Title: Actually, its love not hates

Summary: Like always, Shizuo and Izaya are having their cat and mouse games at Ikebukuro when everything goes wrong. To clear his mind, Shizuo took a week off while Izaya accompanied the twin for their summer break. Neither of them knows that they can't deny their fate that had entangled them from their very first meet. Shizaya, Tsu/Psy, Del/Hibi, Roppi/Tsuki and Shitsuo/Sakuraya.

Warning: male x male relationship, violence, harsh word, lemon (due to request)

Rated: T (subject may change)

Disclaimer: I do not own Durarara! Well, that's obvious.

P/s: This chapter is just a filler chapter. Hope you don't feels disappointed. To make the climax more interesting, this chapter is quite necessary. Enjoy! Another thing is, I'm really sorry for not updating this story for so long. I mean it's really was a long time. First, I had internet problem and then the main reason; I had the biggest mental block in the story and got side track. I'm really sorry.

Chapter 6: SHI-ZU-CHAN~ (?)

'Hmm...Let's look what do we have here to occupy my time. If I had my laptop or at least my phone...hell right, I need my phone! Damn, Namie for not allowing me to bring my phone. She even had a nerve to hide all of them. Who does she think she is?' scream Izaya in his mind while strolling throughout the entire mansion trying to find some entertainment. Both Kururi and Mairu had gone out for shopping if he not mistaken hearing them talking all enthusiastic about it early in the morning.

It's been few days, after Izaya come to the mansion for some sort of vacation. He had feel a lot better than when he first...Izaya quickly shook his head from remembering the incident. At least, he not over-reacting and lose his cool easily like before. If he not mistaken, both Kururi and Mairu had kept an eye on him like a hawk hunting for prey. It's quite frustrating to feel their gaze on your back all the time. Its feel like having your own personal stalker. Somehow, along the line of stalker make Izaya frown to himself. 'It's this is how Shizu-chan detect me easily? He can feel my gaze and feel uneasy. No wonder, he can track me really fast. Stupid protozoan with smart instinct' cursed Izaya mentally.

Walking past the kitchen, he felt an eerie feeling out of nowhere. Curious, Izaya peek the kitchen as quiet as he could where he know who will be usually there. Izaya stunned from the sight he saw before widen his eye in horror and slammed the door far too hard but it's too late to regret it. He stormed out from the area and shut himself in his room, again. Sliding down with the wooden door on his back, Izaya pulled his knee to his chest while trying to sort his thought back to normal. Normal doesn't sound right for Izaya. As normal as he used to be will be good. 'W-what the hell happen to me?!'

Back at the kitchen, what did Izaya saw is; Shitsuo, Hibiya's butler was having a chat happily together with someone looks like a maid from Izaya lack of sight at that moment. The sight of Shitsuo laughing was too much for him as it does remind him of Shizuo much to his chagrin. 'Damn, are monster supposed to be so attractive and handsome? They supposed to be only interesting and dangerous!' What actually that makes Izaya stunned is the person Shitsuo talk to have the same face with him! The next thing Shitsuo did was really caught Izaya off guard; he kiss the male. Even it only a fleeting kiss, it still a freaking kiss!

'Since when do I become such a prude? I've seen a lot of people doing more than just kissing with my bare eyes. Then, why am I over-reacting over such a small act?' thought Izaya alone. After relaxing himself, he began to wonder who the hell the male with Shitsuo back there was. But hell he knows that all of sudden. 'Maybe I really do need to do something to occupy myself. Honestly, I'm doing nothing here. Hmm… reading will be good to distract me. It's been a while since my last reading. Working as an informant was making me too busy to have my sweet time reading. Oh, there's a library in the mansion if I'm not mistaken. I wonder if they have any interesting book to read.'

With that thought, Izaya went to the library which was located on the ground floor and luckily far away from the kitchen. He doesn't know what to do if he meets Shitsuo the next time. He sure Shitsuo noticed the slammed door and it was him. There's no one in the house except for them. Arrive at the library; Izaya was in awe at how big and tidy the library is. He wonder how big the library is considering it was so big and if he estimate maybe can fill his whole apartment in there, twice.

