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Chapter 24

Cole was waiting with his weapon drawn as then the entire forest around him began to freeze and the sky was raining down snowflakes as he felt the chill of the cold and armoured up to Daedric steel as this could be his toughest test to date and drew out the large red steel sword of the Red Eagle as the sword began to set ablaze.

The sound of hounds, horses and the clanging of metal could be heard nearby. "Come and get me." Cole said as he waited for the oncoming battle.


"I don't want to leave him there." Elis said worried for her brother.

"Elis I know you want to help him but we can't let them get me and I wish I could fight them but all I'll do is get in the way." Ciri said as she knew it was a futile thing to try and take on The Hunt.

"Why can't you take them on?!" Elis asked.

"Because you know why, if I do they'll defeat me and I'll be forced to plunge the all worlds into eternal cold of night." Ciri reminded her as it was the curse of the Elder Blood running through her veins.

"I know we can't risk you but doesn't mean we can't buy you time to escape." Elis said as she handed her a necklace of sorts. "Take this and get out of here, we'll hold them off until you do." she said.

"Elisif I-" Ciri was cut off as Elis kissed her deeply then ran back to help Cole as Ciri was left there looking at the necklace.


Cole was confronted by black hounds of sorts which looked more demonic and black clad armoured riders who resembled demons themselves.

"Alright whoever is in charge step forward." Cole demanded as out from the group one of them did and his armour looked that of a skeleton and had a crown on top of it.

"Who dares to challenge the Wild Hunt?" in a very deep and demonic voice the one in charge said.

"I do, I'm giving you a chance to leave now and do not come back and as for Ciri she's under my protection." Cole stated.

He then gave a laugh. "You mortal think you can defeat us? We are many, we are legion and we are-"

"FUS-RO-DAH!" Cole shouted blasting him and all of his men back a few feet.

"Consider that a warning shot." Cole said to them.

The rest of the black clad soldiers and their hounds just attacked as Cole sighed.

"FUS-RO-DAH!" he shouted again throwing them all flying through the air as already Cole had subdued The Wild Hunt.

"You didn't get the message the first time so that is your final warning, leave and do not come back or I will reduce you all to ash." Cole threatened.

But that warning was responded with Cole getting hit with a huge blast of ice sending him flying through the forest as he broke through several trees and was stopped by a mountain he hit hard back first into it.

As Cole got to his feet as he saw that the leader of The Wild Hunt was the one who blasted him as it seemed they had some power behind them.

"You still stand? You're no mere mortal." he said.

"I'm Dragonborn." Cole informed him.

Hearing that surprised him. "Dovahkiin?…that is just a myth, a fairy tale for children." he said not believing Cole.

"Well looks like this fairy tale just got real." Cole said readying himself for a fight.

He came at Cole and both began clashing with their swords as they had a test of strength with one getting the upper hand on the other as the heat of their strength was beginning to cause the metal on each others swords to visibly heat up but then Cole with a burst of strength he repelled his attack and with several precision strikes which caused the leader to lose his weapon and Cole had him but was then attacked by several members of The Hunt.

They all pounced at him at once as he was a bit overwhelmed…"FEIM-ZII-GRON!" he shouted as he became ghostly.

"Come on boys hit me with your best shot!" Cole taunted them as they all swiped and lunged for him but all they got was hitting one another.

The leader was frustrated with his soldiers. "He's making you all look like fools!" he shouted.

Cole then became normal as he went after a few of them hitting a few fists and kicks and even bashing them with his shield as he was able to finally get past them all and onto the leader who stood awaiting him.

"I'm going to give you one last chance leave or else." Cole warned.

"Or else what mortal?" he asked.

"I'll drive my blade through your heart." Cole bluntly said.

"What are you waiting for then mortal?" he challenged him.

Cole just charged at him as both engaged in a blade battle with steel clashing as they turned up the level of aggression with one blow after the other both did not let up as the Leader then used his magic and stabbed Cole with and icicle to the right shoulder.

"ARGH!" Cole shouted in pain as the knife like ice went through his armour into his flesh.

"You are no god Dovahkiin." he said as he brought another icicle and impaled it into his left shoulder causing Cole to shout out in more pain.

"Not much of a challenge." the leader mocked him.

Cole hearing that got up and pulled both icicles from his shoulders. "You want a challenge?!"

"IISS-SLEN-NUS!" he shouted freezing him on the spot.

"My ice is better." Cole said but then the ice just shattered and the leader was free.

"In hundreds of years I have not felt the embrace of winter's cold grasp, clearly I underestimated you." he admitted.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Cole said readying himself for another shout.

But the leader knew he was about to and just blasted him with a storm of icicles as they sent Cole flying backwards.

He had no idea of the power The Wild Hunt wielded as he was hit with more winter type attacks as each one was debilitating him as he could feel his body beginning to get numb from the cold.

"Myth or not you are nothing but a fragile mortal." the leader said as he drew out his sword and looked to deliver the killing blow.

It was then blocked by a staff. "Leave my brother alone." it was Elis and she just used a force blast to throw him back.

