The beast within 00

Hearts set aflame by the spell of the full moon; a circle of fire that burns in the night.

Can not be stopped it's the curse of the werewolf; a child of the night that howls to the moon.

– Timeless Miracle.

This beast was not her son

Queen Aleena was hiding in the shadows of a nearby building as she watched the beast that used to be her son. For those of you who don't know said queen's son was Sonic the hedgehog. At the moment Sonic doesn't look much like the blue and peach hedgehog he's known to be. Right now Sonic looks like a bizarre mixture of a wolf and a hedgehog. The beast he is now is 5 times said hedgehog's original size. The beast stands as tall as the guardian Echo on all fours and on two's (legs) he towers over Echo by a full three heads.

"Watch Out!"

"Get out the way!"

Beast-sonic had just missed his twin's head as he swiped at the green hedgehog.

"Way uncool bro! I just got this vest." Because Sonic had missed Manic's head, he had tried again to decapitate his twin and had slashed the back of Manic's vest. "You're lucky he didn't take your damn head off!" Sonia yelled at one of her twin brothers. "Watch Out!" Manic had just saved his twin from ending up a princess pancake underneath their now mutated brother's paw. Because he had missed, Sonic had cracked the ground when he had tried to squash his sister. Normally Sonic wasn't that strong, the only muscles being strong enough to cause damage like that were his legs. But ever since he made the seemly permanent transformation into a huge muscular beast that happened nearly six weeks ago everything had changed, He had become stronger in a way that made Mighty, Echo, and Knuckles' strength look like nothing. Said power-houses were being tossed around like ragdolls by the mutated hedgehog.

"Sonic get the bloody hell off me!" Jessy, a gray furred timber wolf Anthro that was partly robotized, yelled as her adoptive brother now had her pinned to the ground. Unfortunately for Sonics' friends when he had made the transformation; sonic had lost all memories of his friends and family.

In lame-men's terms Sonic was just too hungry to care to worry about who he was actually eating. He wanted red-meat and he was gonna get it ; whether it was his friends or just some poor random stranger.

Right now it seemed that Jessy was going to meet an unfortunate end in her adoptive brother's stomach.

"I must do something." Queen Aleena was forbidden by the oracle to intervene in her children's lives. Oracle be damned, if she didn't do something her son would be stuck as that cursed beast forever. "Somebody get him off of me!" Jessy was failing around beneath the wolf-like creature that was about to eat her. And by some rare miracle that was Manic, Sonic was off of Jessy and embedded into a building's wall 20 feet from the two.

"How did you do THAT?" All three powerhouses yelled at Manic while they watched Sonic crawl out of his homemade crater in the side of the building. "I don't know." Manic was just as awestricken as the others. "You okay Jess?"

"Yea. Scared stiff, but I'll live." Sonic gave himself a full body shake and lunged for Manic.


Aleena had made her choice without a mental decision to. She had run out from her hiding place and had used her powers to stop Sonic's advance.


Aleena turned around to face her two normal children, both of which had wide, watering eyes. She would comfort them after she save her oldest son, who was now stalking forward after the mild shock of being counter mid-air.

"Sonic I can help you but only if you let me." Aleena was trying to reach her son underneath the fur and muscle. She was answered by a vicious snarl. "Sonic please. I did not give birth to a monster. Stop this; I know you do not wish to harm your siblings or any of your friends."

Sonic had stopped his advance to stare down at the female that stood in his way of lunch.

*Sonic POV*

Who is this female creature to stop me from feeding? Very well, if she stands in the way of my feast the she will be the first to die.

I will…. I-I know this creature.

I-I know all of these creatures. There my….friends.

Sonic was beginning to remember.


-End of Sonic's POV-

"Yes Sonic; it's me. You're not a monster, you have to stop this. I know that you don't want to hurt anyone."

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…"

"Dude its okay; we know you didn't have any control." Manic was at his mother's side now staring up (way up) at his brother. Who at the moment was trying to put as much space as possible between himself and his friends and family.

"Please. You guys gotta get outta here. I can't control-"

What little control Sonic had over his beast form was shattered and now…


" OH GOD NO!" Everyone present (including the queen) backed away from the monster that used to be Sonic. They all took off running at the sound of Sonic's howl.

The beast was on the prowl

-The End for Now-