'Hmm…the library was filled with lots of novel rather than education, biography or a rest of non-fiction genre. I wonder who was reading all of them. To think it's was filled almost every shelves in the room, it's remind me of Erika and Walker's collection of manga. I wonder if their collection was compare with the book in this library, which one will win' thought Izaya while inspecting the library. He still is searching any title that will catch his attention. While inspecting the fifth shelf, he found a book with black cover and golden and red writing. Curious, Izaya pick the said book and read his title which ironically in Russian language; Багровый луны. Luckily for Izaya, he knows how to speak Russian and read too since he had connection which Russian people due to working for Awakusu-kai. Before he had time to read the first page, a loud thud was sounded.

Startled, Izaya closed the book back without a glimpse on the page. He was bewildered for the source of the noise. Later he heard someone groaning in pain and sighing. Curious, he glanced towards the source of sound. He was met with scattered book everywhere. He can see someone trying to tidying up the mess he made. Slowly, Izaya make his way towards the person. The person was so deep in collecting the book and did not notice the approaching Izaya. Close up, Izaya can tell that the person is still a teenager, a high schooled perhaps and blond hair. 'Bleached? Kids' today love to mess up their appearance rather than appreciate them.'

"Need help?" Ask Izaya while lowering his body.

Surprised by the sudden question, the teenager raised his head quickly and Izaya was met with a pair of brilliant scarlet irises. Unknowing, Izaya was stunned and keep staring at the teenager's eyes. He never meets people other than his relatives who had such a strange irises before and it left him wonder. Noticing he had been too closed to Izaya, the teenager step back and flushed in embarrassment.

Later, Izaya notice that the teenager's blonde hair was not bleached but his original hair color. Somehow, the teenager's face was reminisced someone from Izaya memory but he can't seem to recall it. Rather than saying any words, Izaya just stay silent to wait for the teenager to speak up first. He was curious about this teenager who appears out of nowhere.

"…Ahh…Umm…I'm s-sorry for c-causing trouble…" stutter the boy quietly. His voice was so low and soft that Izaya need to strain his ear to grasp what he was saying. 'Hmm, his voice still undeveloped or it just that he speak so low to me to hear it?'

"Hmm? Oh, no big deal. Just wondering where the sound comes from. More curious to know who might you be~?" say Izaya in his sing-song voice. The boy blinked a few times as if unable to understand what Izaya was saying. Finally understood, again, his face was bright red and he was trying hard to say his word.


Out of nowhere, a deep and soft voice sounded. The boy, Tsuki, lifted his face and look to whoever behind Izaya. His face glow like a Christmas tree the instant he saw the person. Meanwhile, Izaya was frozen in his place and stopped breathing. 'Don't, don't tell me…!'

"…Izaya?" ask the person again. Refuse to turn his face towards the person, Izaya replied weakly.

"…err, hi Roppi-kun," greet Izaya forcedly.

Finally, had the strength to face Roppi, Izaya turns. Roppi, who was a head taller than Izaya was staring blankly at Izaya with Tsuki happily next to him. The picture seems wrong for Izaya but who cares that for now. Izaya who at loss for word just stayed silent and Roppi who had grown tired with the suffocating silent left a sigh.

"…Tsuki. You never meet Izaya, right? He's my cousin; you meet Kururi and Mairu, right? Izaya is their brother," introduce Roppi reluctantly.

"…Ah, you are Roppi-san's cousin. I'm Hanejima Tsukishima. Just call me Tsuki will do," exclaimed Tsuki happily. He became more confident after Roppi appears. Look likes he failed to notice the strained atmosphere between Roppi and Izaya.

"Ah, the book!" shout Tsuki suddenly. He had forgotten about the scattered book on the floor and quickly bends to pick them up.

Both Izaya and Roppi cast a glance on each other before helping Tsuki to tidying up the mess he made. They work in silent and finished gathered the entire book which had scattered all the way they can see. Its look likes Tsuki had just toppled over an entire shelf of books which bring wonder to Izaya on how he did it.

"Thank you, Roppi-san, Izaya-san," thanks Tsuki earnestly. He smiles brightly to both of them but Izaya notice he was smiling more brightly towards Roppi. He can't help to began wondering their relationship. Roppi was surprisingly gentle and polite to Tsuki. As far Izaya remembered, Roppi was mostly rude and ignorant towards anybody even to Hibiya sometimes. While Tsuki on other hand was very close to Roppi and seems to be more comfortable to him only.