Cole got up and was beside his sister. "Elisf?! I told you both to run!" Cole said really shocked she was there.

"I'm not leaving you, we're family and besides Ciri got away she's long gone by now." Elis said as the main thing was Ciri's safety.

"You just won't do as your told won't you?" Cole said getting up as Elis saw his injuries.

"Yeah but how won't I be able to save your ass?" she said as she used her magic to heal him.

"A lot better, now let's send these walking freezers back to where they came from." Cole said.

"Cole you might want to use magic proof armour." Elis informed him.

He thought for a second. "Hold on I got it." he then changed into a new armour set.

It was a gold design which covered most of his body but was of dwarven make as he drew out the golden sword and shield as both siblings charged at them.

They both struck at the same time as the leader was ready for them both and was able to block them both as Cole then went for another attack the leader tried to use his magic again but the attack did not affect Cole as the armour had done it's job blocking it and began to clash swords with him as both were going into a very heated and physical fight with one hitting one blow and another coming back with a stronger blow.

"You will not defeat me mortal!" the leader said.

"You have a name?" Cole asked.

"I am Eredin, Commander of The Wild Hunt, future king and your nightmare come true." Eredin said as Cole and Elis were hit with a powerful blast as it was a dark armoured spell caster.

"Elisif?!" Cole shouted as she was already on it and battled with the spell caster.

Cole and Eredin were now left in combat together as both clashed yet again but this time Cole was not going to let him get the better of him.

"KRII-LUN-AUS!" Cole shouted as the blast weakened the commander.

"What is this?!" Eredin said as he was feeling weak.

"My power." Cole told him.

"I will not bow to you mortal you do not comprehend the power of The Hunt!" Eredin said as he threw another ice storm at him.

"Not this time." Cole said.

"LOK-VAH-KOOR!" he shouted as the storm of ice just disappeared.

"Impossible." Eredin could not believe what he saw happen before his eyes as again he showed his power.

"Now I'm done playing around." Cole said as he changed weapons from sword to a great hammer and just smacked him hard sending the commander flying through the air.

"WU-NAH-KES!" Cole took off at such speed he caught up to Eredin and was waiting for him as he was about to land and just hit him again with the hammer sending him flying back towards the previous location.

"WU-NAH-KES!" he shouted and met Eredin back at their original location as Eredin landed at his feet.

"I will…not….allow-"

He got punched in the face by Cole breaking his faceplate exposing his face as he stood over him.

"I'm not joking this time leave or I end you right here and now." Cole made the threat.

Eredin started to laugh as Cole took that as a No an grabbed him by his throat as Elis finished her battle she tried to intervene.

"Cole!" she quickly met him on the ground.

Cole had him up by the throat with one hand as he had his sword ready for the killing blow.

"Think I won't do it?" Cole said as he edged the tip of his blade towards Eredin's face.

He gave a smile goading him to do it.

"Should I take your sister and make her my concubine?" Eredin taunted him.

Cole was more tempted as he then looked to Elis who was trying to plead with him not to do this.

He was conflicted as he then thought back to Miraak murdering Astrid just to get to him and now he was in the same situation but Eredin was only trying to make him cross that line as Cole gave him a look then dropped his sword.

"Hah…Coward." Eredin said.

"No just want to leave you a lasting gift." Cole said as he wrenched his arm back and just blasted him in the face with a huge right hook as the hit seemed to knock a couple of teeth out of the commander as he flew to the ground.

Elis went to her brother. "I'm not a killer." Cole said to her.

She hugged him as he saw reason before it was too late.

Eredin now being humiliated by a mortal got to his feet and summoned his full power and created a blizzard directed at the twins as they were both unaware until the last minute…

They were then grabbed in a blink of an eye and seemingly teleported away from the attack as they reappeared behind Eredin.

"What the…Ciri?!" Elis said as the young Witcher stood beside the twins.

"Ciri? Why haven't you left?!" Cole asked.

"I'm done running, time to stand and fight!" Ciri stated as all three of them did just that.

As the rest of The Wild Hunt joined their commander.

"Ciri, Eredin's yours, Elis we take the rest of them cover Ciri in case he tries anything." Cole explained the battle plan as they nodded in agreement.

Cole and Elis went for the troops as they all went after them both as Ciri was face to face with her pursuer.

"Child of the Elder Blood, you finally decided to accept your fate?" Eredin said.

"No Eredin, no more running, no more being afraid, it's time you learned you and your kind are not gods!" Ciri said as she lunged for him but she used her power to appear in front of him as he quickly got his shield out and blocked the attack.

"Foolish girl." Eredin said as he struck back with his sword.

Both fought hard as Ciri was beginning to feel overwhelmed but she then began to get the upper hand on Eredin.

Meanwhile Cole and Elis were taking on the rest of The Wild Hunt as they dispatched scores of hounds and soldiers.

"Is Ciri ok?" Elis asked as she force blasted some soldiers away.

Cole looked to see her fighting Eredin. "She's good, a lot better actually, just keep these guys off her!" he said swatting several of them away.

