My Path of a Shinigami by Silent Hero13

Rated: M, English, Adventure & Friendship

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Chapter 1: A New world

I could smell the aroma of green tea in the air, but I couldn't see anything, my world was dark. I fluttered my eyes open, slowly I began to see and the world came into focus. I saw what appeared to be a ceiling. My wild eyes searched this new space I'd been brought into and noticed I was laying on the floor of an old wooden house. I struggled to move as my body was numb and refused respond. The more I tried to move, the more tired I became. I Heard the wooden floor creaking as I heard footsteps approach. My eyes darted to the door on my left, waiting for whoever was coming through. An old man emerged, looked like he was in his sixties. He had long white hair tied up in a ponytail, big round clear glasses and he wore a blue kimono.

"So you're finally up ey? I've made some green herbal tea for you." The old man said.

I opened my mouth but no words came out.

"Ssssshhhh… There will be time to talk soon boy, you just rest and drink your tea."

I did as he said with no hesitation. I just had a feeling I could trust him.

A few days passed and I was able to finally get up and speak again. I walked around the house to try and find the old man; I wanted to thank him for his kindness. I found a mirror in the passage and I saw my appearance. I had silky, black, short spiky hair with a small pointy fringe, I had emerald green eyes and normal ears, nose and mouth and I was wearing a tattered brown kimono. I looked about seventeen, overall I was pretty good looking.

"So this is what I look like." I said to myself

"Quite a catch for the ladies!" a voice said.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" I screeched as I flailed my arms in fright, it was the old man who snuck up on me and had successfully given me a heart attack.

"You're a jumpy one." the old man said with a grin.

I couldn't help but go red with embarrassment while I stared at the floor.

"Come; let us talk about things over some tea in the living room. It's almost lunch."

We sat on very comfy cushions while drinking our tea, when the old man finally set his cup down, he began to speak.

"My name is Kai Shugosha, one of the residents of district seventy. What is your name?"

I struggled to think of who I was, but drew a blank.

"Uh… I don't know..."

"How long have you been in the Soul Society, did a Shinigami escort you?"

The words he spoke confused the hell out of me.


"I see. You must've been fresh from the world of the living when I found you. Okay I'll explain things from the beginning..."

After an hour or so explanation of where I was and what was happening, I was amazed and slightly terrified. I used to have another life in the world of the living, but unable to remember what happened during that time and who I used to be. But I'm thankful for that, I'd hate to remember my life and realize I've left all my friends and family. If I had any, I guess it's a clean slate for me. Then there's Shinigami and hollows, very unbelievable shit right there. Guys in black outfits called "Shihakusho's" slicing tortured soul monsters wearing white masks, resulting in purifying them into normal souls, unbelievable, but awesome.

"Do you think I'll be able to become a Shinigami?" I asked.

Old man Kai just laughed at my question.

"Well one way to find out boy, we have to see if you have good spirit energy. To do that you gotta try and get in touch with your soul, there will lay your spirit energy, if you have any. Now extend you hand out and then close your eyes and try and find it."

I did as he said. My mind was dark, I was searching through this pitch black area, and then a spark went off and disappeared just as quickly. I opened my eyes and stared and my palm with a dead expression. There was nothing there.

"Sorry kid, its either you got it or you don't, like me." Kai said with sad smile on his face.

Suddenly we heard a demonic howl echo from outside. Kai and I rushed outside to investigate the sound and we had guessed right. It was a hollow.

People from outside scurried into their homes and the little orphans hid behind trees and bushes, but some unlucky soul had been devoured already, the evidence of blood dripped from the mouth of the hollow. The hollow was as big as two rukongai houses; it had red blood-thirsty eyes and looked like a red lizard standing on its hind legs. Before I could even think, the lizard hollow had swung its tail, old man Kai pushed me down just before the tail struck him in the chest, sending him crashing into the house.

"Kai!" I screamed as I got up and ran to the old man. I checked for a heartbeat, but there was nothing. I was shaking with fear, not because of the hollow, but the fear of it actually being my fault that this old man died. If I wasn't there, he may have lived. He found me and took care of me, not many would do that. He didn't deserve to die. I got up and stared down the vile beast that killed him with viciousness in my eyes and no mercy in my heart.

"I'm gonna tear your heart out!" I shouted, and in that moment I could feel something in me rising, something amazing, it was spirit energy! I extended my hand out once more and a glowing ball of light, the size of two watermelons combined, appeared before me. Then, just as quickly as it appeared, it materialized into a sword, a Zanpukuto. It looked like a regular katana but the hilt and the guard were both as black as night. Feeling threatened the hollow charged. I ran to meet the charging hollow, just before it tried to swipe at me, I jumped and dove through the big hole in the hollow's chest and landed behind it and with quick reflexes I sprung back up and landed on its back. It flailed wildly, but I held my position and reached the top of its head. I jumped directly above its head and came down the same way with my Zanpukuto raised above my head.

"This is for Kai." I whispered as I cleaved the hollow's head in half from behind.

The hollow then disintegrated into spirit particles. I had avenged Kai.

Then two people appeared in the spot where I had vanquished the hollow, Shinigami by the looks of it. There was a guy with long red spikey hair that looked like a pineapple and a short woman with black hair who had the most beautiful violet eyes.

"We apologize for not getting here in time, we have let you down and you have suffered. I can only hope you can forgive us. If there is anything want, let us know." She said.

Her words were as soft as butter; I could only expect that from such a beautiful being, because of her my anger had died down.

"It's okay," I said in a pained voice, "Who are you two?"

"I am Rukia Kuchiki, squad thirteen."

"Renji Abarai, lieutenant of squad six." The spikey headed man said.

"Well Rukia and Renji, there is something I want, as you can see I have a Zanpukuto, so you can see where I'm going with this. I want to become a Shinigami," I said with determination in my voice, "and I'm not taking "no" for an answer."

Renji had formed a smile of a madman on his face and I formed one myself.

"What's your name kid?" he asked with a grin and I responded with…

"Kai… Kai Shugosha."

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