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Titans Forever

Epilogue - A Mystery Revealed

Shadow was still in a daze when Artemis had thrown her from the ship. But the wind rushing past her face with increasing speed snapped her back. Halting her fall through the air was instinctive; heading back to the ship to rescue Artemis was, to her, the natural thing to do since they were friends. She had just covered half the distance to ship she'd fallen when it exploded. Oh, shit, she had time to think before the explosion's blast buffeted her and the shockwave slammed her backwards. This time, though, she went beyond dazed into unconsciousness. She was unaware of falling through the sky again, unaware of the debris falling around and with her, and unaware of her mama, Raven, teleporting below her to catch her.

It was late the next day, almost twenty-four hours later, when Shadow regained consciousness. Her mom was there, sitting next to her bed in the tower's infirmary, and slowly smiled when she saw that her daughter was awake. Jinx preempted her questions by telling her everything that had happened. About how Raven had rescued her and brought her straight back to Titan Tower. About how nearly everyone had searched the area for any trace of Artemis - but couldn't find anything. It was the news about Artemis that seemed to pull her back down to the bed, rather than the exhaustion she was still feeling. That's how it seemed to Jinx, anyway. Sensing her daughter's need to be alone (she didn't need her wife's empathy to do so), she told her that everyone would be glad she was awake and left the infirmary. Shadow just rolled onto her side and stared at the wall.

A couple of days later Cyborg cleared Shadow and let her out of the infirmary. She headed into the common room, and of course found most her of friends and family in there. Smiling, though it was tinged with more than a little sorrow, she talked with everyone and generally tried to act like her old self (though of course she fooled no one). Everyone could tell that her heart just wasn't into it, so no one was surprised when she headed up to the roof to meditate. Once on the roof, Shadow didn't go to her usual spot, but instead went to the edge that was closest to where the oodanga starship had been. And she levitated there, not really meditating but thinking about those last few moments onboard the alien ship. Artemis's last words rang through her head still, refusing to be banished to memory. "You deserve to live more than I do." A tear began its solitary journey down her cheek. It was followed by another down the other cheek, and soon she was silently crying. Artemis didn't deserve to die, she thought. I know there was nothing I could have done, but I know that if I hadn't been hurt I could have gotten us both out of there. She knew all about survivor's guilt and all of the emotional issues associated with it; her mama had felt the same way when Terra, her first love, had died. In fact, the more Shadow thought about it, the more she saw the similarities between the two situations. But I don't love Artemis, she told herself. I don't know if I like girls that way or not, anyway. Besides, I haven't really known her all that long. She said I was her best friend, and I know she was at least a very good friend for me. She let out a sigh and shook her head; everything was so confused for her right now. I know she didn't escape that ship before it exploded. So why do I get the feeling that something's just beginning?

Far away, much closer to the galactic core than Earth and its Solar System were, there was a world remarkably like Earth in some respects. It had a similar sun, it supported life that was remarkably similar to Earth's, and its dominant sentient race was eerily similar to humans, though their ears were pointed and they had a far more diverse range of skin colors than humans did. They called themselves the Fanari, and they were a peace-oriented, technologically advanced people. Though possessing a well-trained, well-equipped military, the Fanari kept it as a defensive force. The capital city of Aideplo had been built upon a site that was sacred and historically important to the Fanari. The main military headquarters, and the government buildings, were built around a circular commons that was directly over the ancient site. In the military HQ, Captain Stelgon Cavo'li of House Cavo walked into the office of General Kresh Valyr'ka of House Valyr.

"Sir, I apologize for the interruption, but I've got something you should see," Stelgon said to him.

"There is no need for apologies, Captain, if the situation warrants such haste," Kresh told him easily.

"It does, sir. The galactic monitoring array above the apogee ecliptic has detected a powerful burst of strayon and emyrae particles." That caught the general's attention.

"Are you absolutely certain?" he asked quietly.

"I had the data checked seven times before bringing it to you, sir," Stelgon said. "I could not believe it myself."

"Then it's happening," Kresh murmured. "Our people's vigilance has been validated."

"Yes, sir."

"Then we know what must be done."

"We await the order, sir."

"Follow the protocol for this event. Inform the Council and the Order. I will have the ship readied for departure by the time everything is finished."

"You are certain of my role in all of this, sir?" Stelgon replied, apprehension filling his voice.

"I am more sure of it than I am of my recall of my bloodline."

"But you can recall your ancestors back to the founding of Aideplo."

"Precisely. Your role in what is about to occur has been certain for five thousand years."

Author's Note: Surprise! It looks like things aren't over for the new Teen Titans. I intended this chapter to be longer than it turned out to be, but I felt this was a good ending point so there you go. And I'm sure that by now those of you reading this suspect that this epilogue won't be the last.