Title: Actually, its love not hates

Summary: Like always, Shizuo and Izaya are having their cat and mouse games at Ikebukuro when everything goes wrong. To clear his mind, Shizuo took a week off while Izaya accompanied the twin for their summer break. Neither of them knows that they can't deny their fate that had entangled them from their very first meet. Shizaya, Tsu/Psy, Del/Hibi, Roppi/Tsuki and Shitsuo/Sakuraya.

Warning: male x male relationship, violence, harsh word, lemon(due to request)

Rated: T (subject may change)

Disclaimer: I do not own Durarara!. If I do, all the alternate characters will be official.

P/s: First story. Sorry if does not satisfy. To be honest, the summary is really sucked. Hope the story better. Please read if you like and leave if you don't. Don't want to be rude here.

CHAPTER 1 : A Day When All Goes Wrong.


Along with the scream, a rain of vending machines and stop signs follows too. To the citizen of Ikebukuro, this paranormal incident means only one thing to them. The dangerous game of chase between the strongest man in Ikebukuro, Heiwajima Shizuo and the informant of Shinjuku, Orihara Izaya was begun. Without warning, all of the citizen make their way far from the duo. Either of them want to get in the way between the arch-rival.

"How many time do I told you not to step your foot in Ikebukuro anymore, Flea?" Shizuo who wears bartender suit grab the nearest stop sign and throw it at Izaya who easily dodge it.

"Ne~ Shizu-chan. You really are monster aren't you. To be able to sense me the second I set my foot in here. I'm impressed. Is that your monster's ability to detect every single human you know? Or you just miss me? Really, Shizu-chan? Oww.. Thank you, I'm touched ~" mocked Izaya who wear black parka with fur-trimmed at the end of his jacket in annoying sing-song tone.

"Miss you, your ass! I swear I'll kill you today, Flea!" Shizuo lift a vending machine and aimed it to Izaya.

Izaya managed to dodge it only a few centimetres from his head and can feel the wind blow his hair from the flying vending machine. 'Haa.. Shizu-chan. Can't you see how much fun you can be when you are pissed off like this? Even my lovely human can't give me this much fun, ~ne? ' His thought was cut off when more vending machines and stop signs are flying toward him. With ease due to his parkour skills, he dodged every single of the attack without failure.

While, dodging all the vending machines and stop signs, Izaya managed to throw some of his knives at the ex-bartender. Shizuo stop all the knives using a stop sign that he pulls from nearby. 'Hmm... Shizu-chan aim had gotten much better than the last time. Really, if I keep it this way. That vending machine or stop sign will definitely hit me. I think that's all for today, then.' Izaya twirl on his heel to face the angered ex-bartender with a smirk in his face.

"Ne~ Shizu-chan. Thank you so much for today. I had my fun. I think that all for today then. I take my leave now, kay. See you next time," Izaya then sprint as fast as he could from the ex-bartender towards an alley.

"Oh no, you don't. Like hell I'll let you got away this time, Flea!" Fast on his heel, Shizuo run after Izaya. Knowing Shizuo, of course he will chase Izaya. 'Hmm... Shizu-chan really is troublesome, ~ne? Well, if he doesn't chase that really is a problem too.'

"Ne~ Shizu-chan. Are you not satisfied by our game yet. How monster. Sorry, can't keep you company for now. I got work to do. Ja ne~" waved the informant, still running to keep a distant from the angered ex-bartender.

"Heh. I know you up to something again, Flea! No way in hell I'll let that happens!" barked the ex-bartender from behind.

"Really, Shizu-chan? Is that why you chase me? How can you think I had something in mind other than mess with you. You make me sound as if I'm cheating on you. How cruel~" pouted Izaya in mocking tone.

"What the..? Flea! We not in sexual relationship, you dumbass! What in the hell make you think that, louse!" shout Shizuo. There's a vein pop from his head after hearing Izaya word. He can feel his anger had become more intense.

"Hahaha... Hmm... how can't we? Don't worry, Shizu-chan. There's no way I'll love you. You a monster after all. Besides, it'll be not fair for my entire human if I love one particular individual especially if the person is you ~ne?" W-What did I just say? How this conversation did have come to this? Shit. Looks like I become weird after spend too much time with Shizu-chan. Need to get away, quick.'

