Summary: Broken by her past, Josephine moves to Ohio to start all over. But what happens when romance comes into the picture? Will she finally be able to heal or will her past rule her?

Disclaimer: I do not own this – the owners and writer of Glee and Harry Potter do. Credit to Taylor Swift for the song Crazier.

Without You

Chapter 2


"I can't believe that we have a sponsor," Artie said disbelievingly as he picked at his food.

"I'm not surprised," Rachel commented. "I am more surprised that someone moved to Lima willingly." Santana snorted.

"Don't you know who she is?" Santana asked with a sneer. All of their heads turned in her direction.

"Who is she?" Quinn softly asked.

"Josephine Potter is better known as the Lady of 15 houses back in England," Santana cited from memory. "Surprisingly, despite her mother's background, she is the last of 7 noble houses through her. Through her father she is the last of 8 noble houses.

"When she was emancipated at age 15, she tested and was confirmed to be the next head of house for all 15. After it was confirmed Josephine Potter added Black to her last name in honor of her late godfather.

"She then went through a complete makeover. By the end of that summer, she changed from a skinny, shy malnourished teenager to a high class woman befitting her titles. The change was noticed by a close friend, Cedric Diggory.

"The couple dated for two years before their Alma matter was attacked. They were on the front lines of the biggest battle in the war. After the defeat of the leader, by Josephine, witnesses saw a distraught Josephine crying and holding the body of her boyfriend.

"He died from his injuries before any help could be called. From then on Josephine became well-known for her radical views on the need to update and overhaul her Alma matter rules and syllabus. She claims that if it wasn't for their lack of ability to enforce rules then the war wouldn't have accelerated as quickly as it had.

"The war was later known as the "disappearing war". In addition, to her radical views on the school needing an overhaul she was also well-known for her views on orphanages, abuse, equal rights, and ways (as well as rules) to deal with threats." Santana paused to take a drink of water.

"The disappearing war came in two segments," a familiar voice behind them softly spoke. "The first ended on the night of Lady Josephine Potter's parents' death; the second on the night of her boyfriend, Cedric, death. However, it is well-known that the bodies of all three were never discovered.

"After the war, Lady Potter went onto lead a private life. With the expectations of the times that Lady Potter is in the government building, she is rarely sighted." She paused and turned to Santana. "Did I get it all?" A dumbfounded Santana, nodded. "Excellent, now I'd suggest heading to class."

"You're crazy," an amused voice came from the phone. Josephine rolled her eyes. "Why did you go to Lima, Ohio of all places? You could have lived anywhere you wish and you go to Ohio."

"I feel drawn here," Josephine informed him. "Like there is someone I am supposed to meet and be with. I don't know who or why but I want to be nearby when I found out." She sighed.

"Just let me know any important news," he demanded. "I need to know if and when you meet the guy and what happens when you do."

"Like I'm going to keep you out of this, Draco," Josephine said with a roll of her eyes. "You are probably the only one currently talking to me out of my friends."

"True," Draco mused. "I'll harass them until they realize what idiots they've been." Josephine snickered.

"Talk to you later, Draco," Josephine said amused. Draco returned with a goodbye and then hung up. Josephine placed her phone on her desk and began eating her egg salad sandwich.

"Mind if I join you?" Will asked as poked his head into her office. Josephine shook her head in response as she still had food in response as she still has food in her mouth. Will smiled and took a seat. She watched him pull out his lunch.

"What are you eating?" Josephine questioned. Will was making faces as he attempted to finish the sandwich.

"It's supposed to be a tuna sandwich but it doesn't taste like it," Will told her as he eyed the sandwich as though the sandwich was deadly. Josephine snickered and leaned behind her desk and pulled up a brown bag. She handed him the bag to his confusion.

"It's a habit from back when I was in England," Josephine explained. "My friends used to pop at work at random times so I began to bring a second lunch every day since." Will blinked.

"Thank you," Will told her. He took a bite of the sandwich and moaned in pleasure.

"What kind of sandwich is this?" Will questioned.

"Spiced chicken with my homemade sauce," She told him as she pulled out a bag of chips. Will winced when a loud pop came from the bag of chips.

"Your homemade sauce?" Will asked with a raised eyebrow. Josephine smiled in response.

"Yep," Josephine confirmed. "I am told that I am a good cook and an even better baker." Will snickered. "Of course, that may be because I've been cooking since I was 4 years old." Will paled at what she said.

"4 years old," he croaked in surprise.

"Indeed," Josephine dryly commented. "When my parents died I was brought to my mom's sister and her family. I grew up in a cupboard and was abused and treated as a servant on a daily basis. When I was 4 it was decided that I was old enough to earn my keep."

Josephine snickered when she saw the look of pain on Rachel's face; Finn had stepped on her foot again; Will looked like he was about ready to scream in frustration because Finn was still not getting the steps. Josephine stepped in and guided Finn through the steps. A look of understanding dawned on Finn when the song was over.

"Thanks Ms. Potter," Finn said after he managed to do the dance flawlessly. Will ran the glee group through the dance routine once more.

"Ms. Potter could you sing this song with us?" Rachel questioned. Josephine looked up startled. She looked at the lyrics and smiled.

"Sure," She agreed. "How about now?" Rachel grinned.

"I've never gone with the wind

Just let it flow

Let it take me where it wants to go

Till you open the door

There's so much more

I've never seen it before

I was trying to fly

But I couldn't find wings

Then you came along

And you changed everything

You lift my feet off the ground

Spin me around

You make me crazier, crazier

Feels like I'm falling and I

I'm lost in your eyes

You make me crazier, Crazier, crazier

Watched from a distance as you

Made life your own

Every sky was your own kind of blue

And I wanted to know

How that would feel

And you made it so real

You showed me something that I couldn't see

You opened my eyes and you made me believe

You lift my feet off the ground

'Spin me around You make me crazier, crazier

Feels like I'm falling and I

I'm lost in your eyes

You make me crazier, Crazier, crazier, ohh...

Baby, you showed me what living is for

I don't want to hide anymore... more...

You lift my feet off the ground,

spin me around

You make me crazier, crazier

Feels like I'm falling and I

I'm lost in your eyes

You make me crazier, Crazier, crazier

Crazier, crazier."