The Secret Agent Conundrum – Chapter 4

The Reason It Happened: Part 2

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Amy walked into the containment shower to see Sheldon sitting on the floor with his knees up to his chest, his arms hanging over them, and his head being supported by them. She thought she could hear the faint sounds of crying through the water running from the shower head. "Sheldon, are you OK?" she said with a slightly fearful tone in her voice.

"OK! OK! Am I OK? Amy, no I'm not OK!" Sheldon yells through the down pour of water showering over him.

Amy stands there confused at Sheldon's reaction and step in the water and feels a large amount of emotion fall upon her. She slides down the wall and sits next to Sheldon, now realizing what is happening to both of them. She reaches up and turns the water off for both shower heads. She stands up and grabs Sheldon's arms and tries to pull him off the floor and into a standing position. Amy uses all her strength, which she admits isn't much, to pull her boyfriend from the floor. She finally accomplishes her mission and walks out of the shower realizing that whatever has happened can't be good.

She walks back into the stall and hands Sheldon a towel, which he takes gratefully and begins to dry himself off. Amy starts drying herself off as well and looks at Sheldon, only to notice the change that has happened. "Sheldon, something is wrong! Something is very wrong! Something reacted with the water in the containment shower with something that we had on us. It has changed our brain chemistry and I can prove it!" she yells. "What did you feel when you touched the water?"

Sheldon looked at Amy and said, "A huge rush of emotion, something that I've been trying very hard to hide. There is a reason, Amy dear, that I did that! Not anymore! I have plans! I don't need proof that our brain chemistry has changed. I know it has!"

"Sheldon, don't you want to know what caused it? I can figure it out so we can reverse it! We are turning into evil geniuses! This isn't good. I'm not an evil person!" Amy yelled back.

"I don't care, Amy! I have been holding back all these emotions for so long! Now, I will unleash my fury on the world and take revenge on every bad thing anyone has ever done to me! You are my only exception, Amy! I love you and don't want any more harm to come to you!" he yelled.

"Then we need to figure out what happened so we can go back to our old selves!" she replied.

"NO! NO! NO! For too long, I have sat and let people bully me and laugh at me. Make jokes about me and point at me. Don't think I didn't know. My amazing hearing has always been quite an amazing thing. Well, now it's payback time! Amy, I know you feel the same way. What about those girls in high school that put the Rogaine in your lotion? Wouldn't you love to get revenge on that?"

"Yes, but..."

Sheldon interrupted, "OK, then. Shall we get something started?"

Amy couldn't help but cave to Sheldon's wishes. She knew with all her heart that she was right. Even the woman she called her Bestie had said some stuff that she did not take too well. She held it in because that's what she did. That's how she was. Not anymore. Now it's Amy and Sheldon against the world and she adored the sound of that.

Leonard and Penny were sitting in 4A cuddling on the couch, leaving the cushion on the far left free. They knew that if Sheldon were to come home from visiting Amy's lab and saw them in his spot all hell would break loose. They were pretty much right about the hell part.

The door opened to the apartment to find very angry versions of Sheldon and Amy rushing through the door.

"What's wrong Sheldon?" Leonard asked.

"You are what's wrong! And you! Oh, don't think you are gonna get off the hook here, Penny! Just wait! Wait to see what you have done! I will get my revenge upon the world!" Sheldon yelled and he walked to his bedroom to grab his belongings so he can move out and into somewhere more secret for his and Amy's operation.

Amy followed behind him with the same energy that Sheldon left room in.

Penny stood up to follow when she felt Leonard pull her back down onto the couch to prevent her from doing so.

"Penny, something happened in that lab today. I'm a scientist too and I know when something bad has happened. Something bad has happened to Sheldon and Amy." Leonard said.

"Ok, how do we figure out what happened? They aren't going to tell us!" Penny replied.

"We are going to have to do some detective work and figure it out ourselves." He replied.

"Leonard, I'm not a scientist. I don't know anything about biology or physics. What do you suggest I do?" she asked.

"You can be in charge of the command center. You know how to do all that kind of stuff." he said.

Just then Sheldon and Amy walked back into the living room and they left with a few final words from Sheldon, "Beware of your every move! It might just be your last one!" They both walked out of that door only to be heard from if something went horribly wrong.

"Um, remember when I said that Sheldon was one lab accident away from a super villain?" Leonard asked Penny.

"Yeah." she replied.

"I can't believe that I actually may have seen the future." he said in shock.

"We need to call the others and we all need to find a safe place to go so Sheldon and Amy can't find us." Penny said.

Leonard nodded and grabbed his phone and started making plans and calls to figure out how to proceed with their plan.

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