"Bullshit, how come you can say that you love all human if the only thing you've done is only make them miserable? You sick psychopath!" 'Why did I even have this talk with the Flea? Looks like I've been manipulate by him without I'm notice. If he want to get out from Ikebukuro, I think its okay then' Slowly, Shizuo had slow down his run after that thought.

Notice that the ex- bartender had slow down his run, the informant turn to face the said ex-bartender to inspect him. Izaya raised his brow when Shizuo had stop completely from chasing him. Shizuo unexpected act really had confused him. 'Okay, this is really freaking me out. There's no way in the world Shizu-chan will stop chasing me after that few word. I had talked more harsh and rude word before and we don't even talk that much yet!'

"Ne~ Shizu-chan. What wrong? Are you upset when I say that I can't love you? Oh, poor Shizu-chan. Does that hurt you so much? Forgive IzaIza~ ne" A sudden spurt of anger just built up in Shizuo in record time.

"You... FLEA...!" roars Shizuo. The next thing Izaya know is, a fist had made contact with his face. Izaya was send flung and his back hit the wall of a building near them hard. Izaya winced in pain from the punch that Shizuo delivered directly to his face and his back that hit the wall. 'Shit. That's really is hurt. Now I know how the feel of being hit by Shizu-chan. He didn't hold back at all' Clumsily, Izaya tried to stand up but his shirt was roughly gripped and pinned at the wall. He can feel all of air in lung had emptied from the impact and he hissed in pain.

"You should just shut up and run to your home in Shinjuku the minute I give you chance. Now, you can use all of your remaining time to live to regret your action, I-za-ya-kun~," The way of Shizuo call Izaya's name had send shiver down to his spine. There are an only a few time when Shizuo will call Izaya name. That's when he is trying to calm down which is rarely and when Shizuo is really serious which is also rare minus when he roars at the beginning of their 'games'. In this situation, Izaya know the ex-bartender is being serious which mean, ' Fuck. I'm toast.'

"Ne~ Shizu-chan. That's really not nice, you know. I just had my concerned for you and this is how I was paid out. How cruel. You know, my back is feeling kind of sore. Can't you have your humanity get mixed in your protozoan brain for this time?" Shizuo had a smile to that word. A large smile except it was lopsided. Izaya gulped from that very sight.' Doesn't look good. Really, I need to get away. Fast but how can I escape if Shizu-chan had pinned me on the wall?' scream Izaya in his mind.

"Hmm... what did you just say? My, my, I think I just misheard you. Humanity you say? And here I believe myself that I'm a monster. Why with the sudden change of mind, I-za-ya-kun~?" purred Shizuo. Shizuo's breath brush Izaya's earlobe while he's talking and make Izaya jerked back unconsciously. 'Wah... to close. W-Why does he need to be this close anyway? And why did he changed his behaviour all of sudden?' question Izaya. He doesn't like this turn of tables situation at all. He was the one to mess with people, not Shizuo.

"Ne~ Shizu-chan. That's not nice. Of course you are a monster. Nothing will change my thought about you if you are acting like a monster. Besides, I was just thinking if there are still some human left in you, that's all," 'Nice Izaya. Looks like you just don't know how to just shut up even when you are going to be killed. Now, prepare for your death' Izaya thought.

"Oh? Really? My, thank you. I'll remember that as your last word, then," Shizuo grin never faded but only grow larger by Izaya's word. 'Even when your life in the verge of death, you still had the urge to keep on playing, hah, Flea? Well, let's play then.' He just got an idea, thanks to Izaya. Carefully, he moved closer to Izaya ear and whispered slowly. Izaya inwardly cringed from the lack of distant between them. He knew he started to freaking out inside but no way he'll let Shizuo know about it. He try to mask his expression the best he could.

"Tch,tch.. don't worry," purred Shizuo." I won't finish you off just like that. Since you like games so much, why don't we play a bit, hmm.. I-za-ya-kun~?" Izaya startled by that word. If he can control himself before, now he's started panicking inside. No way will he let others play with him like this especially not Heiwajima Shizuo! But he can't lie himself that he was getting a bit scared.

