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The Secret Agent Conundrum

Chapter 1 – The Mission

Rajesh Koothrappali sits in his lair wearing his fanciest pajamas and drinking the best brandy he's ever tasted. He's checking things out on the interwebs. Just your typical things, you know the news (he has to know what is going in the world), his pseudonym Facebook and Twitter accounts (why in the world would he use his real name-and he doesn't use them much-but for once he's had a quiet night and decided to check them out), and his email (which he sees that there is an email marked urgent from Leonard. He opens it up and reads this:

Dear Raj,

It has come to my attention that your sister, Priya, is working for the evil Dr. Cooper and his girlfriend, Dr. Fowler. If my intelligence is correct, you are her target. What I want you to do is to get to her before she gets to you.

You know that if you are caught, you could end up tortured to death. Oh, what the hell, we all know what Sheldon is capable of and with Amy's neurobiology background, there are ways they can cause you to be tortured beyond anything you'd ever want imagine.

Let me know ASAP when you get this message if you accept or not.



PS – If you take this, and you know this, you are greatly putting your life on the line. I know you and Priya are related, but you need to realize that she doesn't care that you are her brother or a crash test dummy. And if any help is needed, we will all be there at a moment's notice. It's what friends do.

Raj sat back from the screen and took a sip of his brandy. "Why would Leonard ask me to put my life on the line like this? And why Priya? Oh, Sheldon, you rat bastard. You are messing with forces beyond anything you've ever imagined. Even if I have to put Priya in jail, I will stop Sheldon and Amy."

Raj hits the reply button and types this:

Dear Leonard,

I will accept this mission with pride. I was scared at first, but I realize that Sheldon and Amy need to be stopped. They've messed with the wrong guy.

Also, your offer for help. I beg of it. I am afraid I will not be able to do this mission alone. This is the largest one I've had and I don't want to get caught. I don't want any of us to be caught. I know you know where I'm going with this, so I will stop myself.

Thanks for all the help,


Penny is sitting at Leonard's desk when she sees Raj's reply came in. "Leonard, Raj has replied!," she yells.

"Shhhhh! Penny, people can hear us! We don't want that!," he responds. "What's it say?"

Penny reads it to Leonard. He walks over and says, "Penny, I need to reply to this immediately."

"Let him know that I'm all in for helping as well. I need to call Bernadette and Howard. I have a feeling we are going to need to the whole team.," Penny says.

"Yes, most definitely. I will respond with what we have so far."

Dear Raj,

Penny and I are on board for helping you out on this mission and will be over there first thing in the morning to begin plans. I'm sure you are safe tonight. No one but us four know where you are.

Penny is calling Bernadette and Howard now. We will let you know if they agree when we get that information.

You know how Bernie is these days, she doesn't want anything to happen to Howard. I think for this mission he will reside at your lair and run our computer diagnostics and hack into things that we need hacking into. That should ease her mind.



Raj reads this and smiles. He thinks, "I'm glad I have such awesome friends."

Just then, two emails appear in his inbox. One of them is from Leonard, the other from Howard. Raj opens up Howard's email first.

Dear Raj,

Just got the call from Penny. As always, Bernie and I will be pleased to lend our services to stop Sheldon and Amy.

As Leonard has probably already told you, I am going to be staying at your lair while you guys are on the mission and helping in any way possible with tech support, and I mean any way.

We will be over first thing in the morning with Leonard and Penny to make the plan. Don't worry buddy, we've got this. Priya and eventually Sheldon and Amy will be stopped. This is my promise.

Oh, and Bernie says she's bringing breakfast.



Then Raj opens up Leonard's email. It was short and sweet.

Dear Raj,

Howard and Bernadette have accepted. We will all be there at sunrise, and Bernie's making breakfast Howard says.



Raj sends both Leonard and Howard the same email:

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for helping out! I'm so very grateful! You have no idea!

See you all tomorrow!

Leonard – By sunrise, you mean when we first see any glimpse of light, right? I'll be up expecting you around 6 am.

Howard - Tell Bernie thanks, I love her pancakes. Yum!



Raj finishes and shuts down the computer. He doesn't need it for the rest of the night.

He walks into his bedroom and turns on the lamp on his night table. He walks over and shuts his door. He sees someone who he knows all too well standing behind it waiting for him.

"Priya!," he screams.

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