Hey this is my first Ben 10 fic as my niece asked me to do this as she's a huge fan so I said "eh why not?" and wondered what it would be like if Skyrim crossed over with this series. So anyway enjoy.

Chapter 1

It was said that thousands of years ago that the Nordic-Dragon God of Destruction known as Alduin was defeated by not a Deadra, Immortal nor a God but a Nord…a man.

He was known as the Dovahkiin or in Nord language Dragonborn.

It was written that he alone has the power to defeat Alduin by the magic and power of dragons that courses through his veins and his very soul.

By learning all the words of power and the one that is forbidden to be named he journeyed to Sovngarde where he defeated Alduin and restored the balance to the world.

Since then there have been no indications that the Dragons would ever return until now…

"Sire! We've found it!"

A young boy in his teenage years came running towards a tall armoured man who brandished a sword and a laser weapon of sorts attached around his waist as he looked to the young boy as he approached him.

"Is this what we've been looking for?"

"Yes sire…it was as the scribes said, it truly does exist!"

As the young boy presented him with a parchment of sorts as he broke the seal as it revealed what he'd hoped it was…

"Yes I was right, they are returning as is he." the armoured one said looking more into this parchment.

"But your majesty if your ancestors predictions were correct would that mean that-"

"Alduin is finally returning as has the Dragonborn." the armoured one proclaimed. "We must find the Dovahkiin before they do and warn him of the oncoming destruction." he said walking off to prepare.


"Uh!…what is that presence? But it's not possible? It cannot be!"

Snapping out of meditation the lone figure stares out into space itself and looking to a blue star among them.

"Time that I once again return to Earth."


Parked outside a Mr. Smoothie shop three teens were happily drinking their beverages on a nice day.

"So?" Kevin asked.

Ben continued to drink his smoothie.

"Is it good?" Gwen asked also wanting to know.

He kept on drinking it as he began to swish it around in his mouth. As then he finally finished his gulp and looked to them. "The flavour is good but there's less sugar, my final word is…I've had worse." Ben said as they both just took his word for it.

"Isn't this kind of great? No aliens, bad guys or even a family member coming after us?" Ben said as it has been several weeks since their last mission.

"It has been a bit quiet but I'm not complaining." Gwen said agreeing with her cousin.

"Yeah but it's been kind of lame, nothing happening and it's so boring." Kevin whined as he got that look from his girlfriend which shut him up.

"True but I like the peace and plus got more time to do what I want without-" Ben was cut off as a very familiar ship landed in the parking lot.

"You were saying." Kevin said as Ben shot him a glare.

The ship opened up and out came a Plumber agent.

"We have a situation and we need your help."

"Never a dull moment…not one." Ben said out loud.


A dark room with only a candlelight illuminating the place with a dark robed figure studying some scrolls as an armoured clad man approached him.

"My lord…Alduin is returning."

He stopped reading and looked back to him.

"So with his return…the Dovhakiin must return also, we must find him and kill him."

"At once my lord."

As he left the room and the robed one brought out a scroll of sorts and was looking at it.

"Soon Dovhakiin, I will fulfil the prophecy and take my rightful place as the ruler of this dimension."

I know it's short but will try to make a lot more in the next as I plan to work on this.

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