Without You

Chapter 7

"911, what's your emergency?"

Josephine studied the group with a sigh. It seemed like a majority of them had two left feet. Of course, there were exceptions – Mike, Brittany, and Santana. She sighed and whistled to stop them and gain their attention; then all of their eyes are on her.

"I'm going to place each of you into a group," she informed them. "Mike, Santana, and Brittany, could you come up here?" She only had to wait a moment before they were standing next to her. "Okay I'm going to call your name and assign you to work with Mike, Brittany, or Santana." The group broke out into chatter but a quick glare ended that. "Okay Finn you'll be working with Mike." Finn headed over to Mike. "Rachel you'll go to…" To everyone's surprise, she did not finish her sentence because she collapsed with no warning.

Immediately the group swarmed her. Mike was closest. He grabbed her wrist and found a faint pulse.

"Finn, call 911," Mike demanded.

"911, what's your emergency?"


The Warblers had only been working on their set for ten minutes when a phone's ring broke into the air. With pink cheeks, Kurt fished his phone out of his pocket. A bewildered and worried look crossed his face when he caught sight of the caller ID.

"Finn, why are you calling?" Kurt asked bewildered. "You're supposed to be in glee practice."

"Kurt, is Blaine with you?" Finn asked nervously.

"Yeah he's sitting right next to me," Kurt told him. "Why?" Blaine gave him a curious look. The other Warblers watched the scene with cautious eyes.

"Can you give him the phone please?" Finn asked anxiously. "It's important."

"Uh, sure," Kurt said. He handed the phone to Blaine, who took it with a perplexed look.

"Hey Finn, what's up?" Blaine wondered.

"Dude, it's your godmother," Finn blurted out. "She collapsed during glee practice. They took her to the hospital. I am at the hospital with Mr. Schue but they will not tell us anything because we are not family. I didn't know who else to call." Blaine froze for a moment as a thousand scenarios ran through his head.

"That'd be her cousin Draco," Blaine managed. "I'll call him. It would be better if it came from me. I will be at the hospital soon as I can. Bye Finn." Blaine hit the end button on the phone and handed it back to Kurt. With a narrow, blinding view, Blaine quickly gathered his things together. Blaine stood to leave but before he could, a large hand on his shoulder stopped him. The hand belonged to Hunter Clarington. Blaine stepped away from him and glared.

"Are you stopping me from leaving?" Blaine bit out. Every Warbler winced. All of them knew how much Blaine loved his godmother.

"I am stopping you from causing a car accident," Hunter corrected. Blaine scoffed and attempted to walk around him.

"You just want to appear like you are being a professional," Blaine snapped. "You don't care about Josephine as you've already demonstrated." Hunter jerked back as though he had been slapped.

"That's not true," Hunter, countered. "I wasn't ready for what I had learned. I am ready now and I am not going to lose her." Blaine stared at the man and studied him for a moment.

"Fine you can come," Blaine conceded. "But I am still driving." Hunter sighed and finally allowed Blaine to pass by.

"Warblers is over for the day," Hunter said and then left the room as well.


Somehow, despite his earlier statement, Blaine was the one in the passenger seat. With a quick glare at his teacher, Blaine dug his phone out of his pocket. He quickly flipped through his phone contacts and called Draco. This was not going to be a pleasant conversation.

"Malfoy," Draco answered. Blaine gave a small smile. Some things never changed.

"Hey Draco, its Blaine," Blaine informed him. "Josephine is in the hospital." Blaine had to hold his phone away from his ear as Draco let out a steady stream of swearing that would make a sailor blush at its vulgarity.

"What happened?" Draco asked once his had calmed down somewhat.

"During Glee practice at McKinley she collapsed," Blaine informed him. "She hadn't been doing anything preceding the collapse that would have caused it. I think it has to do with something else."

"Chances?" Draco wondered.

"High," Blaine admitted. "She found him. He basically rejected her." Hunter's grip on the steering wheel tightened as he listened. "Although now he says it's because he was overwhelmed at the time and is ready now."

"How do you know that?" Draco asked as he packed his things away. He did not notice Hermione standing in the doorway with a curious look on her face.

"He's one of my teachers," Blaine said. "He was there when I received the call from one of the McKinley students. Finn, Kurt's stepbrother, called Kurt so that he could talk to me. He's at the hospital with Mr. Schue but they're not telling them anything because they are not family." Draco hummed in agreement.

"Legally they cannot," Draco commented. "It's illegal to share medical information unless they have been preapproved by the patient. If they did, they could be sued until they are drained dry if they are not careful. You are on her emergency list so they should tell you what is going on when you get there. I'm not sure how long it will take me to get there so please keep me updated."

"I'll let you know the second I hear anything," Blaine promised. They said their goodbyes and then hung up. Draco turned to leave and stopped when he spotted Hermione in the doorway.

"What are you doing here?" Draco hissed. Hermione instinctively took a step back and reached for her wand.

"I wanted to see if you had a way of contacting Josephine," Hermione told him wearily. "Is she alright? What happened? Why is she in the hospital? Whom were you talking to anyway? Where is she at?"

"I don't have time for this Granger," Draco snarled with a shake of his head. Hermione huffed.

"Well take me with you then," Hermione said. Draco raised an eyebrow at her.

"Why should I do that Granger?" Draco asked. "Last I heard you believed Josephine to be a backstabbing slut whom you should have never been friends with." Hermione's face flushed in embarrassment at the words and how they showed how quick she had been to turn on her childhood friend.

"I was wrong and misled," Hermione, countered. "I want to apologize to her. I know she may not accept it but I want to at least try. She was my best friend for years before this whole mess."

"Exactly," Draco said. "You were her best friend for years and yet somehow you still believed her ex-boyfriend over her. Did ever consider that he was being petty about her breaking up with him? Did you ever think to get your head out of your ass and listen to your friend?" Hermione winced.

"He's the older brother of my husband," Hermione pointed out. "I didn't want to cause any problems among the family. I had just been married." Draco sighed and pinched his nose as he tiredly ran through his thoughts.

"Fine you can come Granger but don't be surprised if you're thrown out be either her or her godson," Draco told her. Hermione frowned.

"Godson?" Hermione wondered. "I thought Teddy was her only godson." Draco rolled his eyes.

"Grab my arm Granger or I'll just leave you behind," Draco threatened. Hermione quickly grabbed his arm and soon they were on their way.


The second the car was parked, Blaine was out of it. He ran up to the hospital and went directly to the ER receptionist. Following closely behind him was Hunter. To his surprise, before he could get a word out, Draco arrived with a woman. She seemed familiar but Blaine could not place her.

"How can I help you?" the receptionist asked.

"We're here to see Josephine Potter," Blaine said. "I'm her godson and this is her cousin." The receptionist smiled.

"Of course, we've been waiting for you," she said. "Right this way." Silently the two men observed each other. Draco gave Blaine a slight nod and the two men followed the receptionist through the emergency room doors.