Chapter 16

Before it All Epilogue


The wheels of the Trailmon hummed as it made its way to Lady Ophanimon's castle somewhere over the horizon. Leaning against one of the empty front cars windows Takuya watched the Digital World rolling by with a distant look. Being back in the Digital World for the first time in two months, since the incident with the twisted Dominimon, felt very weird; almost surreal in a way. He had regained his strength and mobility, but at times his left shoulder would hurt and make his heart beat faster. According to Lady Ophanimon the pain would eventually subside and the increased rhythm of his heart was a psychological effect of the pain bringing back bad memories. Takuya couldn't disagree with that claim.

"Damn it…" He groaned as he rubbed his sore left shoulder. It hadn't hurt for a week now, but being back was causing a flare up of pain.

He probably should have stayed home and taken it easy for another few months, but one prevailing thought drove him to go to the Digital World alone today. Every day he had been constantly followed and watched over by one of his friends, they just wouldn't leave him alone. Unknown to him was the fact that they were terrified that at any moment his injuries would reopen or Dominimon would come after him to finish what he had started. The constant stream of attention and inability to get some time alone wasn't that bad. He could handle it, but what he couldn't handle was how they were treating him; especially Koji and Koichi. On several occasions over the last two months he had asked them about what had been happening in the aftermath of the incident with Dominimon. They were being so tight lipped about it that he was sure that they wouldn't have told him that he had died for a short period if he hadn't so accurately remembered it.

"They should have just told me what's been happening… I need to know…" He thought as he stared into the eyes of his reflection as the train ran through a tunnel. "I know that whatever I'm going to find out isn't going to be good, but I just have to know. I deserve that much… don't I?"

For the rest of the train ride he sat in silence, contemplating how worried his friends would be when they found out he had snuck out in the middle of the night, but it wasn't like he was getting much sleep with JP snoring away on the floor of his room. That night had apparently been his turn to watch over Takuya. The friends constantly inviting themselves over to stay the night was another thing getting on his nerves and insured that he hadn't had more than a bathroom break or shower alone. Takuya figured that Koji would probably be the first to discover that he was missing when he came over in the morning, like he had every day since the incident; and because he was sure JP would sleep well past noon on a Saturday.

He was finally given a reprieve from his guilty thoughts when the Trailmon began to slow and its brakes whined as they rubbed against the metal wheels. With an anxious sigh Takuya got to his feet and disembarked the digimon's front car.

"Thanks for the ride," Takuya smiled at the transportation digimon as phantom pain made his right hand return to his left shoulder, attempting to rub the ache away.

"Don't mention it. Anything for one of the hero's of the Digital World," the Trailmon gave an appreciate chuckle before following up with a question. "Do you need me to wait?"

"No, I think I'm going to be a while," Takuya gazed off towards Lady Ophanimon's castle framed in the remnants of the night sky before he started walking up the path to the front gate. "Anyways, I get the feeling that another Trailmon will be pulling in at some point."

"Understood," the Trailmon released a small blast of steam from its engine block before slowly chugging off to find new passengers.

The walk up the white stone path to the castle felt much longer than it had ever in the past. It wasn't the lingering fatigue or pain in his body that weighed down each of his steps. No, it was sense of regret and fear over what he would learn. The biting feeling made him question whether he really wanted to know, or if it wasn't just best that he forget about the whole incident and instead choice to regard it with idea that what he didn't know couldn't hurt him.

He hesitated at the front doors for a few second before pushing them open, their internal mechanisms responding to his DNA, Zone Energy, and Zone Signature to unlock and unseal them. With a step forward he entered the polished white and blue hallway and made his way up to the golden doors at the other end that led into the Digital Deities throne room. Before he could put a hand on the doors they unlocked and slowly swung open, seemingly on their own.

"It would seem that you were expecting me," he chuckled as he watched the doors press against the walls with a silent knock.

"Yes, I knew that you would come as soon as you were well enough to travel on your own," the angel of light responded with a voice slightly higher in pitch than her normal deeper tone.

"Am I really that predictable, Lady Opha…" Takuya hesitated on her name and finally looked up at her. "I guess I can't call you that at the moment. So what should I call you?"

"Lady Angewomon will be fine until I return to my final form," the Digital Ruler responded with a small smile, apparently taking some amusement in his question.

