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Chapter Sixty-One- The Adventure Continues

Pan yawned as she walked into the kitchen and turned on the lights. The house was quiet in the early morning hours, but she knew the calm wouldn't last long. Pan turned on the coffee pot before she started on breakfast.

Ten minutes later, Pan could hear gentle footsteps coming down the stairs. "Morning, Mama," Akari greeted her.

Pan turned to look at her fourteen-year-old daughter and smiled warmly. Akari still looked a lot like Pan, except for her lavender hair.

"Morning, Honey," she said. "Is your Appa waking up the boys?" She had left the task of waking up the children to him.

"I think he's trying," she said. "I heard Ve and Go whining." Akari walked over to the counter and started taking out plates to set the table.

It was just a few moments later when Pan heard Trunks' footsteps on the stairs. He walked into the kitchen and kissed Pan's cheek.

"Tai is up. I left Ve and Go's bedroom door open. We both know they'll be in here as soon as they smell food."

"True," Pan let out a snort. The twins took after the grandpas they were named after in that sense.

Trunks fixed two cups of coffee and fixed one up with cream and sugar before handing it to Pan. He helped her with breakfast as Akari started making drinks of orange juice and milk for her and the boys.

Thunderous footsteps pounded on the stairs.

"Tapion, be careful!" Pan yelled at her youngest.

Twelve-year-old Tapion skidded into the kitchen with a laugh. "I am, Mama!"

Out of all of their children, Tapion was the one that looked to be an equal mixture of both Pan and Trunks. Pan said that because Tapion looked like Gotenks with an electric blue bowlcut.

"Appa!" Tapion ran over to Trunks. He seemed to be shaking with excitement. "Is-"

"Yep. The part is coming in today," Trunks told him with a grin.

"Alright!" Tapion grinned. "I can work on my bike this evening!"

"How much more do you have left on it?" Pan asked.

"Not much at all! Once I get this motor part just right, I just have to put on the plates and the seat, and then I can ride it!" His eyes were shining with excitement.

Pan smiled at him. Tapion had picked up the hobby of building bikes from Trunks. "Just make sure you're wearing a helmet," Pan told him.

"Awe, Mama, come on!" He frowned. "I'm a Saiyan. I got a tough head."

Trunks reached over and gave Tapion's head two knocks. Their son gasped as he grabbed his head and pouted. "Listen to your Mama," Trunks said. "And go help Akari set the table."

They were just finishing up cooking when Vegeta Jr walked into the kitchen. He and Goku still favored Trunks in looks, except for their dark hair. Vegeta Jr's hair was still stuck in a permanent cowlick, though it wasn't as tall as Vegeta Sr's.

"Good morning, family," Vegeta greeted.

"Is Go up?" Pan asked.

"Yeah, he's-" a loud crash sounded behind Vegeta, who started to snicker - "here."

Goku Jr walked into the kitchen, dusting invisible first off of himself. His hair was wild, but not quite as crazy as Goku Sr's.

"Go, did you fight with your bed?" Trunks teased.

Goku's shirt was rolled halfway up to his stomach. One of his pant legs were up to his knees, and he was missing a sock.

"I had a nightmare," Goku said as they walked to the table.

"What did you have a nightmare about?" Akari asked as she took her seat beside Pan.

"We were out of food," Goku moaned.

"How terrifying," Trunks commented dryly from Pan's other side.

"Oh, Goku," Pan mumbled. Somehow she wasn't even surprised that he considered that type of situation a nightmare.

"I can't believe you dreamed we ran out of food," Akari snorted.

"Yeah, we're rich," Tapion said as he shoved some pancakes into his mouth.

The breakfast started relatively normal. Pan loved the round table they all sat at. Usually, Akari sat to her right, followed by Goku and Vegeta. Trunks sat to her left, with Tapion by his side, which completed the circle. It had gotten a little cramped over the years since her children weren't so small anymore, but Pan refused to get a new one. The table had so many precious memories of her children growing up.

"We are rich, aren't we?" Vegeta suddenly asked.

"Appa's the CEO of the world's largest company," Akari commented.

