Beast within 08

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try. You will never be able to get rid of me; into hell I will send your lost soul, I will drag you into darkness. – Stefan the hedgehog (Malach baby)

~2 weeks later~

After their freakish encounter with Amy, Jessie and Mighty quickly made their way to Tails' house to update the others on the 'Malach situation'. "Tails isn't worse than what we thought. She's already possessed by that damn thing. We have to get it out of her." Sonia stood up from her spot next to Manic. "How exactly are we going to do that? She doesn't want an abortion and Sonic won't let us near her if we're going to try and force her to get one." Jessie turned to face the cherry colored hedgehog with something close to panic in her eyes. "We don't have a choice. You weren't there. Amy has no control what so ever over her body. I think that thing has been controlling her since it was conceived. That's why we haven't seen them out and about in so long. It knows we want to get rid of it so it's keeping them inside; away from us." Manic sighed as he ran his hand through his wild quills. "Let's say this is true. How are WE going to get the baby out of Amy if Sonic won't let us anywhere near her? I mean we could drag her out kicking and screaming but wouldn't that just cause Sonic to go into an overprotective frenzy?" Tails frowned. "Manic's right; we can't really do anything unless Amy approves. And if the fetus is controlling her, it'll just make a big deal once we show up to try and drag her away."

"Why don't we just show Sonic that his wife is possessed?"

Everyone turned to stare at Shadow. "You two said that the fetus is manipulating Sonic through Amy right?" Both the timber wolf and armadillo nodded; both wondering where Shadow was going with this. "So why don't we just go over there and make him see sense. Once Sonic sees that there's something wrong with Amy he'll be happy to help us get the thing out of her." "But Sonics' stronger now." Shadow snorted. "So? Between Knuckles, Mighty, Echo, and myself we should be able to restrain him long enough to get a rise out of Amy.

Everyone blinked at the black and red hedgehog; his idea was so simple and straight to the point everyone wondered why they hadn't done something similar before. Tails glanced around his study and saw that all the Anthroes were fine with the plan. "Okay, first we'll stop by Echo's place to grab him. Then we'll go to Sonic and make him see sense. It shouldn't be that hard." I hope, he added silently. After they had gathered Echo from his home they made their way to Sonics' house.

~At Sonics' house~

"Hey Amy someone's at the door. Can you get it for me?"

Amy's cat-like eyes flicked up from the mound of meat she had been devouring. She looked somewhat irritably up at the stairs were her fiancé was taking a shower. She snarled under her breath as she waddled over to the door. Her eyes narrowed to slits once she saw who was at the door. "What do you want?" Sonia frowned at the pregnant hedgehog. "What a lovely way to welcome guest Amy. Aren't you going to let us in?" "I would if I wanted you here. Now get lost." She tried to slam the door in their faces but Echo easily caught the door. Amy hissed as she backed away from the door.

"Amy who was it?"

Before the pregnant hedgehog could open her mouth Manic interrupted her. "Just us bro. Just stopped by to see how you an Amy were doing. Can't have you causing my brother to snap so he can kill us." He directed the last part to the possessed hedgehog. "Don't temp me." Was his snarled response. Amy's frowned deepened as her ear flicked backwards as she caught the sound of her fiancé turning off the shower. Manic raised his eyebrow, challenging the hedgehog to act out. Amy snarled again as she quickly turned and went back to the living room. She found satisfaction in the disgusted looks the other Anthroes threw her as she continued with her lunch. "Hey guys, what's up?" Jessie immediately stood up as Sonic entered the room. "Sonic we have to tell you something really important and you have to listen." Sonic shrugged and collapsed on the couch. "Fire away sis." Jessie glanced at the pregnant hedgehog, who had finished her meal and was now leaning against her fiancé. She glared once she realized she was being watched.

