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Chapter 2

They were taken to the local Plumbers facility as they were told of the situation.

"Dragons…again?" Ben said.

"Didn't we send one back to his home planet?" Gwen asked referring to their last encounter with one.

"Not this time, this is different." the agent said.

"How different is different? Aren't all dragons the same?" Kevin asked as a holographic projection of some old book was shown.

"This is the book of the Eldar Scrolls, it tells of how a war between dragons and humans raged thousands of years ago, it ended with a confrontation between a group known as The Blades and the Dragon known as Alduin, many of Blades fell but in the end it was the power of one that stopped him." the agent explained.

The three looked on just listening to this. "So what stopped him?" Ben asked.

"It was one being, a man, the Dovhakiin or in human words the Dragonborn, he had the power alone to defeat Alduin by speaking the "Words of Power" and the "Forbidden One" he banished the Dragon God to another plane of existence." the agent continued.

"Wait! Did you just say Dragon God?" Ben asked hoping that was not what he had just heard.

"Yes, Alduin is the human Dragon God of Destruction." the agent said as Ben for the first time looked worried.

"But you said this Dragonborn stopped Alduin before, so how is he back now?" Gwen asked.

"When the Dragonborn spoke the "Forbidden Words" he not only banished Alduin but he sent him to another period of time…our time." the agent said.

"He banished him to our time? Some saviour he was sending his problem to us." Kevin complained.

"Does any of this have a point here?" Ben asked.

"We need to find the Dragonborn and fast." the agent said.

"Well yeah but why fast it's not like no one else is looking for him?" Kevin said.

"For a starters are agents of Alduin, a group known to us as the Forever Knights and finally another faction which is unknown to us but the main objective is to find the Dragonborn before any of them do." the agent said making it clear what was needed of them.

"How do we find the Dragonborn, yet do we know who he is?" Gwen asked as that was going to be hard not knowing who it was.

"Let's just say I already did the legwork and we'll be meeting him real soon." they heard a familiar voice and turned to see it was who they thought it was.

"Grandpa Max!" both Ben and Gwen said at the same time as they hugged their grandfather.

"Sup." Kevin said greeting the veteran Plumber.

"I heard about this and did some digging into who this Dragonborn could be and I've got it narrowed down to one person." Max said as he brought up a picture of the supposed Dragonborn, he had blue eyes and spiked black hair.

"His name is Cole Daniels, he's currently living in Chicago, no family or relatives." Max explained.

"He's our age?" Ben asked.

"Yes he's seventeen years old, works part time and currently seeking to get into college." Max explained more about him.

"How can someone live all their life alone and without support?" Gwen asked.

"Uh hello, was on my own at ten years old." Kevin pointed out.

"Yeah you destroyed your parents house, went crazy, ended up in prison, tried to kill us and do I need to go on." Ben said listing all of Kevin's criminal past exploits.

"Ben! He's not like that anymore and this guy is probably different." Gwen said coming to her boyfriend's defence.

"Gwen please be quiet right now as I'm about to pound Tennyson here into the ground!" Kevin growled as he went and absorbed the concrete.

Max intervened and stopped him from starting a fight.

"Both of you cut it out!" Max shouted as they stopped. "This is no time to be fighting the entire of existence is at stake." he said.

Kevin turned back to normal and shot a glare at Ben then looked to Gwen. "I don't need you to fight my battles for me, I'll be at the rust bucket." he said walking off.

Gwen glared at her cousin fro bringing all that up as now this concerned her more as her relationship with Kevin as of late was lately being more about arguing and less time spent with one another as now this was proof things were not good.


A huge computerised monitor was overlooking the world as it was tracking something.

"You say this will help us locate the Dovhakiin?"

"Yes we'll use the enchantments of the Greybeards and several locator spells to find him."

As the circle of mages were doing just that as each one gave their power to achieve their goal as they chanted the words over and over again with their mana being used to their fullest.

"When will they be done?"

"It will take some time but in mere hours they would've located the Dovhakiin."

"Very soon we will finally have found him and soon…all who oppose us will fall to my feet."


The rust bucket was silent for their journey as the previous argument had just made things awkward between the three of them as Max went and broke the silence.

"Alright we're headed to Daniels's place of work." Max said.

"Where does he work?" Ben asked.