"Yeah, CC owns practically everything," Tapion added. "Did you forget?"

Vegeta furrowed his brows together. "No, I didn't forget. It's just- if we're well off, then we wouldn't need to do things such as taking showers together to save money, huh?"

"What are you talking about?" Trunks asked as he raised an eyebrow.

Vegeta started cringing. "My poor innocent mind! Why couldn't I just stay innocent?!"

"Vegeta?" Pan called to him worriedly.

"You two!" He looked between Trunks and Pan. "When I was six, I walked into your bathroom, and you two were in the shower together. Appa told me it was to save money, but you two were just-" he let out a huff as his eyes widened.

"Having sex?" Pan finished the sentence causally.

Vegeta let out a strangled scream as Goku spit out his food. "What?!"

"You're acting like you don't know how you got here," Trunks rolled his eyes.

"I know how we got here," Vegeta huffed. "I just didn't want to imagine it!"

"It's not like you could see anything," Pan told him.

"Yeah, stop acting like you're special or something," Akari rolled her eyes. "We've all caught Appa and Mama having sex."

Pan choked on her coffee as Trunks snickered. "You might have caught us, but I doubt you saw anything," he said.

"Thank you, Dende," Tapion muttered as he glanced up at the ceiling.

"Kais above," Vegeta gasped. "Is there a place you two haven't done it in this house?"

"Of course, there is!" Pan huffed. She opened her mouth but found that she honestly couldn't think of a place. Trunks was snickering beside her.

"Please tell me the counters where our food is prepared is safe," Goku said as he clutched his chest. "Tell me you didn't taint it!"

"Taint it," Trunks snorted. "It gets cleaned several times a day. It's fine."

"Oh, my stars," Goku gasped.

"Maybe you two should start locking the doors," Tapion commented.

"It's my house," Trunks huffed. "Maybe you heathens should start knocking."

"You want us to start knocking before we go into any room?" Akari raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe you guys should. I'm trying for number five," Trunks said with a smirk as he winked at Pan.

"Haha," she told him with a roll of her eyes.

"You told me not to get you pregnant again until he was ten-" Trunks motioned towards Tapion. "It's been two years since then, Panna," he grinned.

"I know," she told him with a grin of her own. "But you wore me out with four in a row, so I need a longer break."

"At least the practice is fun," Trunks kissed her.

"Can we get one meal without you two flirting?!" Goku aspirated.

"No, it's impossible," Pan smiled as she rubbed her nose against Trunks'. "I love your Appa too much."

"You guys-" Vegeta groaned. "Can you at least cut the baby-making talk out of it?"

"The baby-making is how you all got here, so I don't want to hear it," Trunks muttered.

"Did you plan to have all of us so close together?" Akari asked curiously.

"No," Pan said truthfully. "We planned the twins and you, but I didn't expect to get pregnant with Tapion so soon."

Vegeta let out a snort. "Tapion was an accident!"

"Don't call your brother that!" Pan scolded. "He was not an accident! He was just a big surprise!"

"So, in other words, I was an accident," Tapion muttered dryly.

"You're welcome-" Trunks reached over and patted Tapion's head affectionately. "It was my fault that night," he snickered.

"And that's why we haven't had number five yet," Pan teased him.

She wouldn't admit it to Trunks, but over the last year, Pan had gotten a slight case of baby fever. All of her children were teenagers or preteens now, so she missed that wonder that a young child brought. She'd catch herself looking up baby outfits or toys. When she'd see a baby somewhere, her heart almost melted. She wouldn't give in just yet though.

"Oh my," Pan glanced at the clock. It was nearing 7:30! "You kids had best hurry up. You only have an hour left to get ready, and it's your first day of a new school year."

"Is it really that late already?!" Akari cried as she jumped up. "I still need to shower! It's the twins' turn to do the dishes!" She said before she bolted up the stairs.

"Hey! It's not our turn!" Vegeta yelled after her.

"Yeah, it is. Akari and I did them yesterday," Tapion said as he stood up.

"Tapion, make sure you wear your uniform correctly," Pan told him. "I do not want a call from your teacher this year, stating that you weren't following the dress code."

"I hate those ties," Tapion whined.

