My Path of a Shinigami by Silent Hero13

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(Fade to Black, Raw Breath of Danger)

Chapter 10: Hollowfication- part one

That night, Captain Hirako and I, plus five other men had ventured into the woods of the Rukongai searching for the hollow and its victims. The woods we were walking in had extremely tall and thin trees and the shadows it produced looked like disfigured monsters. Only the sounds of twigs breaking under our weight as we journeyed echoed in the woods. There was a full moon tonight, but it was hidden behind some clouds. Captain Hirako's expression remained passive, while the men's look on their faces showed anxiety and fear; I didn't allow myself that luxury. I had to remain calm, collected and unafraid. At least on the outside.

"Alright, this is a nice open space. We'll rest for a while before goin' on." Shinji said. "Kota, get started on a fire for us."

"Yes sir."

"Now the rest of ya, scan the area around us, check for anythin' suspicious." He ordered.

The rest of us spread out in our own direction, doing a brief scan for anything in the area. I didn't see anything because of the darkness, but I felt my section was clear and I decided to return back to our resting point with nothing out of the ordinary to report. On my way back I stumbled on a root of a tree, but I hung on to a low branch just in time before I tripped.

"Whew, thank goodness, that could have been something." I said as I patted the tree in gratitude. I took a moment to observe the tree in the dark. I felt I had some weird smelling tree sap on my hand from patting the tree.

"Oh man, now I'm sticky. Damn tree sap."

Just as I said that, the moon had emerged from the clouds, giving light to the forest. I could see a lot better now. I looked around myself to find a big leaf or something to wipe the sap off of my hands. I sighed in defeat as I couldn't locate anything I could use without other things sticking to me. I looked at my hands again.

"I'll just use a towel when I get back-" My eyes widened in shock and when I got a good look at my hands.

'This isn't tree sap!' I thought as I turned back to the tree I had touched. The moon had revealed that it had multiple claw marks and the substance I had touched.

'It's blood!'

I rushed back to the camp site, nearly stumbling on every couple of steps, swatting stray braches that got in my way. I arrived to find the Captain, Kamashi and Kota sitting by the fire.

"Captain! I found blood and claw marks on a nearby tree." I said in a terrified and hoarse tone.

Their eyes widened

"What?" Shinji said as he stood up.

"Captain Hirako!" The two other men yelled running towards us.

"Fujima, Jinzei, What's wrong?"

"Look." Fujima said as he held up a shredded Shihakusho which had. We all stared in horror, but I was the first to connect the dots and then I saw Shinji just realise it too.

"Where's Doryuu?" Kota asked.

"I'm not sure. I saw him a few minutes ago-" Jinzen was saying but was interrupted.

"Are ya dense or somethin'?! " The blonde Captain interjected through clenched teeth. "That uniform… belonged to Doryuu!"

Their brains finally clicked as they recognized it too. A howl echoed in the dark forest and it wasn't just any howl.

"Hollow…" Kamashi whispered. We felt a dark presence on the move, moving towards us from the north side.

"Draw you Zanpukuto, it's going to emerge from the forest from that direction." Shinji said. We drew our swords and waited for the hollow to show itself. I readied myself to attack, I had already developed a mind set to kill any hollow Shinigami abomination, but there was always a difference between being ready and being able. The hollow sprawled out before us, from the shadows of the forest into the light of the moon. It had three horns sprouting from its forehead. The body was still being formed as the white ooze slowly covered it. The chalk, white mask was only half complete and we saw the unfortunate man underneath.

"Doryuu!" Fujima cried.

" Help... me…" Doryuu said in an exasperated voice mixed with something dark.

Fujima dropped his blade and move towards Doryuu. We all begged him to stop, but our voices were drowned by his own foolish and denial.

"It's okay buddy, I'm here. We'll get you some help." He said with a sad smile as he crouched next to the man formerly known as Doryuu. Doryuu did not return the mutual feeling and rammed Fujima with his horns, impaling him in the chest. Fujima couldn't do anything but try to gasp for air and the moment the horns expanded a great deal of surface area, making them huge, tearing Fujima's torso. Blood trickled down the giant horns of the hollow. Fujima was suspended off the grounded. Dead.

"Behind us!" Kota shouted. Other hollow Shinigami emerged from the shadows and attacked us. We flash stepped a few metres back before they slammed into the ground, causing craters to form from the impact. There were three of them. One had red hair and the mask of a dragon, other had a mask that only showed its teeth and had massive fists, but no eyes and the last one had a blank mask and had long sharp nails. The one with the dragon mask stood out the most, because it was the only that had a Zanpukuto. It was covered in the same white ooze that formed their bodies.

Faster than I thought possible, the hollow Shinigami with the teeth's arm stretched and buried its massive fist in Jinzei's stomach, sending him crashing into a tree with his body making an ungodly sound. Jinzei slumped against the tree. I wasn't sure if he was dead or not. A mix of fear and anger washed over me. I could feel sweat running down face as my heart pumped so hard I could hear it and it almost blocked the sound of Shinji's voice giving the order to attack. Kamashi went for the hollow who killed Fujima, Kota went for the one with the massive fists and Captain Hirako charged at the one with the Zanpukuto leaving me with the one with no face.