"You'll see soon enough land here Kevin." Max asked as he did so and they landed in an isolated area outside of the city.

They left the ship there and cloaked it and decided to walk as it wasn't too far as the silence continued as Gwen had now had enough.

"Ok you two this is just stupid, Ben you need to apologise to Kevin for earlier and Kevin you accept the apology and we can forget about this and get back to what's important." Gwen said as she gave them "that" look.

"Sorry." Ben muttered.

Kevin smirked hearing that but he got another glare from Gwen waiting for him to say his part.

"Apology accepted." Kevin reluctantly said as Gwen looked pleased at them both.

"Was that too hard to ask?" she said as they both looked at one another and were thinking the same thing.


Max looked at Gwen and could see the shades of his wife from her and was proud of her knowing what to do in situations like this, but thinking of his wife again made him miss her.

After a several minutes of walking they finally stopped and to their surprise the location was not what they expected it to be.

"We're here." Max said.

"Uh it's a Chinese restaurant." Kevin said as they all looked at the lit up restaurant.

"Is this where he lives?" Ben asked.

"No genius, it's where he works." Gwen said as Max nodded in agreement.

"Shall we." Max said as they followed him in and saw it was a little busy as they just sat at a table and picked up the menus.

"I'm feeling the Kung Pow chicken." Ben said.

"Spare ribs look good." Kevin said.

Gwen scowled at them. "You're thinking of food right now while we have a job to do." she said.

"Calm down sweetheart, it's ok we can have dinner while we scout for him and see what kind of a guy we're dealing with." Max explained as she decided to go with it.

"Haven't had this in a while." Max said looking at different selections of food.

As then a waiter approached them as he was wearing a plain white shirt with plain black pants, black shoes, a black waistcoat and a bowtie as he had a note pad in his hand.

"Hello I'm Cole and I shall be your waiter for tonight, have you decided on your order or shall I let you think on it more?" he asked them.

"I'm going for the Kung pow chicken with egg fried rice." Ben said wanting his first choice.

"I want the spare ribs with extra sauce and noodles." Kevin said also wanting his first choice.

"I'm going for the chow mein special." Max said as he'd decided.

However Gwen still hadn't decided on what she wanted as her tastes were a bit limited.

"I take it the lady has trouble deciding?" Cole asked as she looked up from her menu and knew that look.

"It's kinda hard, too much to choose from and I'm not sure if I can eat it all." Gwen said as Cole approached her.

"I'd go for the chef's special, as it's Wednesday it's…uh…ah Wanton soup with hearty bread and a choice of either chicken, pork, duck or for the non meat eaters a vegetable combination." he explained to her.

She then thought a bit about it and as she looked to him to make an answer something began to make her mana react in an odd way as she was sensing something she had not felt in a long time.

"Uh is everything ok?" Cole asked.

Gwen snapped out of her trance. "Oh! Sorry spaced out there a sec, uh I'll go for the vegetarian one." she said feeling a bit awkward.

"Coming right up and please do not hesitate to call me for anything el-" he got cut off as he dodged an oncoming chop stick thrown in his direction and saw it was clearly his boss who signalled him. "Sorry but got to get back to work." he said.

"You put up with that crap?" Ben asked.

"It keeps me alert and anyway it's only another hour till I finish." Cole said as he went off to another table.

Kevin turned to Gwen wondering why she spaced out at the sight of him. "So why have a staring contest with him?" he asked.

"I felt his mana…it was powerful, really powerful, I think he's our guy." Gwen said confirming the lead.

"Are you sure about this sweetheart?" Max asked his granddaughter.

"Grandpa he's oozing mana! I mean he could be more powerful than Grandma." Gwen said as that now confirmed it.

"So how are we gonna get him to come with us?" Kevin asked.

"I have an idea." Ben said as they listened in.


Finally finishing his shift at the restaurant Cole walked out of there with his shirt untucked, and wearing a jacket as he was making his way out to side entrance and went over to the car there as he got out his keys and unlocked it as he entered it locked up and started the engine and left as he went to turn he saw something that caught his eye.

"You ok?" Cole called out and recognised it was the girl who couldn't decide what to have.

"Uh yeah just about to get a cab." Gwen said.

"You shouldn't be out here, it's a dangerous place for a girl like you at this time why are you here alone, didn't you come with those guys?" Cole asked.

