Xander was sparring with Blink, when his cellphone rang 'God save the Queen' a tune that meant either his mom or M-I6 was calling. Breaking off from sparring Xander answered his phone "Hello?" He said.

"Have you been watching what's on the TV?" Pete Wisdom familiar voice asked. Xander knew Wisdom very well from their encounters and the fact there was no idle chit-chat told him something was going on.

"No, Why?" Xander asked confused.

"That bloody bastard Bastion has started attacking mutants using a new breed of Sentinels." Snarled Wisdom venom obvious in his voice.

"Where is the worse?" Xander asked, but in his gut he knew the answer.

"New York. I'm sending you the coördinates of their main base." Pete confirmed what Xander was thinking as Pete hung up the phone, before Xander could ask why couldn't MI-6 get involved but thinking about he realized that Pete being a mutant probably played a role in the decision though Xander was not bound to the same rules.

"Blink, I need you to teleport to New York and take out as many Sentinels as you can if you find a mutant who you think could be a good addition to the team try to recruit them. Also tell them we know where their main base is." Xander said to Blink who nodded.

"On it X." Blink smiled at the though of unleashing her full destructive capabilities on the Sentinels.

Operation Zero Tolerance main base

Bastion smiled to himself not only had his forces captured the X-Men main team but also X-Force, and the Generation X members as well though he snarled at the fact that he could not attack the X-Factor team for the fact they were government sanctioned, but when word came that they had capture Nate Grey he couldn't help but smile, according to his files Nate Grey was the one of the strongest telepaths' and telekinetics' alive and his capture meant that his legions on Sentinels were unstoppable. He smiled as he looked at Jubilee he had broken her to barely sane train-wreck.

NYC Time Square

Shocker and Rhino were attacking the Sentinels that were in Times Square. "Attacking innocence people just because their mutants do you have no sense of morality." Shocker said to the Sentinels knowing he would not get a response that would satisfy him.

"Morality plays no role in the extermination mutants." One of the Sentinels said in a mechanical voice to Shocker who dodged the incoming laser beam.

"These things have no soul." Shocker hit a Sentinel with a blast from his gauntlet.

"Well their at least they have better fashion sense then you do." A voice quipped from above as Spider-man joined the fray.

"Not now webhead." Shocker growled as he destroyed a pair of Sentinels using a gauntlets attached to his wrists.

"Not now what for me to save your butt it looks like you could use a hand." Spider-Man dodged a Sentinels laser beam with ease.

"You know what I meant." Shocker growled as he rolled out-of-the-way of a car that one of the Sentinels had thrown.

"Sweet Christmas these robots are getting on my nerves." Luke Cage said as he and Iron Fist joined the fight.

"These things an unnatural chi surrounding them." Iron Fist rammed his fist into a Sentinel.

"Unnatural in what way?" Rhino asked.

"It appears to be human in some respects." Iron Fist said.

"I show some of the turn from normal people into these things." Shocker said as he destroyed another Sentinel.

"That makes these Sentinels are worse than The Hand." Electra spat as she appeared from an alleyway and began to fight.

"You've got that right." Iron Fist said.

"What's The Hand?" Rhino asked.

"Mystic Ninja cult that revives people so that they can be under their control." Electra snarled as she used her sai to decapitate a Sentinel. As a figured dropped from the sky a to the ground as Rhino who was the closest got to the figure he saw it was Firestar.

"Are you okay?" He asked

"Yeah I'm fine, but we're the good guys and these Sentinels can't tell the difference." Firestar got to her feet with the help of Rhino from were a Sentinel had blasted her.

"You've got that right." Justice ripped a Sentinel apart using telekinesis. Just then the sound of a machine gun could be heard as War Machine joined the fight.

"Sorry I'm late I got hung up fighting a group of these Sentinels near Central Park." War Machine said as his weapons decimated the remaining Sentinels.

In another part of NYC

Marrow growled as a pair of Sentinels advanced towards her. She had already taken out ten of them and was beginning to feel tried when a pink skinned mutant teleported in front of her and threw some projectiles at the Sentinels ripping them apart. As Marrow watched the female mutant in front of her was attacking with lethal grace as the rubble from the last Sentinel she destroyed hit the ground the female turned towards Marrow who extended a bone spike ready to throw it. "Who are you." Marrow demanded.

"Someone who wants these sons of bitches dead." The female snarled.