Ciri was going blow for blow as she then decided to finish it and used an Axii sign to stun Eredin and followed up with an Igni sign that just ignited him on fire and with that she just slashed wildly at him and had taken him to the ground as she stood over him defeated.

"I'm ending this." she was about to deliver the killing blow.

But was interrupted as a huge storm hit them all and Eredin was separated by a wall of ice as he and his troops were escaping.

"Get back and fight me coward!" Ciri shouted at him as he looked back and left through a portal.

As the cold began to disappear and it seems they had won the battle.

"We did it…I can't believe it." Ciri said in shock as she had finally won a fight against the Wild Hunt.

Cole and Elis joined her. "You Ok Ciri?" Cole asked.

Ciri sheathed her sword. "Yes more than alright, I never thought this would be possible." she said.

"Ciri you proved today you didn't run, you stood and fought them and it proved they can be beaten." Elis said.

"Guess we just got a huge win and got a monkey off your back Ciri." Cole said.

"What's a monkey?" Ciri asked.

Both siblings just chuckled as the day was won.


The three of them decided to settle for the day as the events over the past twenty four hours had tired them as Cole was making a meal while Elis and Ciri were getting to know one another a bit more.

"You really did that?" Elis asked not sure if she heard right.

"I snuck into Vesmir's room and took his sword and I was training with it then heard of a griffon attack nearby and went to slay it." Ciri explained a past exploit of her childhood.

"But guessing all didn't go according to plan?" Elis asked.

"I had the griffon but ended up riding it all the way back to Kaer Mohren and I dropped down off the griffon and as I lost my sword I was about to be attacked until Geralt came in and just cut it down with a Yrden sign and a swipe from his sword cutting it's head off." Ciri said.

"But guessing you didn't get off so easy?" Elis asked.

"Vesmir finding out I took his sword and snuck off to slay the beast wasn't too pleased but was impressed I flew the griffon but I was punished to clean the castle floors and tend to the stables." Ciri explained her punishment for her misbehaviour.

"You were a real troublemaker, so are you planning to go home anytime soon?" Elis asked her.

"It's time I did, I know now they can be beaten and it's time to stop running." Ciri knew what she needed to do.

"Yeah but first let's chow down into this really great stew I made from meat I borrowed from my place of employment and then decide on what you need to do next." Cole interjected as he brought them their dinner.

They dug into the food as night fell they were all recanting some stories to pass the time.

"Uh guys I need to apologise to you both." Cole said.

"For what?" Elis asked her brother.

"About me going off on you both earlier I know I'm still hurting from Astrid but this fight and you Ciri helped me realise things." Cole admitted.

"Cole it's fine, you were mourning and you say things you don't mean but clearly something happened in that fight what was it?" Ciri asked.

"When I fought Eredin I had my chance to kill him…but I didn't do it, I just couldn't take another persons life like that, I mean he's a bad guy but then wouldn't that make me just as bad if I did commit murder?" Cole asked himself.

"You did the right thing Cole, I'm just glad to have you back to your old self." Elis said hugging her brother.

Everyone had now fallen asleep as Cole was still awake and was overlooking the mountains as he then brought something out of his pocket which was an envelope addressed to him as he looked at it and was hesitant to open it.

"What's that?" Elis asked seeing it.

"It's a letter from Astrid, her parents gave it to me at her funeral and I'm afraid to open it." Cole revealed what it was.

"Cole it's probably something she wanted to tell you but felt she couldn't tell you for some reason?" Elis said as Cole again looked at the envelope and went to it's back.

"I'm just afraid she said something like she's married or she's not who she said she was or that she never loved me." Cole listed the things he was thinking he may find in her letter.

"You won't know if you don't look." Elis said as she was right.

Cole looked at it and then he opened the envelope slowly and brought out a letter and he began to read it.

Spending several minutes reading it he finally stopped and was feeling quite relieved but also began to well up as he was also smiling.

"Cole?" Elis asked seeing him like that.

"She knew…She knew it was going to happen." Cole said.

"What was?" Elis asked now confused.

"She knew she was going to die." Cole made the revelation as his sister hugged him.


It was now morning and the siblings were seeing Ciri off.

"Guess this is goodbye." Ciri said.

"For now." Cole said.

"I should give this back to you." Ciri said as she still had the amulet Elis gave her.

Elis approached her and put it back in her hands. "Keep it, when you need us you call for us with it we'll be right there." she said as Ciri kept it on her.

"Ciri, you're not alone in this we'll always be there when you need us." Cole said as she hugged.

She then looked to Elis. "I wish we had more time." she said bringing her hand to her face as she caressed it.

"Things we would do, we'd need a private island." Elis said as she also caressed her face.

"Oh kiss already the thirst is getting real." Cole said as both girls laughed and did just that.

They kissed for a couple of minutes before stopping as Ciri then looked back to them both and opened a portal and jumped through the green light as she disappeared back home.

Elis stared as she was sad she left as Cole put his hand to her shoulder.

"Let's go." Cole said as she nodded.

They headed to onwards to their destination.

With one threat averted another still looms. What will happen next?

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