With a reluctant sigh he looked over the Digital Deity floating just above the top of the staircase. In many ways the form she had been reduced to resembled her former mega form, minus all of the armor of course. He had to if her ultimate form might be what her mega form looked like under all of the holy armor.

"I'm… Sor…" He still felt responsible for allowing himself to be caught off guard by Dominimon, falling so easily into his fake world and being struck down my his vile spear of light. In his mind, if he hadn't failed to see through the lies he could have stopped her from having to expend so much energy on saving his life, and she wouldn't have been forced down to a level where she couldn't use almost all of her Zone powers.

The first few weeks she had been stuck in the form of a Gatomon. During that time she lack the power to even control her own castle, she got locked out of several room and couldn't do a thing for herself; so until she evolved to Gatomon one of the Warriors had to stay with her and escort her around the castle while all of her other duties were passed onto the other two Celestial Angels, Seraphimon and Cherubimon. It had only been in the last two week that she had evolved to her ultimate form, giving her a bit of Zone powers back, enough to communicate outside their Zone.

However, while she had moved to her ultimate form pretty quickly, the final one was going to be very difficult. She was going to need time; time to absorb and build up her reserves of Zone Energy to bring all of her powers as a Digital Ruler back under her control. All of which required time to concentrate and focus herself, which made Takuya feel even worse about interrupting her, but the need to get his questions answered outweighed his regrets over bothering her.

"Self doubt does not suit you," Lady Angewomon quickly responded in a caring tone before Takuya could even finish his statement.

"Hmph," something between a short chuckle and a sigh escaped him as he pushed his apology to the back of his mind. He still felt that he wanted to apologize to her, but from the sound of her tone and words he could tell that if he did it would make her feel worse about the whole situation.

Actually, Takuya wasn't the only one who wanted to apologize at the moment. More than anything in the Multiverse, Lady Angewomon, wanted to apologize to Takuya. She wanted to beg him to forgive her for ever finding that mission she had sent them on. No, it went even beyond that. It went down to the day she had even suggested that they become Runners. If they hadn't listened to her idea, they would never have begun down the path to meeting Dominimon. They wouldn't have suffered mentally and physically at his hands; or at least that's what she had convinced herself of.

"The same thing could be said about you, Milady," Takuya smiled gently at her. "That feeling of regret doesn't suit a Digital Ruler like yourself, especially such a kind one."

"Takuya," she sighed as her tone took on a happier tone for the first time since the twins had returned with the bloody body of Takuya. "Despite the nightmare you faced and the pain you went through, you can still think of others before yourself. You'll never change will you?"

"I don't know about that," Takuya whispered to no one in particular. He had no intention to share that thought with anyone until he had some time to think more about what had been weighing on him for weeks now.

"I'm guessing that you're starting to get impatient," the surprise of her blunt and sudden statement made Takuya tense up for a second before he shook it off and gave her a curt nod.

He had arrived at her castle ready for the first words out of his mouth to be his question, but as the doors to her throne room had peeled back he had lost his nerve. Now, he had been stuck between a state of wanting and fearing to know the answer. However, it would seem that she was going to give him the push he needed.

"Are you sure you want to know? What you hear won't make anything better. This might be one incident where not knowing might be the kinder answer," she gave him one more chance to back out while deep down she knew he wouldn't. It just wasn't in his nature.

Just as he had prepared himself to hear everything a concerned question of hers shook his confidence and set him back. The thought of living in blissful ignorance danced happily in his head bringing a few seconds of silent contemplation before he looked up at her with a serious expression.

"I have to know… no matter what that means…" was all he said and she nodded in understanding back.

Going into the talk with Lady Angewomon, Takuya had sworn that the worst he believed he would hear was that Dominimon had destroy the Digital World they had tried to save, but now he wasn't sure of that anymore. He knew that Dominimon just leaving the Zone and Destined alone after they had foiled his sick games was more good news than they could've hoped for, but somewhere deep down inside him hearing that nothing had happened hurt so much more. Nothing felt like the worst news he could have gotten. Dominimon was gone without a trace, most likely to repeat what he had done to that Zone with another, and there was no hope of tracking him down. Well, not until he struck again. Takuya couldn't help but feel that the twisted angel escaping had been his fault, so he had been praying for a second chance at him once he recovered.

