Hi! This is my first fanfic I've properly put on this site. I have about five others that I have written down. Some are better then others at first. Some of my stories are a bit slow at the beginning and picks up later. This might be one of them as I'm just typing down whatever is in my head at the time. Some characters are OC and I haven't watched NCIS for a while so I apologised if they seem OOC. On that note, I don't have any ideas for a pairing yet so I'm open to suggestions. It can be OC as long as I get some info on the character before hand, and I don't write slash. I find it a bit awkward even though I have nothing against them.

Harry swung his legs while sitting on the edge of the Astronomy tower. Everyone thought he put his name in the goblet. What was worse was that that none of his friends believed him. 'Some friends' Harry thought.

It's been a week and it's starting to get to him. The loneliness, the looks and it brought him back to the Chamber of Secrets incident. Only ten times worse. At least he had friends standing by him at that time. He got out his journal and started writing. This journal was special because it had all his written work that he has ever done. From his first letters to his essays, to notes, to his real essays (he always handed in poor job assignments. Something he had to thank the Dursley's for, and the fact Ron would probably get jealous and Hermione hates being out preformed), and a part that is an actual journal. Doing charm work like this takes years to figure out but Harry got it in his first year while looking through the library and the best part for him was there wasn't any wand magic involved. Just some runes that he looked up so he wouldn't get in trouble. He sighed and started writing;

What can I do? Nobody in this whole school believes me when I say that I didn't put my name in that stupid goblet. No matter. I don't care if I loose my magic because of this. Although, I think that the bloody thing would go off magical signatures, rather then names because an older student can enter a younger student just in spite right? I know I didn't enter so I should be safe with my magic in that sense. Even if I loose it I can still live as a mundane person seeing as I practically was one for ten years. But where to go? Sirius is still on the run because of the stupid ministry officials (and the idiot Fudge in Malfoy's pocket. Really, don't these people ever use the thing in their heads called a brain?), won't take 'he's innocent and you never gave him a trial' and be good with it. No, I'm betting that they would rather give him the Kiss then anything just to save face, so that's a no. The whole ministry is corrupt so staying in the UK is a no go. Hmmm. Maybe give Gibbs…that might work! I mean, after all, he gave me a card saying if I ever need him I just call. Yeah…that works. But, all I know is that he works in the States. Maybe still a Marine? Oh yes, I defiantly need to leave. The last I heard was from Gibbs when I got the letter saying Kelly was killed in a car crash. God I miss her. She always believed me when I did some magic. I remember we both floated a ball and had a contest on who switched the colours the fastest so I guess she was a witch as well. I don't think I'll tell anyone about that but it was good times… Yes, I think I will give Gibbs that call. I need to go to Gringotts first then get a passport out of the country. Leave the Boy-who-lived crap, leave the stares, taunting and maybe the Wizarding world altogether. They need to figure out their own problems for once and not have a bloody scapegoat every time something goes wrong in their lives. Maybe I should jump and get Hedwig to get me out of here. There's a-

"Mr Potter! What are you doing here at this time of night! 30 points from Gryffindor and a weeks detention now." Professor McGonagall and Snape were blocking the door. Harry sighed as he closed his book and stood up staring out in the distance then turned to them. This is it, no going back. Putting the journal in his pocket, he dropped the letter he was going to personally deliver to Dumbledore at breakfast. Oh well, just speeds everything up now.

Whispering, Harry said,"I should go with you but I can't take it anymore," With that, he jumped.

So, whatcha think for a first chapter? I know it's really short but I wanted to get it out of the way for the next chapter. I'm open for comments and anything. Please don't flame but I am open for criticism and I'll respond to reviews when I get the chance with mid terms coming up and getting ready for a move. Until next time! :)