Disclaimer: I do not own any of DC or Marvel (if this does contain Marvel characters) at all. Nor the artwork that it is based on or the titles. KrystalBeisick owns the art and it can be found on deviantart under the same titles.

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Batwoman Rising

Whatever the challenge, I will carry on. No matter the betrayals or the loss. I will stand firm, I will not waver.
I will soldier on.
I stand upon the shoulders of many, driven by my desire to protect. I have loved and lost. No matter the pain.
I will soldier on.
I am strong and all who do wrong should fear what is lurking in the night. Batman is no longer your only worry. Come at me will all you've got.
I will soldier on.
I will become someone that you are proud of, someone who won't let the innocent suffer. I will find those who are lost, those who have given all hope of being rescued. I will never give up.
For I will soldier on.
For the military men, for families, for mothers, for friends, for protectors, for lovers, for children, for Bette... for Renee.
I will soldier on.
Those who stand in my way. Just try to stop me.
I dare you.