Another bit of news that she was able to offer him was an explanation of what the three of them had been subjected to in their confrontation with Dominimon. Through research of rumors and reports she had discovered that the Zone the three, along with the five native Destined, had in fact not been a true Zone. It had been something called a Created Zone, one far more complex than any she had ever heard of or even thought possible. The Light Traitor, a name she had discovered as well, had trapped them in super Created Zone through the use of one of the special powers granted to him as a former Digital Deity called the Zone of False Truths. It was the power to create an incredibly complex Zone in a flash of ultimate power that instantly built the world from the memories of those the attack was used on.

Dominimon only had to adjust a few things to turn the story and erase their memories, an easy task considering he was already in their heads. This power had original been granted to him so he could train heroes, to make them stronger and give them battle experience since for a while everything in the Zone of False Truths was just as real as the real or digital world. Any pain, lose, and growth one experienced was real, which unfortunately meant that the partner digimon of the Native Destined who died before the three had arrived had stayed dead. However, Dominimon had twisted his amazing gift into something dark that let him toy with life on a game board he control. One where he had always been the victor until the three of them had played and won.

The final mission summary came down to that while the threes interference had spared the lives of the five Destined children they had been too late to save the lives of their partner digimon or the Zones Digital Ruler. Dominimon had apparently already killed the Digital Ruler and cast the Destineds into his Zone of False Truths days before the three of them had arrived. In that amount of time four of the partner digimon had been killed, the fifth having died right before Takuya's eyes, and the SOS the true Digital Ruler had sent out had been taken over by the twisted Dominimon, who decided that he could continue his fun by playing pretend when the three of them had arrived. In the end, Dominimon had underestimated them and they overcome his sick little world, forcing a childish and spiteful response out of him in the form of his attack against Takuya, who he blamed the most for the three winning his sick game. Back in the ill-fated Zone the Destined were currently recovering and trying to pick up the pieces in the wake of the Light Traitor; information she had learned from a stand in Digital Ruler for the Zone a month after the incident.

After the Digital Ruler had said her part an awkward silence fell over the throne room. Neither one of them knew what to say to the other to ease their heavy minds and heart. The news had not been all bad, but it left an empty feeling in them; in all of those involved. There was no feeling of lose with the promise of growing stronger to face Dominimon again someday. No, the way the foul angel had fought them body, mind, and soul had robbed them of that. And the way he had left them and the Destined of that Zone made any sense of victory and survival feel cheap and tasteless. So instead, the two stood in the large throne room, staring at the floor and waiting for someone to do or say something.

Minutes passed in the continued silence until Takuya finally gathered himself and looked up at the angel. He said nothing, but gave her a small smile before he turned and left the castle. For a moment Lady Angewomon thought to call out to him and summon him back so they could continue to talk until some resolution had been reached, but looking upon his back as he walked away she could tell that more talking and concern wasn't what he need. What he need was time. Time to think. And time to be alone.

Upon exiting the castle he walked down the path halfway to the Trailmon station before he came to a halt. Remaining where he was he straightened out of his slumped posture and took in a few deep cleansing breaths before looking to his right. Something to his side seemed to have grabbed his interest because a second later he stepped off of the path and began walking through the meadow of white flowers that surrounded the castle.

He traveled a short distance into the field, enough so that the white stone pathway vanished amongst the waves of willowy flowers, and stopped in his tracks. Seemingly satisfied with his location he stretched out his arms and inhaled a deep breath before cupping his hands around his mouth. He went to scream and yell, maybe to curse Dominimon or the choices that had put him on a path to that fateful meeting, but nothing came out. The deep breath hung in his lungs until they burned for oxygen and he exhaled it. He couldn't find it. He couldn't find the anger, ego, positivity, courage, or even fear, that usually gave his roars their self healing properties. The passion was missing from him now.

In surrender he stretched his arms out to his side again and leaned back until he fell backward into the carpet of flowers, instantly vanishing beneath their surface.

An hour passed quickly as Takuya laid in the field of white flowers, alone with his thoughts. It was strange, when he had laid down he assumed that his thoughts would be filled with what he had learned from Lady Angewomon, but from the moment he had put his head down into the flowery bed, all he could think about was one thing, which wasn't that. He was only pulled from his thoughts when a low rumbling in the distance brought him around. The sound pulled a tired, annoyed sigh from his lips, but he stayed down, because he already knew what was making it, which was why when it grew much louder and turned to the grinding of metal on metal he still stayed down.

