Stefan Salvatore, never even knew about Hogwarts until he ran across a very strange witch by the name of Faith Malfoy. You see Stefan is a vampire being able to do magic is not supposed to be possible if you are a vampire. But for some reason he could… See he had found this out when Faith happened to be doing a spell she was practicing her pantronus which happened to be a wolf. "Expecto Patrotum" she muttered a weak wolf coming out of the tip. "I can do this I know I can" she said. Faith closed her eyes and she muttered the spell again getting a whole pantrouns! "Ha I did it!" Faith said smiling, then she sat a tree on fire.

Stefan walked up "What you doing?" he asked. "Working on a spell bro" Faith responded. "Cool" he laughed a bit "Can I see the wand see if I can do this so called spell?" Stefan asked. "Sure just think a happy stop and say expect patrotum. But I don't know if it will work for you." Faith said laughing as she tossed her wand his way and sat in a tree. Stefan caught the wand and muttered "expecto pantronum" a bunny coming out of the tip. Stefans eyes widen "a bunny… I have killed so many bunnies" he said. Faith looked at him and threw a brick his in his general direction. "Faith!" he growled "Don't throw bricks at me. I HAVE KILLED SO MANY BUNNIES! I feel so guilty" "Steeeeeeeeeefan calm down" Faith said.

Stefan fell to the ground crying thinking about each bunny he has killed "this is so bad, these memories are haunting me more than the ones of the humans I killed" he said. Faith raised an eyebrow "ermm Stefan, their just bunnies." She said laughing a bit she grabbed her wand from him then walked away. "Wait she's right it is just bunny" he said shrugging the walked off towards the forest to have a bunny to feed on.