like the sky and huge candles floated over the tables. A small bowl of fruit sat in front of the blond haired child, though his silver eyes were focused squarely on the table beside Gryffindor, positioned under a rather large and in his opinion, obnoxious yellow banner. Yes, Orion Malfoy hated the Sorting Hat and was mad at his nearly identical twin brother because sitting under the loud and obnoxious yellow banner was his twin. Sirius James Potter-Malfoy had been sorted into Hufflepuff house, Hufflepuff! He was the first Malfoy or Potter to be sorted into Hufflepuff in a very long time, and it was embarrassing. Oh Ori knew he was in trouble, he had been rather mean to Siri the last week, calling him names and saying the family was going to disown him, but how could he not be? He had been sorted in Slytherin house, the serpents, just like pretty much everyone on the Malfoy side of the family. He knew, coming to Hogwarts, that Siri was not cut out to be a snake, but he had hoped he'd be a Lion or even a bloody Raven. But no, instead Siri had been sorted into the house of the Badgers. It sucked, it really bloody sucked. Ori had hoped, secretly of course, that he and Siri would be sorted into the same house, with all their friends and nothing would change. He wasn't used to being separated from his twin, the pair normally did everything together. So yes, he was irrationally mad at Siri, like it was his fault he had gotten sorted into the stupid badger house with their stupid yellow banner. It was his fault actually, he should have argued more with the Sorting Hat. Their Dad had argued with the Sorting Hat and his request had been listened to. Sighing and wrenching his eyes away from the sight of his dejected twin, Ori viciously speared a strawberry and took a bite, ignoring the pointed looks he was receiving from Michael, his best friend.

"Just apologize" The Zabini heir hissed, taking a bite of his bacon and glowering pointedly. He was the only one in the group of friends who had not been viciously teasing Siri, though he had made no move, beyond glares, to stop the group. "You know you miss him"

Ori shook his head stubbornly. No he was mad at Siri, and until his twin was put in a proper house, he was going to remain mad at him.

"He can't apologize" Haley hissed, scandalized, "He's a bloody Hufflepuff, we can't be seen associating with them" She sniffed dramatically, before returning her attention to her best friend, Cassie Flint, who was animatedly discussing Quidditch tryouts to anyone who would listen. Despite being only a first year, Cassie was just like her father, former Slytherin Captain, Marcus Flint, and she was rather enthusiastic about the team, even though she wouldn't be allowed to play until next year.

"No, he's Sirius, our friend" Michael snapped in annoyance. "The same Siri we've all be friends with since the twins were practically born. And he's your twin" He said, looking pointedly at Ori.

"He's all alone and probably homesick, and we've all been downright awful to him lately, just because he's a badger it doesn't mean he stops being our friend"

"Yes it does" Haley sniffed, "He betrayed us, Ori most of all"

"How did he betray us?" Michael asked, glowering at the girl. "It's not like he got to choose his house, that's what the frigging hat is for" The pre-teen grumbled.

"He just did Michael, he's a 'Puff for Merlin sake, thats like the house of rejects. By being placed there its like he's denying his heritage"

Ori tuned out their bickering, he did want to apologize to Siri, he hated having his twin angry with him, but he was just so pissed off and upset. He had thought, regardless of the obvious clues that they would be housed together, and now that his twin was in Hufflepuff of all places, he couldn't really handle it.

"Isn't that your Father's owl?" Cassie asked, breaking his train of thought. The blond glanced up, watching intently as his Father's large eagle owl swooped over the table and dropped an envelope in front of him before doing the same with Siri.

"Probably his disownment" Haley said snidely, "Good thing too, others in the house were beginning to talk" She said, looking at Ori pointedly. It had been expected that as a Malfoy, the blond would take over his Father's former position as Prince of Slytherin, but with a twin in Hufflepuff, he had lost some so-called 'cred'.

"Maybe" Ori mumbled, he doubted it. He knew he had teased his twin about disownment, but deep down he knew that would never happen. While his Father and Papa might be angry about it, which he sort of doubted, there was no way his grandmother or his Dad would ever allow Siri to be disowned. Harry had nearly given his life protecting the youngest Malfoy heir, and Narcissa would be damned if she allowed that pureblood, Malfoy prejudice to take over the family again, not when she had finally gotten rid of it.