There was a burst of airbrakes as a Trailmon settled into the station and the doors of the train cars popped open with a hiss. The next sound was several pairs of feet hitting the wooden planks of the station floor before they came charging down the steps and up the path. Takuya continued to listen to the footsteps as they grinded the gravel of the path into the ground and made their way to the castle. A few seconds later the sounds stopped with the opening and closing of the castle doors, leaving Takuya with the silence and his thoughts once more.

With another tired sigh, he sat up and lazily got to his feet. Yet another tired sigh escaped from him as he cocked his head back and looked towards the door of the castle, before sighing again and turned back to the rising sun over the field of white. "I wonder if I should feel bad about making them worry and letting them go past like that? No, they deserve it after keeping me in the dark for two months," he concluded with a devious smile.

Another few minutes passed before Takuya heard the castle doors open once again. There was a few seconds pause before Zoe called out his name, he assumed that the short quiet was the time they had spent looking for him.

"Takuya!" Zoe yelped out his name before the group began making their way to him.

Takuya said and did nothing. He just listened to the sound of their approaching footsteps in the grass. When he guessed they were within thirty feet of him he raised a hand up, motioning for them to stop. The five friends seemed to comply since he heard their feet grind to a stop a distance behind him.

"Takuya, we were worried about you," Tommy stated as he took a few wary steps towards his mentor.

"Yeah, you shouldn't be back here so soon. With your injuries just having healed it might be a bit too much for you to be…" Zoe took a few steps ahead of Tommy and tried to preemptively convince Takuya to return home, but he instead quickly cut her off.

"Just stop it!" Takuya demanded, making the five jump slightly. He then gave a small sigh before he ran his right hand up his left arm, stopping over the cross-shaped scar, and began massaging the shoulder. "For almost two months now I've been able to work through the pain and go to school so that my family wouldn't ask any me any difficult questions, so I'll be fine with just a walk in the Digital World." As Takuya spoke he refused to turn and face the five. He was too frustrated with the way they were treating him to look at them at the moment.

After being brought back from the brink of death, or maybe it was correct to say that he had pulled back over the brink to the world of the living again, he had spent three days recovering in the Digital World under the watchful eyes of the best digimon healers called from all over the Digital World. After they had decided, through many tests, that he wasn't in any danger or relapsing into death or sickness, they cleared him to return home where he spent five days in bed pretending to be sick. Eventually, he knew he had to either consent to his parents wish to take him to the hospital, since he had been sick for five days in a row, or pretend that he was better and return to school and his daily life. He chooses to return to avoid the doctor discovering anything that might have given away evidence of his deadly injury. With a large fresh scar and a large patch of black and blue tissue surrounding it, he knew it would be impossible to avoid any questions from the doctor. So for the better part of two months he had been pretending to be fine. It was only in the last two weeks that the injury had stopped bothering him and sapping his strength.

"I want you five to listen to me very carefully, because I have no intention of restating or retracting this," Takuya finally turned to look at the five. What met them was the most serious look they had even gotten from their leader. His eyes were focused, boring into the five, his lips firm but calm, and his expression fixed and somber.

"Okay," Koji responded on the behalf of the others. Seeing the look in his best friend's eyes brought him back to the day he had first acknowledged Takuya as their leader. He could feel the determination and belief that he had used to pull them out of one bad situation after another, and all of a sudden he felt a wave of guilt and shame bubble up from within him. In that moment he became very aware of what he had done to Takuya, and he now felt racked by it.

"What happened to the three of us… to me… was terrifying. I've never been so scared in my life, even after it was all over… and I'm sure it was the same for the two of you. That experience taught us how truly dangerous and freighting being a Destined… being a Runner… can be. In truth, when I first woke up the morning after I came back… and the entire week following… I thought about throwing away my D-tector and giving up for good," that last part of Takuya's statement made the others seize with surprise. He had just spoken words that they never thought they'd hear cross his lips, but they also knew he wasn't done yet. It couldn't end with that statement.

Pausing for a moment Takuya reached into his pants pocket and removed his D-tector. He clenched it tightly in his fist before he raised it into the air. The other watched in shock, their minds considering the idea that he was really going to throw it away then and there. None of them could find any reason to blame him if he did after what had happened to him.

