Soul Eater: Cool Books

This is a Maka and Soul. No O.C.'s. Other then the rights to this story and any other stories I make, I own nothing of Soul Eater or the songs mentioned. What happens when Maka finds Soul in a book store? What about when she finds out what kind of books they sold to Soul? This One-shot may stink but I'm new.


Maka was heading to the Death City Hardback Book Store to get both new reading material and a harder book to Maka Chop Soul with. On her way she saw what she thought was an impossible sight. Soul in a bookstore! Then she thought that it must be an 'special kind of bookstore' if he is in it. She ran all the way to the Hardback Book Store. She bought her new reading material and the biggest, hardest book she could find that she would use on Soul as soon as they both got home.

Soul's POV

"Man, I hope Maka likes what I'm doing for her," said I to myself, "I just hope I didn't come in herr for nothing."

I bought the book I was looking for, and ran home.

"Maka Chop!"

I passed out. When I came to, I was in the living room Maka was reading a book, an angery aura obvious around her. I picked up his book, and headed to I room. Before I entered my room, I heard Maka say, "I can't believe you went there."

"What's here problem?" I asked myself, "Whatever, I have work to do."

I stayed up all night working on a surprise for Maka. I just hope she likes it.

The next morning

"Morning Mak.." I started.

"Maka Chop!"

I blacked out. When I woke up, it was 4:00 pm! Dang it, Maka.

At the supposed "Special Bookstore"

Maka's POV

I walked into the "special bookstore", and I can't believe I did. I must look strange.

"Hi little lady. What can I do for you?" asked the store keeper.

"Cut the crap. What did a guy with white hair buy yesterday?" I asked with fire in my eyes.

"He told me not to tell anyone, because it was a surprise."

"Tell me, or so Death help me I will throw all the way across Death City and back."

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell."

"Fine I'll find out sooner or later."

Soul's POV

"Maka, where are you? I can't believe she is mad at me. What did I do? Crap."

I had realised that she must of saw me in the bookstore, and thought the books were a "special" kind.

"Maka why?"

"Soul! Tell me what book you bought from that store."


"Maka, that store is called the Words of Music."


"The bookstore."

"Then what did you buy?"

"I'll show you."

I led Maka all the way back to our apartment, where I led her to my room, where my piano was lying in wait.

"What are you doing?" asked Maka.

"Just watch and listen." I replied.

I started to play a song I learned to play from the book Love Songs through the Ages, the book I purchased from the bookstore. The name of the song was Cooler than Me. When I finished, I turned to Maka and she didn't say anything.

"Mak...?" I was silenced when she squeezed me so hard I fell my ribs crack.

"Soul. I love it, and you."

"Thank Death."

I closed a close gap between us and kissed her as if I havent seen her in seven years, and I have loved her during all that time.

"Should we tell Kid and the others?" I asked.

"Tomorrow." replied my meister.