"You gonna open it?" Cassie finally asked, seemingly at the end of her patience as she stared at the cream coloured envelope sitting on top of Ori's fruit. Pulling himself back to attention, Ori nodded grimly, picking up the envelope and carefully slitting it open,

Dearest Orion,

I hope this letter finds you well, I'm anxious to hear about all your exploits at Hogwarts as well as your adventures in the snake pit. Your Dad says he misses you and your brother quite a lot, the house is far to quiet without you two in it. The house elves keep making waffles for breakfast, they can't seem to remember that you're not here to eat them.

I am very pleased to hear that you are, so far, doing well in your classes, keep up the good work!

Now, I suppose I must write on matters a bit more serious then school work and deranged house elves.

It has come to mine, and your Dad's attention, that you aren't adjusting to your twin's house placement very well. I understand that it is...difficult to understand why the Sorting Hat does these things, but it is the way it is, nothing can change that. I want you to understand Ori that neither your Dad nor myself (or your grandparents) are upset or angry with Sirius in any way. He is, and always will be our son and your twin. I suggest you cease your taunting him with the idea of disownment because that will not be happening. Ever.

Houses do not define you, remember that son. Well you are placed according to your personality traits, the few that select what house you belong in do not make up the entire person. Yes, your twin may have some badger traits, but he is not just a badger. He is also your twin, a Potter-Malfoy and a little boy. We have received owls daily from Siri about his treatment at the hands of you and your group of friends and I must admit I am highly disappointed in you and your fellow Slytherins. Haven't your Dad and I taught you anything Orion? House rivalries only cause problems and nothing good seems to come from them. Also, as I already said houses do not define you, you would do well to remember that lesson little love.

I expect you to stop behaving like a brat and apologize to your brother, I also suggest you make your friends understand that we still love Siri (and yourself) and their attempts at teasing are not appreciated or desired. So Stop.

Remember that your Dad and I love you Orion, both of you, and nothing will change that.

Please keep in touch! We miss you! Your Dad has already started a calendar counting down the minutes (days) till Yule.


Father (and Dad!)

Orion hastily folded up the letter before his friends could read it. He mulled over his Father's letter, letting the comments wash over him. His parents were obviously a bit disappointed in his treatment of Siri, but they still loved him (both of them).

"So?" Haley asked, her eyes gleaming anxiously, "Is the brat getting disowned?"

"No" Orion snapped, turning his silver eyes on her in a fair impression of his Father's famous glower. "He is not, he is as much of a Potter-Malfoy as I am, and my parents won't tolerate us, any of us teasing him anymore" He spat out, glancing up to find Siri staring at him with what could only be described as a hopeful expression. His own eyes softened lightly as he looked at his twin before a smile tugged on the corners of his lips. Siri's own blinding grin at the gesture warmed his heart, and he allowed his smile to grow slightly. Yes, he hated the Sorting Hat, but he no longer was mad at his twin. His Father's letter made a lot of sense, Siri was a Puff yes, but he was also his best friend, his twin, his confidant and his partner in crime, he couldn't throw all that away because of a garish yellow banner. He'd apologize properly once he could, and make it clear to his group of friends that they wouldn't be teasing Siri anymore.

"Finally" Michael huffed from next to him, "I thought it would take you another week, at least" The Zabini heir had a grin on his face, chuckling as he dodged the grape Ori sent his way.

Haley huffed, her eyes narrowing as she looked at Siri as did Cassie's, this would be interesting.


Herbology had to be the most boring class in existence, not to mention you got dirty during it. Orion Malfoy was staring at his Flutterby bush, which they were supposed to be re-potting with apparent disgust. Sure it was a pretty plant, they had some at home by the walk way, but removing them from their current pots and packing them with dirt into a larger pot just seemed counter intuitive. They had magic for Merlin sake! Why not just enlarge the pots the plants were already in? Of course he'd already asked Professor Longbottom that, but the former Gryffindor had said that the plants didn't like that and wouldn't blossom or some such nonsense. Since when did the school care more about what the plants wanted then the students? He glanced at Michael, who looked equally disgruntled with the task and sighed heavily. The pair quickly pulled on their dragon-hide gloves, though Professor Longbottom had said they weren't necessary. They had lunch after this class and Orion had no desire to eat with dirt under his finger nails. Yes, he was very much his Father's son.