"You know, it's quite rude to stare at people like that even if it's you, Izaya," say Roppi suddenly in cold tone. He noticed on how Izaya was staring at Tsuki and he doesn't like it in a slightest. Izaya was surprised by the tone used by Roppi. It sound as if he was declaring Tsuki was his and no one had the right to even glance an eye on him.

"R-roppi-san, that's rude," mutter Tsuki in disapproval. His cheek was tinted with light blush since he knows the meaning of Roppi's warning.

"Em…Roppi-san doesn't mean any bad. Do you like books too, Izaya-san?" ask Tsuki to apologize for Roppi's rude treatment earlier.

"Hm? Oh, I love them. They are entertaining and very beneficial. There are lots of things you can learn from a piece of paper. I read any kind of them," answered Izaya genuinely. Not that he was lying about that. Hearing that Izaya love to read, Tsuki's face was lit up like Christmas tree while Roppi just only sighing.

"Really!? I love too but I love to read novel the most. Even though novel was only a fiction and not a factual material but you can learn a lot from them. Roppi-san was so kind and he'll bought me new novel whenever they are available," exclaimed Tsuki happily. 'It's that why the library was full with novel?' Wonders Izaya.

"Anyway, why are you here?" ask Roppi. He was not pleased with the intimacy Tsuki show for Izaya. Not even the slightest. Tsuki who failed to notice the annoyance in Roppi's word innocently ask Izaya.

"Are you alone? Well, if you don't mind, you can come with us. We were planning to the town to buy things for the party. Roppi-san wants to confirm all the order and preparation again. Will you?" ask Tsuki. Izaya was shocked with Tsuki's invitation was stiffen. Even Roppi went stiff hearing it. Both of them were silenced by Tsuki. There's an awkward silence and heavy, dark emotion spiraled in the air.

In Izaya mind, he was screaming hysterically. 'Went together with Roppi?! Are you crazy?! There's 100% guarantee that he will kill me once you turn to glance at another direction! If he's not, I will. Don't you know what our relationship is?' Roppi, who was stunned by Tsuki's naivety, only be able to sigh in defeat. He had a calculative expression on his face as if he was pondering on something.

"So, what's your decision? It's not like you doing anything worth here and now," say Roppi. If Izaya was surprised before, now he was definitely shocked to death hearing it from Roppi. It took him awhile to respond. He's still pondering whether went with them is a good idea or not. After thinking he was out of option and excuses, Izaya thought no harm in joining them anyway. Not fully relieved since he will be together with Roppi.

"Fine, only if Roppi-kun promise to not hurt me," say Izaya and turn a sharp glance to Roppi. In instance, a dark and murderous aura emitted from Roppi. Scared Roppi might stab him, Izaya quickly hide behind Tsuki. Even Tsuki is trembling under Roppi overwhelming murderous aura though it was not direct to him.

"R-roppi-san. I-I think Izaya-san is right. C-can you promise not to hurt him?" ask Tsuki. Roppi still being quiet but his eyes becomes more soft. Having no reply from Roppi, Tsuki ask again.

"R-roppi-san?" ask Tsuki again. Hearing Tsuki's pleading was too much for Roppi to handle. Defeated, he nods once.

"Fine. I'm not someone who will kill someone unconditionally but it's an exception if it's him," Roppi glare at Izaya.

"Only if he behaves like normal people do and less annoying," promise Roppi and look at another direction. Tsuki smile knowingly at Roppi's act. Izaya on the other hand was quite surprise to see how fast Roppi agree to plead. Usually, he will become annoyed to any kind of plead.

"What?" ask Roppi in irritation. He knows what Izaya is thinking and he did not please with Izaya knowing his weakness.

"Err… no. Nothing at all," say Izaya.

"If we settle everything here, then can we go now?" ask Roppi impatiently.

"Hmm? Ah, okay. Let's go Izaya-san," say Tsuki. Izaya then followed behind them. Not long after, a cell phone ringing. It was Tsuki's and he picks it up quickly after read the ID.

"Hello, Shizuo-nii," greet Tsuki. Izaya went pale hearing the unwanted name being mention out of blue. Izaya obvious reaction caught Roppi's eyes.

"Hmm? Where am I? I'm at Orihara Mansion right now. Alone?" Tsuki turn to look at both Roppi and Izaya. Even Tsuki notice how terrible Izaya looking but he did not know the reason for it and continue talking to Shizuo.