"Okay I don't know how to tell you this so I'm just going to say it. Amy is possessed by that thing you call a baby that's growing inside her stomach." Sonic sighed and shook his head. "Not this again Jessie. Like I said before. If Amy were possessed I would know it, or she would tell me something was wrong." Shadow rolled his eyes. "Just like how you let us know something was wrong with you?" "That's different I didn't remember anything that happened before." "And who says that Amy remembers? If she's possessed then she wouldn't be conscious of what she was doing. Besides, you know that both of you have been leaving late at night to eat people; and neither of you remember afterwards." Sonic frowned once this piece of information was thrown in his face. He glanced at Amy. She snorted once she saw him look at her. "You don't actually believe this do you? It's just a stupid plot to get me to give up the baby. They're just worried about how our baby will turn out. It's silly really; who else should raise Stefan to use his abilities for good than Sonic the hedgehog himself." Sonic couldn't help but smile at the subtle praise.

Mighty sighed. "Okay that's it. Amy has you wrapped around her little finger so we're going to show you the truth. You need to see what that twisted demon child is doing to your fiancé." Once Mighty stood up the 2 guardians did as well. Amy eyed them wearily. "What are you talking about? I'm fine." Jessie and Sonia both stood up and moved to hover near Amy. Jessie motioned to Sonic. "Hold him down until we're done." Sonic immediately went on the defensive. "Wait – What are you doing?"

Echo grabbed Sonics' arm forcefully. "This is for your own good Sonic." Sonic was about to protest but was stopped when Amy let out a terrible snarl. "What are you doing to my fiancé?" Sonia waved her brothers protest away as she struggled to hold onto the squirming pink hedgehog. "Stay still will you. We're trying to help you Amy." Amy snarled and turned her cat-like eyes on Sonia.

"You're trying to kill me." She hissed. "What kind of heartless person trys to murder their own nephew?"

Sonic froze once he heard the deep demonic voice come out of his fiancé. "A-Amy?" The possessed hedgehog looked over to her blue-peach morph lover. Sonic gasped once he saw the cat-like eyes looking back at him and not the soft turquoise ones he had come to love. "W-What's going on? What's wrong with her?" Manic looked sadly up at his slightly older brother. "Dude this is what we've been trying to show you. Amy-" He motioned to the still struggling hedgehog. "Amy's possessed by the baby. Its what's been causing your case of the Malach virus to flare up. She-He- IT's been causing you to kill people lately. So it can feed and survive." "I-I would have noticed. I should have noticed her acting strangely." Tails smiled sadly at his adoptive elder brother. "Sonic I think you're right. We should have noticed her acting weird if it had just started. I don't think that's been Amy for awhile now. I think her version of the Malach virus has been in her system ever since she was kidnapped by you. It just took awhile for it to germinate and become THAT." Again Sonics' attention was drawn to the struggling hedgehog who was now trying to bite through Jessie metal arm guard.

"What have I done? I mean killing all those people were bad enough. And now I found out its my fault that the love of my life is possessed by my child."

Manic put his hand on his brother's shoulder comfortably. "None of that is your fault Sonic. It's all Greavenson's fault. Stop beating yourself up about it." Amy laughed evilly. "It's funny isn't it father? Even though the bastard's dead he's still tormenting you and making your life a living hell. I almost feel sorry for you." Sonic glared at Amy.

"Shut Up! You don't even care that you're using your mother do you? I should have listened to my siblings, you need to die and you need to get out of my wife."

Amy smiled cruelly. "Yes if only you had listened to your friends. Too late now; I'm too big to be forcefully removed from mother without the risk of damaging HER. You can't remove me." Amy chuckled and started to hum in a somewhat crazy manner. "Hello, hello, it's only me. Infecting everything you love. Hello, hello remember me? I'm everything you can't control. Do what you what you want, your world's closing in on you now." [note: this is from 'What you want' by Evanescence]

Sonic glowered at his possessed lover. "It doesn't matter; we'll perform an abortion anyway. So Amy and I can't have kids of our own afterwards. It's fine we can always adopt." Amy- no Stefan - it was clear that Amy Rose was no longer in control of her body and would likely not be regaining control anytime soon. Stefan smirked. "It's fine, I know for a fact that Mother will die during the produce if you try to remove me now. But go ahead, I'm just a baby after all. Who am I to stop all you big, strong adults? Try your luck. Let's see what happens shall we?"

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