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Roses are red, peonies are white

The love they sought is their only delight

The Fox Thief and the Death's Deity

Their love endures for eternity

The love they have is forbidden

But it overflows that it couldn't be hidden

The Fox Thief is a monster

The Elders know his love will only bring a disaster

The Deity of Death breaks the law

For she is ready to love a thief without any flaw

They live in different realms

But love blooms and it unexpectedly comes

Their life as immortals they sacrifice

For their love to be realized is the waiting price

Maybe they're really meant to be

For the rose loves his only peony


A/N: Please review guys, what can you say about the story behind these poems? Is it sad or happy ending? I hope Kurama and Botan are REAL couples in the anime. ^_^ and please take a glance of the summary I wrote for my crossover entitled UNDYING LOVE, starring Kurama and Botan also. It's a crossover of Yu yu Hakusho and Flame of Recca. Tokiya Mikagami will play the part of a 'third party' in Kurama and Botan's lovelife. :D Kurama/Botan/Tokiya

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