The Dark Green Eyed Lion

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Warning: Slash, Blood, Language, Evil!Dumbledore, Torture, Death, M-preg, and Child Abuse.

Pairings: Harry/Lucius, Voldemort/ Severus, Neville/Draco, Ron/Luna, Remus/Fred/George and more later on.

Bashing: Narcissa, Bellatrix, Molly, Hermione, Ginny, Dumbledore, Tonks, Oliver and Cho.

Age: (Lucius, Remus and Severus-33) (Narcissa-31) (Harry, Neville, Fred and George-16) (Draco, Luna, Ron and Hermione-14) (Ginny-13)

Chapter 3

The Bloodflame Calls

(Last Chapter)

As soon as their blood mixed together on the diary a blinding light went throughout the whole Chamber.

Harry felt like he was floating on a cloud as he slowly woke up. As Harry became more aware of his body, he started to feel a burning pain between his shoulder blades. Hissing in pain Harry opened his eyes to see that he was in a gray looking room.

Harry slowly got off the bed he had been on when he woke up. Looking around he noticed that ancient runes were on all the walls of the room.

Getting closer to the walls he could make out some of the runes. Master, Death, Rise, Darkness, Blood, Throne, Bee, Light, and Royal were the only runes he could make out. Harry wished the twins were here with him to look though the Runes. Fred and George use Runes to stabilized their more dark pranks.

When Harry had started his second year he had started a study group on subjects that were taught at Hogwarts but didn't have the best of teachers like Runes, History and DADA.

Later in their third year Ron, Luna and Draco join their study group. The group didn't look at the house color you just had to see if they were worth teaching but the group would help students of all Hogwarts houses.

During that year Harry start to watch Draco alot while in the Great Hall or during their study group. Harry had been at first confused as to why he felt so protective of Draco since the day he (Draco) was sorted into Slytherin. And not the same way that he felt protective of all young students in Hogwarts.

It was only in the beginning of this school year that he and Severus figured out why. After he turned sixteen his magic became even more aware of the world around it. As a result of that his magic pointed out that Draco was his.

At first Harry freaked out thinking that Draco was his mate. But that was soon cleared up when his magic gave him a little shock as if to say he was being stupid. So he focus again on his magic and it turned out the Draco was his mate's kit.

He found that he didn't like the thought of anyone touching his mate. He when to Severus knowing that he and Senior Malfoy were close in school and after school.

Severus had then explain that Lucius was forced into a arranged marriage by his father with the Noble House of Black. And Lucius having no love for the opposite sex had Severus make a potion that would allow Lucius to bare an heir with a bit of Narcissa's magic. By doing that the magical binding marriage contract won't take her magic for not helping with making a Malfoy heir. Plus Narcissa didn't want to touch "the filthy veela scum" so quickly agreed to Lucius and Severus plan.

Harry had been very pleased that his mate wasn't touched. But he also felt rage at the Black slut that dared call his mate scum or filthy. After he left Severus's chambers Harry started to plan Narcissa's slow and painful death.

Suddenly a jolt of arousal at the thought of touching his pale blond haired mate soon and killing the hag brought him out of his thoughts.

' Focus Potter you have to escape this place first and then help Tom if you want to make Lucius completely yours.'

Looking back over at the wall one more time to see if he had missed anything he went to another wall. The new wall had a mix of runes and pictures carved in the wall. Harry softly touched to dragon carved before he quickly pulled his hand away when it got cut on the carving.

Looking at the picture again he could see that it was starting to glow. Backing away from the wall slowly Harry saw a flame starting to leave the dragon shape carving.

Soon the small flame turned into a spiral of fire. When the spiral of fire stopped spinning a black and red dragon was suddenly in the room.

~The Dragon King hasss returned.~• hissed the dragon steam coming out of its nostrils.

~ Royal blood of the ssskiesss, what do you mean by Dragon King?~• asked Harry while keeping his green eyes locked on the silver one of the dragon before him.

~You my King have the blood of the firssst King Sssalazar Ssslytherin.

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