It appeared before me in a matter of seconds, swiping, narrowly missing me with its long sharp nails. It raised its hand and I prepared to block the attack with my blade. Its hand came down on my blade hard and a small shockwave was created. My muscles instantly screamed as strain was almost too much. The ground under me cracked as if there had been a small earthquake.

'Damn… This thing is ridiculously strong. It's like I'm fighting someone of Lieutenant or even Captain Level. I have to end this quickly.'

I broke of the clash and delivered a hard straight kick to the hollow's sternum, causing some separation between us. I calmed myself down and showed no emotion as I pointed my Zanpukuto at the beast.

"Strike 'em down, Zankokunaraiu."

As soon as my blade entered its shikai state, I charged at the hollow. It brought up its long nails to defend against my attack, but it was futile. I swung my blade with such force; it shattered the creature's nails. Fragments of its nails were scattered around the area. The hollow stumbled back. Although it had no eyes, it appeared to be observing its broken nails and immediately its spiritual pressure sky rocketed. The nails that had been shattered reformed in a matter of seconds. I didn't falter and I remained emotionless. It vanished and reappeared before me. It stabbed at my chest, but I was too quick and deflected the long nails to the side. I sliced for its head, but it had vanished again. I felt as if my eyes had exploded as I was kneed or elbowed in the back of my head and I went skidding across the ground. I was only up on all fours, still groggy as I saw the hollow lunge at me. I shot up towards the moonlit night sky to evade the hollow, but all it did was simply alter its trajectory and it was on me again. The hollow Shinigami was persistently slashing at me as we still propelled upwards. Sparks flew as the hollow persisted, not letting up on its assault. It was too fast, and then I got me. It then delivered a powerful kick to my left arm, rendering it numb, that was my moment to flash step. I created enough separation between the hollow and me. My left arm hung loosely while I could only hold my blade with my right arm.

'It's relentless.' I thought panting hard. 'It's so powerful and I bet this wasn't even a strong Shinigami, yet with hollow powers it's force to be reckoned with. Its reach is too long, can't get through fast enough. What do I- Huh?'

My thoughts were interrupted when I saw a large eye sprout on the faceless hollow Shinigami. Energy started collecting rapidly around the eye. I gasped when I knew what was going to happen.


A large beam of red energy was blasted across the sky heading towards me at a speed that seemed instant. With no other options, I quickly raised my sword with only my right arm to defend against the cero. The beam made full contact with my Zanpukuto and I could feel my arm muscle tearing from the intense pressure. After a few more seconds, the cero died out, fading until the energy was completely gone, leaving my Zanpukuto steaming from the intensity of the beam. I barely had enough strength to lift up my sword, let alone continue to fight. I saw the eye sink back into the hollow, making it faceless once more. It vanished again, appearing in front of me with its leg raised above my head. I couldn't do anything, but let it hit me. I plummeted to the earth and crashed into the ground, face first, causing a massive crater. I could feel small fragments of the earth fall on the back of my head as I lay there, conscious, blood spilling out of my mouth, expressionless eyes open, but unmoving.

'I-I can't stand up. I'm afraid to blink, because it might be the last time my eyes are open. Despite it all, I'm still gripping my sword. Heh, guess I'm just that badass. I need a plan, need him to stop moving, that way I'll-"

I was hoisted up by the collar, face to face with the hollow again. I saw he was using his long nails to lift me up. I started to laugh and it craned its head in, what I thought, was curiosity.

"Believe it or not, I have you right where I want you now." I said with a bloody smirk.

Winds started picking as my spiritual pressure rose. Soon we were both in the middle of a rapid spinning tornado. The hollow looked confused as it observed its surroundings.

"You'll be the first to see this technique since I've never really used it in combat. It's actually really cool, took me a while to master though." I said as the wind ripped me from the hollow's hold and tossed me outside the tornado on my back.

"Ugh… Still working on the landing though." I said. I turned my head to see the hollow frantically tried to get out, but the tornado winds were too strong. The opening of the tornado closed, there was no escape.

"Alright Zankokunaraiu, let's finish this." I said and my Zanpukuto radiated a white aura around its black blade.

"Kaze Karitori Uzu!"

I watched the hollow get slashed violently from all directions. The wind ripped, sliced and shredded the hollow Shinigami.

"You can't stop the wind, the only thing you can do…" I said solemnly as the blood exploded from the hollow Shinigami and as the wind continued to lacerate its already massacred body.

"…Is let it pass." I finished and the tornado evaporated. Leaving nothing behind. The battle was over, but the war raged on elsewhere

"Whew. I think I would rather sit in at another ceremony that go through that again…Nah."

I tried to stand up, but I was unsuccessful. I only managed to flip myself on my stomach.

"Okay… fine. I'll just c-crawl." I wheezed. I sheathed my sword and began to crawl my way to a tree so I could use it as support. I then lifted myself up with a low branch using my right arm and leaned against the tree. I panted heavily as I over exerted myself. After my breathing evened, I started limping in the direction of the others.

'I swore to myself that I would give my life to protect you guys… and that's what I'm going to do!'

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Kaze Karitori Uzu- Wind Reaping Vortex

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