"No, I'm with Roppi-san and his cousin, I.." before Tsuki managed to finished mentioning Izaya name to Shizuo, Roppi take the phone away from Tsuki.

"Hello, Shizuo? Hey it's me Roppi. Yeah, he's with me. What? Don't worry, I'll send him home safely. Well, if it's too late, Tsuki will have to stay the night here. Hahaha…Kidding. I'll send him home anyway. Stop being like a mother hen will you? Okay, bye," Roppi ends the call and gives the phone back to Tsuki. He then turns to look at Izaya.

"Anything you wanna talk about, Izaya?" ask Roppi, smirking.

"Huh? What about?" denied Izaya. He was wet in cold sweat seeing Roppi looking very mischievous.

"Hmm? What about? I don't know. Regarding Shi-zu-o perhaps?" sneer Roppi. He had a very evil looking smile etched on his face. Now Izaya know how others feel when he did that. He's been walking backward 'till his back touch the wall. 'Shit, again a WALL?!' curse Izaya. Roppi then place both his arm to block Izaya.

"Now, can we have a little chat before we go? I'm kinda bit interest with your relationship with Shi-zu-o~," say Roppi in a sing-song voice while saying every syllables of Shizuo name. It feels like rubbing salt on your wound when Roppi using his own talk back to him.

"Roppi-san!" scolds Tsuki suddenly. Both of them turn to look at him.

"Don't treat Izaya-san like that. I know both of you had mutual hatred but you both are also blood related. Can't you treating each other nicely once a while?" blow Tsuki. He don't like how people with blood relationship treating each other badly. For him, that's the only ties he had in this world other than Roppi. Slowly, small beads of tear began to stream down his cheek.

Seeing Tsuki crying, Roppi retreated from Izaya and went to calm him. He hugged Tsuki and whispered sweet talk to apologize for his ill behavior. Black emotion of jealousy began to swell in Izaya. Somehow, he feels jealous towards Tsuki and Roppi intimacy. It was his long lost wish to have someone to care like that to him. He had long ago discarded such dreamless wish when he later learned such thing does not exist. Thus he began to love human so they will love him back in return.

"Erm…Izaya-san, if you don't mind I'm asking. Are something bad happens between you and Shizuo-nii?" ask Tsuki timidly. Even though the subject was not something Izaya feel ease to talk randomly to someone he just meet, he feel like he can talk about it if it's Tsuki. He knows people intention just by looking at someone and he knows Tsuki is just want to help, him in this matter.

"Well, our relationship was not in good terms in first place. We hate each other from the first time we set our eyes on. Well we wrecked half the Ikebukuro at that time too. Hahaha…" told Izaya. He feels kind of relief when he tell this to Tsuki.

"It's been 8 years now and that is how is happens between us. I came messing with him and he will go havoc and we run all around Ikebukuro for a day. Next time is the same as always. No exception. Sometimes I get him to run down by a truck or something or he managed to land a hit on me," explained Izaya while remembering the old times. Weirdly, it bring smile to him. Now is the hardest part. He never tells anyone about it yet but he can trust Tsuki about it.

"Well, how to say this? It's a bit embarrassing but before I came here, I and Shizuo had our usual tag play. Well, ermm…everything went well at first," Izaya stop for a moment. Tsuki wait patiently for Izaya to continue whereas Roppi just rolled his eyes. Roppi had no interest at all for Izaya lifetime story or what so ever problem he face.

"Be-before…," Izaya stop again and he's blushing hard this time. He's trying to find courage to keep talking. 'C'mon Izaya, just say it and it will finish already' silently, he encourage himself in his heart.

"Kiss…" say Izaya softly. Neither Tsuki nor Roppi hear it and both of them have puzzled face.

"He kissed me!" To be surprise is an understatement for Tsuki and Roppi reaction. Izaya is blushing very hard that could rival a tomato. Tsuki is the first to react.

"That-that is an insolent act!" blow Tsuki. Izaya was surprise seeing Tsuki mad. No one had backing him up before and the feeling of having someone on his side is a bit new. Roppi on the hand silently speaking in his head 'I kind of understand why Shizuo did that'

"Ki-Kiss only for someone you love. Even though there's a thin line between hatred and love but to steal something precious even from your most hatred rival was not accepted!" burst Tsuki.