On the other side of the Green House, Siri was happily re-potting his own Flutterby bush completely oblivious to the dirt and other things spilling down the front of his school robes and staining his hands. Siri was a lot more like their Dad, or so Father said, much more 'hands on' and willing to get dirty. It helped that Siri also really enjoyed plants, and sometimes would help Dad in the garden. All the gardens at the house were done by their Dad, even though the elves were perfectly capable. People who cam to visit often marveled that a handicapped man could garden so well, but Dad said it was easy, the gardens were all close together and all Harry had to do was levitate himself onto the ground by the plants and get to work, it took a bit longer, since he needed to levitate himself and the plants around, but he seemed to enjoy it. Father was happy to let Dad do whatever he wanted, especially since Dad had finished writing his books a few years back. Of course the public wanted more, but Dad had said he was done with writing, having finished the Seven Books that documented his life at Hogwarts. With a grumble and a shared look with Michael, Ori held his breath and dove into the project, unfortunately his grades mattered more then his clothes.


Ori made his way into the courtyard where he had agreed to meet Siri during lunch. His twin had passed him a note in Herbology, asking him to meet there during the break.

"Hey" Ori said, his tone hesitant as he walked over to where his twin was sitting on a low stone wall.

"Hey" Siri smiled, though he looked a bit worried, as if this was all one big joke.

"I got a letter from Father" Ori murmured, fingering the letter he had stuffed into his pocket earlier.

"Me too" Siri said, eyeing Ori, clearly wondering what his twin was getting at.

"I want to apologize" Ori finally huffed out, "I was awful to you this week. I was just so mad that we weren't going to be in the same house" He admitted, "I was mad at you for being some place without me, and I took it out on you. It was irrational and mean, and I'm really sorry. Father said your house doesn't define who you are, and he's right" Ori added, looking at Siri sadly.

"You really hurt me" Siri mumbled, drawing his knees to his chest. "I had no idea I'd be in Hufflepuff, really I didn't" He murmured, wiping his eyes as a stray tear slid down his pale cheek. "And you were really mean and so was everyone else. Professor Bones let me floo home the night after sorting to talk to Daddy and Father. They weren't mad at me or anything, but then you and the others started saying I'd be disowned and that Papa would make them and all sots of stuff and it really hurt" Siri said, more tears falling down his face.

"I know" Ori murmured, "I'm really sorry Siri, I was just so mad and you were an easy target I guess. It was stupid, getting mad at you over a dumb hat's decision" He looked at his twin, "I really am sorry, can you forgive me?" He asked, silver eyes sparkling with a mixture of anxiety and hope. Siri took a deep breath, seeming to mull things over.

"Okay" He murmured, "But you can't get mad at me again" He said, looking at his twin, a serious (no pun intended) expression on his pale face.

"I can't promise I won't get mad at you ever again. But I promise not to get mad at you for being a 'Puff ever again" Ori said, smiling at his twin.

"Deal" Siri muttered, laughing as Ori pulled him into a tight hug, relishing the familiar closeness of family once again.

"Michael was never mad at you, he lectured the rest of us about being such prats" Ori added, looking at his twin anxiously.

"I know, he wrote me a note saying he didn't care what house I was in, and that we were still friends" Siri said with a small, watery smile as he pulled back from Ori. Ori grinned, rolling his eyes lightly, Michael would do something like that, he was a lot like his father. According to Draco, Mr. Zabini, Michael's dad had never really gotten caught up in house rivalries and had even had a few friends in other houses, the most notable being Uncle Fred and Uncle George, the legendary pranksters of Gryffindor house, at least according to themselves.

"So, what's Hufflepuff like?" Ori asked, changing the subject, Siri already knew tons about Slytherin from their Father and they both were well versed in anything Gryffindor related thanks to the Uncles and Daddy as well as Uncle Remus.

"The Common Room is amazing, its down by the kitchens and has a weird password thingy, sort of like getting into Diagon Alley, but if you get it wrong you get squirted with vinegar, its really gross" Siri murmured. "We have a painting of Helga Hufflepuff in the Common Room, she's really friendly and likes to tell stories about the founders at Hogwarts in the evening" He added.

"Professor Bones is really nice as well" He said, chewing his lips absentmindedly, "She comes in the Common Room a lot, just to talk or help with homework, and she likes to know whats going on with us. The Puff's are really nice Ori. A kid in my dorm was having nightmares, so one of the prefects let him going into their dormitory to spend the night until he calmed down" He said, shrugging.