"Really, Shizu-chan? How kind of you. What games are we playing then? Are the one we been playing is not fun anymore? How pity. You looks so much fun back there, ne~" Izaya had managed to mask his panic using his trademark smirk successfully but unfortunately none of his word had any effect on Shizuo at all. Only making his grin grow larger and much creepier than the last time and Izaya cursed himself for being such a big mouth. 'I should ...just keep quiet once in a while, ne?'

They stand like that for a while and none of it looks like Shizuo is loosening his grip on Izaya much to Izaya despised. They are locking their eyes with each other, mocha eyes and maroon orbs. Looking deep onto those mocha eyes, Izaya had a strange feeling tingling in his stomach. He suddenly feels uncomfortable for being stared directly like that. He can feel that his body start to have some reaction from those mocha irises. He feels..'Wah...W-What did I just thinking. I've become strange now. Shizu-chan, I blame you for that. You are making me- Making me what? Ahh.. Now I can't even think properly! I can't believe the brute managed to make me loose my cool like this'

"Hmm... Shizu-chan, are you going to just stand there and holding me the whole time?" asked Izaya and broken the silence which felt like forever. And he doesn't even know for how many times he regret for talking in that day anymore. He rather hope that he's actually was still sleep in his apartment and all this was just a nightmare. If only he could.

"Ahh," Izaya gasp when suddenly Shizuo nipped his ear. Automatically, Izaya raised his hand and gripped Shizuo's shoulder to push him away but failed as Shizuo had a strong hold on his small built. Slowly, Shizuo darted his tongue along the cartilage before bite at the end. Unconsciously, Izaya moan from the sudden attack before slamming his mouth shut from embarrassment. He even closes his eyes firmly together. There's a tint of blushes form in his cheekbones.

Not wasting any time, Shizuo had pressed his lips on Izaya's. Shocked by the sudden action, Izaya eyes open wide. "Mmph," he tried to push Shizuo as far as he could but failed miserably as Shizuo only strengthen his hold of Izaya. Shizuo kissed him affectionately as if they were really a lover. Shizuo then part their lips, gripped the nape of neck of Izaya and deepen the kiss after finding the better angle.

Shizuo lick Izaya's bottom lip to gain permission for the entrance. Izaya stubbornly slam his mouth close and doesn't want Shizuo to continue his action. Izaya could feel Shizuo smirk and Shizuo's hand trail on Izaya's body. Izaya jerked from the movement as Shizuo's hand freely roaming all over his body. Finally, Shizuo hand stop at Izaya ass. Shizuo smirk before grab it. Izaya gasp in surprised from the contact and Shizuo quickly force his tongue into Izaya and explored the inside.

While Shizuo had been busy exploring his mouth, Izaya on the other hand had been freaking out on the inside. He been trembling and horribly shaking. All of Shizuo's action was too different from the usual and his prediction. He can't even think in the situation. The feeling of Shizuo's tongue playing with his tongue was too tempting while he on the urge to break the kiss which is almost impossible.

They break the kiss after some time to catch breath before continue where it Shizuo who force to keep on. Reluctantly, Izaya kissed back clumsily as he had never experienced to kiss before. As a reward for Izaya respond, Shizuo slowly lifted one of his leg and placed it between Izaya leg. He grinned his thigh into Izaya's teasingly. Izaya squirming from the movement and his mind has totally gone haywire. Shizuo keep that position for a while before breaking the kiss completely leaving Izaya panting for the lack of oxygen.

Panting heavily, Izaya was shaking horribly and looks like having a hard time to stay standing. Izaya doesn't look at Shizuo at all before pushing him with all his might and sprint out from the alley. In the quick glance, Shizuo could see all the expression on Izaya face. It's in mixed of confused, fear, pain and tear. If Shizuo not know Izaya better he would never believe that Izaya is crying but that is the reality. Shizuo had managed to make Izaya cry by kissing him. After Izaya is nowhere to be seen, Shizuo scratched the back of his head while sighing.

"I've mess thing up. At least he'll never set foot in Ikebukuro in this short time. I should've done this earlier, I guess?" Shizuo chuckled at his own thought. He drags his finger and feels his own lips. ' That Flea had quite a soft lips' He dart out his tongue to taste the remaining taste of Izaya left on his lips. Shizuo must be really idiot if could not notice that their relationship will somehow changed in the future. Whether for good or vice versa. 'Let's see how this little incident will change the relationship between us, Izaya'.