The Dark Green Eyed Lion

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Key: Parseltongue •~ Draco loves Fluffy.~•

Warning: Slash, Blood, Language, Evil!Dumbledore, Torture, Death, and Child Abuse.

Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Voldemort/ ?Surprise? and more later on.

Bashing: Narcissa, Bellatrix, Hermione, Ginny, Dumbledore, Tonks, Oliver and Cho.

Age: (Lucius, Remus and Severus-33) (Narcissa-31) (Harry, Neville, Fred and George-16) (Draco, Luna, Ron and Hermione-14) (Ginny-13)

Chapter 1

The Meeting of The Souls

As Harry enter the main room of the Chamber he knew he was being watched. In the middle of the room was a unconscience Ginny Weasley. It was a welcome sight then the brat trying to drape herself across him.

He slowly walked to the dying girl and picked up the black diary. Harry knew the minute that the Horcrux was in Hogwarts at the start of his sixth year. The darkness rolling off it was refreshing to all the light and calm magic that was mostly used at the school.

In his first year he was Dumbledore's little pet lion. Making friends with a little know it all bitch Cho Chang on the train and the hot head Oliver Wood. But that changed after saving the stone from Voldemort.

When Voldemort left Quirrell's body the darkness within him was released as the Dark Lord's remaining magic went through him and destroyed Dumbass's blocks on him. His magic mixed with the Horcrux that Voldemort unknowingly created when Dumbledore blocked the killing curse making the curse hit the then baby Harry instead.

"You can come out now Tom I know your there." said Harry calmly as he stroked the diary loving the dark buzz he got off it.

To the left of Harry appeared a young teen looking no older then himself looking at the diary to Harry and back again.

"Why not save the girl Potter."

"I save only the ones worth saving but her will be of use later." replied Harry thinking that Fred and George would like a chance to torture and test new joke products on the little bitch. " Maybe letting her die here would be saving her." he said with a dark smile.

"What Dumbledore's Golden Boy doesn't think his future wife is worthy of him?" asked the young Riddle Lord looking at Harry's smile with interest.

~Ssshe who sssee only fame and richesss iss no worthy of my heart or time~• hissed Harry his eyes flashing red briefly before going back to dark green. The little slut had tried to give him a lust potion before making an attempt to slip into his bed in her first year.

~You ssspeak the Royal tongue~• hissed out a surprised Tom his blood red eyes burning with the want to solve the new puzzle before him.

"Yes and I am no ones boy. The old fool has crossed me too many times to forgive. I have been working on retuning you to your former glory before Dumbledore lead you off track and into Voldemort's insanity."

"Oh the little lion wants to bring down the King and also wants to help me. You are so different from the rambling of a little girl."

" She just repeats what she has been spoonfed since birth. To her I'm her lion Prince Charming and I'm her way out of the life of poverty."

Harry looked the other teen in the eye and said," I will help you in getting a true body, but I will bow to no one. So if you want my help we will be equals in ruling the Dark and Wizarding World. Do we have a deal? " said Harry holding out his hand.

What do you think so far? Will the Dark Lord accept Harry's help and a equal? Next chapter is quick look back to the years before the meeting.

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