"Made any friends?" Ori asked worriedly, he knew his twin could be shy when it came to other people.

"One or two, but I dunno" Siri admitted, "Its hard, a lot of the older years already have friends, and the first years are all broken off into little cliques, its like Daddy was telling us about Gryffindor, every had a little group" He explained, "So, theres a few people I talk too, and a really nice prefect named Kevin who helps me with homework, but..." The green-eyed boy shrugged.

"You can always come hang out with us" Ori said, hugging Siri for a moment, this was one of the reasons he had wanted his twin with him, he liked being able to protect Siri, make sure everyone was nice to him.

"A couple kids were asking about my scar" Siri said, fingering the light line on his face absentmindedly, it had faded a lot since he had gotten it so young, but even Uncle Sev's scar cream wasn't able to get rid of it completely, something about the knife going to deep or something.

"And?" Ori prompted, looking worried. Siri was really self-conscious about the scar, and without Harry or Draco there to act as a buffer, he was probably even more so.

"I told them what happened, they kept wanting to touch it, see if it was a curse scar like Daddy's" Siri said, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. "Kevin made them stop, but I really didn't like what they were doing"

Ori frowned, he'd write home or talk to Professor Bones about this, he didn't like his twin being uncomfortable. Orion had a strict rule when it came to his younger twin, he was the only one allowed to make him uncomfortable and no one was allowed to upset him. Yes, hypocritical he knew, but Siri was his twin so everyone else could get over it.

"Oh" Siri suddenly shot up, jostling Ori and causing the silver-eyed boy to glare at him.

"I have potions starting in ten minutes" He squeaked, pointing at the large clock in the court yard. Ori let out a colourful curse and grabbed his bag, he had History, not that Binns would notice he walked in ten minutes late, but still a Malfoy was never late.

The pair of boys high-tailed it inside, bags slapping against their legs as they both shot off in the direction of their classes.

Everything was right again, at least until the next disaster occurred.


Draco grinned as he showed Harry the letter from Siri. It seemed the twins were finally getting a long after a hellish week. Draco was glad, he had been tempted to go to Hogwarts himself and have a stern talk with his oldest son. As it was, he'd be having a talk with him when he came home for Yule, regardless of the fact that the pair were finally getting along.

Harry heaved a sigh of relief, his head nestled against Draco's shoulder on the couch.

"Good" The raven-haired father said in relief, "I was worried about them, they've never fought like that before" He said, his tone weary. It had been a bad week for them on top of the twins fighting, Draco had been busy with work, and Harry's back had been bothering him quite a lot. The Healers had patched him as best they could from Nott's attack, but with the prior curse damage done to Harry thanks to Voldemort, healing the young man took a lot of effort and sometimes never fully worked. The scars covering Harry's back were from the cutting curses Nott had used, and though healed, the wounds still twinged occasionally, which could make sitting or even lying down rather painful for the man, and when one was stuck in a wheelchair, it was hard to avoid sitting.

"You have dirt on your face" Draco commented dryly, resisting the urge to roll his eyes at the smudge of brown under Harry's left eye.

"I spent some time working on garden by the front path today" Harry muttered, reaching up to rub at the smudge, "Must have gotten some on me" He shrugged, clearly not overly concerned. Draco sighed theatrically, "You need to take better care of yourself, or at least your appearance" He teased, summoning a damp cloth and wiping it over Harry's face as he would an errant child. Harry laughed, "Okay Mrs. Weasley" He teased, something he was prone to doing when Draco went a little overboard in his care of Harry.

"Just because I care about cleanliness does not mean I am anything like that awful red-headed wench" Draco grumbled, banishing the cloth once Harry's face was clean.

"Suuure" Harry teased, letting his head fall back to rest on Draco's shoulder again.

"I'm not" The blond whined, looking mock horrified at the thought of being compared to the Weasley matriarch.

"Yes dear" Harry said, patting Draco on the hand placatingly before dissolving into chuckles.

"I'm teasing Dray, teasing" Harry said reassuringly.

"Prat" Draco grumbled, though he dropped a kiss on Harry's curls, before picking up the paper. Amazing how knowing their sons were getting along again could lighten the mood in the house. It felt like a large weight had been pulled off the young parents' shoulders and they could once again relax and tease one another without worrying about how their sons were doing.

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