"But as I stared at this thing," he final continued as he angled the device in his hand so that a refraction of light dance across his features, "I couldn't do it. When I looked into it… Everything we've done. Every digimon and human we've helped. Every amazing thing we've seen… and the places and people we've yet to see and meet. They all came rushing to me. I saw them every morning, as clear as day… just waiting for us to find them." Takuya turned and smiled at the group for a few seconds before his look turned to pure determination.

"I'm not giving up. I'm going to continue to move forward, no matter what. I won't let the evils and trials of the Multi-verse drag me down into the dirt and mud. I'll meet each and every one of them head on, and with my determination throw them down instead," Takuya's gaze narrowed on his friends, showing his absolute oath. "So don't any of you ever dare doubt me and become one of those trials in my way. As long as this body can move I will never stop trying to help people and digimon, and whatever else we find out there that needs our help. As my friends. As my allies. As the people I trust with my very life, and the people who I would give my life for. I ask you to be there for me and never withhold me from moving forward. I'm asking you to trust me and stand with me."

There was no more after that, only the silent rustle of flower petals as the wind swept through them. The five gazed back at Takuya as he looked to them with a flood of determination and emotion. There had been no falter in his words and expression. He meant everything he had said and would never go back on it. It was a side of their leader they had seen many times before, but never anywhere near the speechlessness inducing degree that he had used now. He had come back from the dead with a vigor and resolve that would never die. He was now set to take on everyone and everything that stood in his path.

"Is that it?" Koji finally broke the silence as he started walking towards Takuya again.

As Takuya watched him approach a slew of thoughts rushed through his mind. Was Koji angry? Did he think he was a fool, like so many times before? Was he scared… could he do nothing to change that?

"Well… umm…" Takuya nervously rubbed the back of his neck and tried to find the right words, but they weren't coming as easily as he hoped. "I guess so…"

"So let me get this straight. After we were trapped in that waking nightmare, you were pretty much killed, and we… had to carry back your lifeless body," a momentary hitch worked its way into Koji's voice at the last part, but being him he was able to push though it without anyone taking much note of it. "The big plan you've come up with is that you don't plan to stop. That you have no intention of recognizing that the Multiverse is a very dangerous place and that we might be better off saying that we did our part and helped a lot of people and digimon already and now we can stop before something even worse happens to us. Something that there's no coming back from."

"Kind of," Takuya swallowed nervously under Koji's cold glare, but he recovered quickly and finished strong with a determined look back. "I feel that we can do more. That we can grow from this experience and help even more people and digimon. I don't think our time is up just yet."

Takuya knew that this was one of the important deciding moments in the direction his life would go. He had to stand his ground and fight for his choice because he knew without the support of his friends and allies that what he hoped to do was impossible. He needed them to believe in his cause, and the future he saw, if he wanted it to happen.

"If that's the case," Koji watched him carefully.

"It is," Takuya stated back, all hesitation now gone from his voice.

"Then I guess that means that the two of us have to stick with you and make sure you don't hurt yourself. And we'll just follow your example and carry on forward," Koji smirked at Takuya's mixed expression of emotions. Surprise, happiness, shock, annoyance (at Koji's implication that without their help he'd get in trouble again), and determination were having a tug of war with the leaders features after hearing his long time friend speak so emotionally out of character for himself.

"Wait!? You three are still going to stay Runners despite what happened?" Zoe balked. She cared greatly for the three and had always been concerned about their choice of being Runners, but after the last incident her fear and concern for them had grown considerably.

"Looks that way," Koichi chuckled throwing an arm over Takuya's shoulder and cup his chin. "How can we refuse this face," he added shaking and squeezing his cheeks playfully.

"Yep," Takuya grinned happily before his expressing turned serious and he extended his clenched fist toward Koji.

With a cool smirk Koji put his out as well and pressed his fist against Takuya while Koichi pressed his into the side of the two.

"Toward what might come you guys," that was all that was left to be said.

*Three Years Later*

Across the digital fields a Trailmon rumbled along its tracks while in the distance Lady Ophanimon's castle grew bigger and bigger. Inside the front car Takuya, Koji, and Koichi sat back in the bench seating. Takuya and Koichi were watching the countryside streak by while Koji stared up at the ceiling, thinking about something.

"Interesting…" Koji simply stated without looking towards the comments intended target.