"Yeah but they told me to go home while they had business to attend to." Gwen said as he bought that.

"I know this might sound weird and all but my place is twenty minutes away from here and you could wait there while they finish whatever it is they're doing?" Cole offered her.

Gwen thought for a moment. "Ok, better than waiting here to get mugged." she said as he opened the passenger door and she got in.

"I know what your thinking, this is the worst car you've seen in your life right?" Cole asked.

Surveying the vehicle and saw it was old, material was torn on the seats, floor and roof, wires were hanging out of the radio and dashboard.

"I've seen much worse but I take it it's all you can get on a waiter's salary right?" Gwen asked.

"Yep the best money can buy, just to ease the tension Cole Daniels." Cole said introducing himself and holding his hand out.

"Nice to meet you Cole Daniels…Gwen Tennyson." Gwen said introducing herself as they shook hands.


"We just wait until she's convinced him to come with us? I don't like it." Kevin said leaving Gwen on her own with Cole.

"If we all went it could scare him off and besides Gwen's a big girl, she can take care of herself." Ben said as that still did not reassure Kevin.

"Alright once she's talked with him she'll call us and we take him back to base." Max said.

"I still don't like it." Kevin said being as positive as always.


"Welcome to chez Cole, sorry for the mess haven't had a chance to clean up the place." Cole said as he led Gwen into his place.

The apartment was old, the wallpaper was rotting, damp and falling off, the kitchen was a mess as dishes cluttered the sink some unwashed, the cooker looked as old as them both but the living area was the worst as the only bit of furniture were a couple of deck chairs and was facing a small table with some books on and an old TV set, the floor however was littered with paper.

"Sorry for the mess, I was working on my entry assignment for college." Cole said trying to clear up some of the mess.

"No problem so what kind of assignment were you doing?" Gwen asked as she took a seat on one of the deck chairs.

Cole grabbed a book and handed it to her as he took a seat next to her. "I was doing a small research into different theories on why people commit crimes." he explained.

She looked at the book and saw it was all on Criminology. "Never pegged you for the solving crimes type." Gwen said as he chuckled at that.

"Well guess I do give off the minimum wage slash underachiever vibe." Cole said as she also began to chuckle at his joke.

But now she had to tell Cole why she was really there and mustered up the right words to tell him.

"Uh Cole I'm not really here for food or not waiting for them to come back I'm here to talk to you." Gwen said truthfully.

Cole's look went from happy to serious as he sat there not moving.

"Do you know anything about dragons?" Gwen asked.

Cole got out of his seat went over to his bedroom and brought out a book which looked very old and handed it to her.

"I was sent this book a few weeks ago by someone, the weird thing is when I looked at it and began reading it, it said all about some ancient war between humans and dragons but I thought this was all a story." Cole said.

"Did you read the part about the Dragonborn?" Gwen asked.

"He saved them all from some dragon called Alduin but what does all this have to do with me?" Cole asked now feeling confused.

"Cole…you're the Dragonborn." Gwen said as there was just complete silence in the room with Cole standing there…

"HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!" Cole was holding his sides from all the laughing.

"What is so funny?" Gwen asked now also confused.

"Are you serious? Have you been smoking that shit? Man this is now ofically the most ridiculous thing to ever happen to me…me a Dragon-HA! Born, now that's a freakin riot!" Cole said as he found it hilarious that this girl and her friends think he's the Dragonborn.

"Cole be serious we need your help to stop Alduin and other forces from destroying the world." Gwen said trying to explain it all to him.

"What other forces?" Cole asked as then the sound of something was coming from a distance towards them.

"BOOM!" the entire front of Cole's apartment was blown out as both teens were unharmed but were faced by a couple of dark robed figures floating as they were packing power of their own.

"Those forces, stay down I'll deal with them just let me call for help." Gwen said as she called her Grandpa.

"Grandpa get down here! We're under attack!" Gwen said as another explosion was heard.

"Hang on sweetheart we're coming!" Max said.

"Hurry I can't hold them off for long!" Gwen said as she was deflecting the blasts.

Max hung up as he looked to both Ben and Kevin and loaded his gun.

"It's hero time." Ben said going for his Omnitrix.

Will they get there in time to save them? Is Cole the Dragonborn?

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