"Huh?" say Izaya dumfounded. Tsuki outburst was something unexpected. Well expected from Shizuo blood related anyway. It's very unpredictable.

"Erm…Tsuki. I don't want to interrupt you but don't you think you just went overboard?" interrupt Roppi. It took a while for Tsuki to comprehend Roppi's word.

"Did I?" ask Tsuki innocently to Izaya. Izaya just smiled bitterly.

"Ah, I'm sorry if I'm scares you. Hope you don't get mad, but mind if I'm asking?" ask Tsuki again. Slowly, Izaya nods once.

"Are that your first kiss?" ask Tsuki boldly. Izaya face turns bright red from the unexpected question. Roppi, on the hand burst to a small laugh at Tsuki random question and Izaya reaction.

"Wha-what? Th-that, its…um…,"Izaya can form any sort of word to reply. It's obviously say that 'it is his first kiss'. Embarrass, he just turn his face to his side to hide his flustered face.

"Well, what happen to both of you was rather unexpected but now we had another problem," say Roppi while scratching his head. Now all the attention turns towards Roppi.

"The party is tomorrow, right?" ask Roppi reluctantly. Tsuki nods in agreement but he can see the relationship between Izaya and Shizuo incident with tomorrow party. Izaya, on the hand easily grasp the whole situation.

"No, don't tell me," mutter Izaya softly.

"Hm? Hm? What is it?" ask Tsuki and turn to face from Izaya to Roppi.

"You remember that Shizuo living at your house right now, right? He'll come tomorrow too, remember?" reminds Roppi. At last Tsuki manage to understand the real problem.

"Oh, no. If they both meet at the party, Orihara Mansion will destroy. And Tsugaru-nii will be mad and…Tsugaru-nii mad is scary," Tsuki had a terrible mental image building up in his mind. Even Roppi knows how miserable it is when Tsugaru went rampage. He had a taste of it before.

"Tsuki, if you think Izaya going to mess with Shizuo, think again. I'm concern that Izaya will go panic and Shizuo went guilty. I'll be terribly awkward and spoil the whole party. It's a party mood that we need to save here," corrected Roppi.

"But, I can't ask Shizuo-nii to not come after you the one that invited him," say Tsuki. Hearing that, Izaya nerve began to twitch.

"You-you invited the monster to the party?" Izaya voice was trembling in anger. He went to the Orihara Mansion in order to avoid Shizuo. Now, not that he knows Shizuo is here but he also will probably meet him in the nearest time.

"What? I know you both are in bad terms but this is seriously bad terms. How are we going to get both of you together in the party without discarded any of you? If we discard Shizuo, Tsugaru will be upset and upsetting him means trouble. If we discard you, Hibiya-nii will be upset which means that Delic guy will avenge for him. I don't want to deal with any of them, neither Tsugaru nor Delic. They both are really handful," explained Roppi. He doesn't really have a good term with neither of the both so he doesn't want to go all the trouble facing them.

"Erm, Roppi-san? If we do this, will it help?" ask Tsuki. He then whispers his suggestion to Roppi. At first, Roppi look surprise but after considering for a while he seems to accept the suggestion.

"I-za-ya~?" ask Roppi in sing song voice. Seeing Roppi looking so happy was totally creepy.

"Y-yes?" answers Izaya.

"Come here for a sec? Tsuki's suggestion was somewhat awesome. You really need to hear it. Not just it solve our problem but probably yours too," say Roppi while smirking. Izaya had a bad feeling about it but come close to them and Tsuki once again whisper the same thing to Izaya. After hearing it, Izaya quickly retreat back. He went pale for a moment.

"Tsu-tsuki, I appreciate your concern but…why!? It may sound perfect but what if he still find out? I had my pride to go that far! If he find out, I'm doom…" scream Izaya in disagreement.

"Now, you can't turn back when everything had turns like this. Suck it up and accept it anyway, if you still want to see your beloved human back in Ikebukuro," threatened Roppi in confident. Hearing the threat, Izaya gulped and reconsider.

"Fine, I really hope your brilliant idea will work," surrender Izaya.

"Don't worry, it will," say Tsuki confidently with sweet smile. Izaya only sight in defeat and only hope that all of this is just a nightmare.

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