"What's interesting?" Takuya questioned back, narrowing his eyes towards Koji, having guessed from his tone that he was talking to him.

"I find it interesting that the first place you chose to go after we finally have some free time isn't your girlfriends Zone. It nearly been two months since you've seen her or your new friends after all," Koji rolled his head on his neck and gave Takuya an interested look.

"Trust me, that fact's killing me, but there are other who've waited long enough to hear back from us," Takuya answered as he returned to looking out the window, but this time I was obvious that he wasn't watching the landscape speed by. He was reflecting so deeply on something that the trees, fields, and mountains didn't register with him.

"That's very true," Koichi agreed, laying his head on the back of the bench and narrowing his focus on the ceiling, but just like Takuya it was apparent that he wasn't actually concentrating on what was before his eyes. "Besides, in less than a week we'll have a longer break from school than just a day."

"Yeah, but I can still find it interesting. It seems to point to a growing sense of maturity with you, Takuya," Koji laughed, returning his gaze to the ceiling.

"Thanks… I think…" Takuya shook his head tiredly, unsure of how to take what had just been said to him. Koji often said things to him that were double edged. Taken one way they were a compliment, but taken the other they were a veiled dig at him.

"It's time for us to tell those Destined that we finally got justice for their partners. They deserve to know how we finally killed the Light Traitor, Dominimon."

*From Lady Ophanimon's Personal Files*

*Mission Report*

Mission Name:

The Fallen Ruler, The Light Traitor

Mission Status:

Incomplete (due to added mission objectives by team leader)

Log Added- Completed three years after first encounter with the Light Traitor (see file, The Sealed Digivice Incident)

Mission Objectives (achieved):

While the Destined children were saved they suffered casualties among their partners.


Not a day which I can forget. Steps must be taken to assure that an incident like this never happens again. I must learn more about the lore and happenings of the Multiverse.

Post Mission Data:

Using the name of the Light Traitor as reference I've managed to gather a wide assortment of information and rumors on the subject. Countless horror and atrocities have been credited to this monster and former Digital Ruler (of whose list we have been added to). It seems that to this date no one has successful stood against him or escaped his Zone of False Truths with the exception of the Warriors. The one mark they created in his perverse perfect record is most likely what led to his brute and out of character attack on Takuya. After listening to the story of events I believe that when Dominimon saw Takuya lead Koji and Koichi in gaining control of the situation and ultimately prevail over the challenges Dominimon had thought impassable, he snapped and lashed out, only regaining his senses and leaving like he did once he saw Takuya go down. The scary thought of that was if his rage hadn't been focused on Takuya. If he had been clearer in mind he might have attacked all three and… I can't put it in writing, the thought still haunts me.

However, despite everything they've been through and experienced, Takuya has led the war cry against The Light Traitor; and Koji and Koichi have taken up that call. I will also take up the banner and aid them in their undertaking as I solely devote myself to their work as Runners and the things they hope to achieve. My absolute devotion is the only repentance I can offer them for the way I have changed their lives. This will however require me to pass a large share of my duties pertaining to the Digital World and it's maintenance to Seraphimon and Cherubimon.

On a special note, starting tomorrow I will begin instructing Takuya in a way to help him realign his body and Zone Energy in the wake of all of the power he was exposed to; the core powers of two Digital Rulers (Myself and Dominimon) infiltrating his body, and what happened to him. The method is one that can usually only be used by a Digital Ruler, but I believe he will be able to learn it and make it his own.

The End of CWex: Before it All

AN: So that's it for this little side story. I hope you enjoyed this story despite very little actual seasons interaction. This story's plot became more of a chance for me to experiment with themes and set some ground work for the past and where the story will someday go.

Okay, enough about the past, now onto the future. By this time next week CW2: Runners Prerogative will be up, so I hope you can look forward to that. CW2 will return to the heavy season crossover focused storyline that made CW1 good. The story picks up two months after the end of the first as Takuya prepares to return to the one he left behind, but like with all of his best laid plans, things happen and his plans change. As the title suggest CW2 will have more to do with Takuya and company flexing their skills as Runners to resolve the issue, using methods that are a bit different than how they functioned in CW1. You'll get a better feel for the job and choices that face an experienced Runner as they try to balance helping, but not interfering with the natural order of a Zone. I hope you'll enjoy it just as much as I'll enjoy bringing it to you.