Pan raised her eyebrow at him and gave him a pointed look.

Tapion's frown deepened, and he looked at the ground. "Okay, Mama," he said before he turned around and sulked up the stairs.

"I need to go shower," Pan said as she stood up. "Make sure you place the dishes in the dishwasher correctly," she told Goku and Vegeta before she headed towards the stairs.

Trunks was right behind her before he stepped beside her and wrapped an arm around her waist to pull her close. "I need a shower, too," he smirked. "Let's take one together to save some money," he winked.

"You are so bad!" Pan swatted him playfully.

For the next hour, the house was filled with commotion as everyone got ready for the day. Pan tuned out her children shouting at each other as she got ready. She was still a photographer in her spare time, but she was now the Director of the CC Healthy Planet Magazine.

It had been nearly two decades since the Shadow Dragons had terrorized the earth. The earth was as beautiful as ever, and there were no signs that polluted dragons had once tried to ruin everything. Most cars and other forms of transportation were solar-powered or electronic.

Pan finished getting ready and went downstairs. All of her boys were already downstairs and mostly ready. She let out a small sigh as she went over to Tapion and fixed his tie and collar.

"I forgot," Tapion said with a laugh. "Am I good to go now?" He asked once Pan was finished.

She nodded. "Did you get a snack?"

He shook his head with a grin. "Kai and I are going to grab something before school."

"Alright, be careful," Pan told him.

Tapion was almost as tall as Pan was now, so he didn't have to lean up much to kiss her cheek. "I will!" He ran over to Trunks and gave him an echoing high-five. "We're working on the bike this afternoon, right?"

"Yeah, we might be able to for a little while," Trunks grinned with a nod.

"Alright!" Tapion said before he took off out their backdoor to meet up with Kai.

Pan looked at her twins, who were raiding the cabinets for snacks. They were dressed correctly, and Pan was so happy that they no longer tried to go days without showering. Ever since they had hit puberty and started noticing girls, they kept themselves clean most of the time.

Lastly, Pan went over to her last boy. Just like she always did, she fixed his tie for him with a small smile. Trunks kissed her forehead in thanks as he wrapped his arms around her.

"They're still at it," Vegeta muttered to Goku.

"When are they not?" Goku muttered back.

"We're just hugging for Kai's sake," Trunks huffed at them.

Footsteps rushed down the stairs as Akari finally joined them. Pan wasn't surprised she was the last one to be ready. Ever since she and Trunks had allowed Akari to start wearing a little bit of makeup, she always put some on. It was as if she was expecting a certain someone to arrive.

"Hey, Onionhead," Vegeta greeted Akari as Goku started to snicker.

Akari huffed and crossed her arms over her chest as she glared at her brothers. She was fond of fixing her bangs up in a ponytail, and the hair always popped up instead of laying flat. Pan thought it was adorable.

The twins were still snickering as they walked over to Pan and Trunks. They kissed their mama's cheek and gave their Appa a high-five.

"Behave!" Pan called after them.

"She's so loving, isn't she?" Goku teased.

"We always behave!" Vegeta smirked back.

"That's a lie!" Trunks yelled after them. "You two are too much like me."

"That's right!" The twins laughed before they rushed out the door.

Akari rushed over next and squeezed her arms around Pan and Trunks. "Chima, Haru, and I are going to stop and get a snack before school."

"Alright," Pan nodded with a smile.

"Have a good day at school, Onionhead," Trunks grinned at her.

"I will!" Akari chirped. Trunks was the only person that could call her Onionhead without her getting mad. She leaned up and kissed both of their cheeks before she took off.

"You still haven't told her, haven't you?" Trunks chuckled to Pan once they were alone.

Pan looked up at him and grinned. "I'm going to let her be surprised like everyone else. Plus, I figured that if I told her he was coming back, she would have little hearts in her eyes, and you'd be pouting."

Trunks pouted, just like how Pan knew he would, and she laughed. "You don't think she'll still have a crush on him, do you?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I think it's a very good chance that she still will, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see tonight," she smiled. Either way, she was sure that her daughter would be delighted when she saw who was finally back home.