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Before you start reading this story be aware that this is the prequel to, Cross Worlds: The Sealed Digivice, the story I wrote before this. Since it's a prequel it can be read before or after CW:TSD. If you choose to read it before, it won't ruin any of the surprises or events found in CW:TSD, but some of the inside jokes and references do require you to have read CW:TSD beforehand to understand them. If you choose to read it after, you'll be able to come at this from the mindset in which I wrote it. So before or after, it's your choice, just make sure you enjoy.

Chapter 1

A New Start



The sound of the steel wheels running along the iron tracks filled the train car. Takuya had his head turned slightly and leaned against one of the windows, staring out at the digital landscape that stretched out and sped by before him. It had been a year so far since he had last taken the time to enjoy the sight of this place, but right now he didn't concern himself with thinking of the past. He was far too tired to do any reminiscing at the moment. The only thing he could think about was how everything had started up again a month ago.

He returned to the strange events, monster sightings, odd weather, and severe computer problems, which had begun taking place all over the real world. From the moment the six of them had seen the first case of disturbances, they had known that they were tied to problems in the Digital World. The digital trouble had continued for a while with no signs of stopping. Eventually the six of them had begun looking for a way back to the Digital World, in hopes of putting an end to the problems plaguing their world. They had also wanted to see for themselves what they feared in their hearts; that the Digital World had once again fallen into chaos.

A week passed without a way presenting itself until Takuya and Koji managed to find an opening down to the terminal they had left through a year ago. It had been a dangerous climb down the damaged elevator shaft, but eventually all six of them had made it to the bottom. They found the terminal in ruins, but a single track was still in working order; saved by fate or the greatest measure of luck. Parked at the end of that track was a Trailmon that was very familiar to Takuya. It was DarkTrailmon.

Seeing no other way, and with Takuya's assurance that it was safe, they boarded DarkTrailmon and were off to the Digital World after a whole year. Once there, they found parts of the Digital World in ruin and quickly set about reestablishing contact with Lady Ophanimon. After a few days of wondering they reached her beautiful white and sapphire castle and were greeted by a desperate Lady Ophanimon who was overjoyed to see them. Reunited with her Chosen she began recounting to them about how a new demon lord had appeared in the Digital World. The demon lord responsible for all of this destruction was called, Leviamon. She retold the story of how the Legendary Warriors they had left behind in the Digtial World at the end of the battle with Lucemon had fought and fallen against the demon lord. Apparently the recreated warriors lacked something fundamental for the success the children had fought for.

Even before Lady Ophanimon had finished her story Takuya had spoken out and volunteered to take back the spirits of flame and battle Leviamon. The others quickly followed suit and soon the six of them were restored to power. They once again became the protectors of the two words; the Legendary Warriors.

The next two weeks were filled with constant battles leading up to the final confrontation with Leviamon. In the end Susanoomon managed to delete the demon lord in an epic showdown. The battle would end up yielded a new discovery for the Legendary Warriors. During the battle Leviamon had mention something about coming from a different Digital World; whatever that meant. At that time without even realizing it Takuya and his team had fought their first Zone Crossing digimon.

His thoughts returned to the train when they hit a sharp bend in the track, making the cabin rattle enough for him to take notice. Kicked free from his thoughts he gave a tired sigh as he looked around at the weary figures of his friends, each of them almost completely expended after two straight weeks of battles against enemies strong than they had faced during their first adventure. Seeing them battered and exhausted wasn't exactly a sight Takuya relished, but it was far better than the alternatives he had envision in some of their recent fights, especially against Leviamon. He couldn't recall a battle other than with the Royal Knights or Lucemon where he considered the idea that they might die, but he had to face that feeling multiple times against the new foes; some of which were just henchmen. A scary thought now that he looked back on it.

When his eyes got tired again he let his lids fall shut and sighed as he returned to his memories. Back to when the group had returned to the castle to tell Lady Ophanimon the good news of the Digital Worlds renewed peace. It turned out that she had her own news to share with them as well. She told them all about what she had learned of the Multi-verse and Zones while researching Leviamon's arrival in their world. Then she posed the question that was weighing heavily on Takuya's tired mind at the moment.

"Do you want to take your next steps into a new world?" Lady Ophanimons voice still echoed in his mind. The strangest part about what she had asked was that the moment she had asked her question, Takuya felt something grow within him. It was the need to take that first step. To go beyond what he knew. He was going to say, yes; because he both wanted to and had to for unknown reasons. He just knew something was waiting for him out there and he had to find it. But for now he was going to rest before giving her an answer, for he was very tired.



The sound of the train grew quiet as he slipped off to sleep to get some needed rest before returning to his world.

"It's been pretty quiet for the last month," Kari sighed as she lay back in the soft green grass.

"Yeah, since we took down MaloMyotismon and Armageddemon everything's been very peaceful," Yolei comment with a small smile.

"Yeah…" Kari said quietly in a somewhat bored tone.

"It's strange Kari, but it almost sounds like you miss the chaos?" Yolei posed to her best friend.

"That's not it, Yolei!" Kari quickly protested, not wanting her friend to get the wrong idea. "It's just that since things ended… I haven't been able to decide what I want to do with myself."

Yolei thought to herself for a few seconds before a sly smile spread across her face. "How about getting a boyfriend; like TK or Davis? Oh, then you can go on double dates with me and Ken."

"Yolei…" Kari responded with a tired sigh. She didn't dislike the idea of having a boyfriend; she just believed that she would know without a doubt who she was meant to be with when they met. TK and Davis were great, but she just didn't have any romantic feelings for them.

"Sorry… but it's not like your perfect guy is going to just fall out of the sky," Yolei added with a laugh.

At Yolei's words Kari's eyes turned to the bright blue sky above, "I really don't know what to do Yolei..."

The two spent the next twenty minutes discussing school and other less important things while they waited for the rest of the group. By the time they were done all of the Digidestined had assembled on the grassy hilltop to have a picnic in celebration of one month of peace; and to honor those who had given everything in pursuit of it. The rest of the day was spent having fun and letting the problems of the past drift away.

While ones walk down the road of peace was beginning, the others first steps down a new road of war was just starting.

To be continued…

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