It has been a while since we were sitting together like that.
Ever since Wally had to join the Justice League, had to follow Barrys footsteps, contact with the old team had been on a low level.

Eventually, everyone had entered their own team, making their own living.

I grinned at what Kaldur said when he took another slice of pizza.

„Even after all this years, I will never understand what there is so fascinating about video games." he said with his calm, solemn voice.

Wally smirked, just knocking Roys character off his feet with his and held up his arms in a victorius way. „Makes five wins for me, zero for Roy!" he laughed and I strechted out my arms to hold my balance on Wallys lap.

Where I was sitting.

He started it when we were younger. Sometimes he took advantage of my height and lifted me up by the ankles or just pulled me on his lap when I absolutely did not wanted so. He still did it when we grown-ups though, but my resistance grew weaker with each year passing, with each year we've been together.

Until now, where I simply let it happen, enjoying every minute of closeness I could get to him.

He was the one and only thing that mattered to me these days. And I just couldn't grow tired of looking at him. His radiant red hair, his clover green eyes, the way his skin build a little curve in his cheek when he was smiling. When I couldn't sleep and he was already, I would count the freckles on his face.

In my opinion, his best feature.

Well, except for the smile.

I concur, his smile was the best about him.

And he smiled now, this true, genuine smile of approval and love or friendship. This smile that only he could smile, that only he was showing others.

But he wasn't smiling at me, he was smiling at Roy to cheer him up, but I didn't wanted Roy to be cheered up with that smile.

Demons of jealousy were poking my heart.

And suddenly, I couldn't stand Roy anymore because he got that smile that belonged to me.

Everytime Wally smiled at somebody else, I felt like telling that person, No, that's my smile, he should look at me like that at me and not at you.

But I didn't because I did not wanted to bust the mood. I just kept the growl for myself until they would be gone.

By the end of the day we said goodbye to them and brought them to the door.

Wally closed the door and locked it, smiling.

As he turned around, I pinned him back first to the door and brought my lips to his, kissing him passionately.

„Dick..what's..?" he mumbled confused by this sudden outburst of emotion.

I leaned my forehead on his.

„That's my smile."