Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Who honestly didn't see this coming? I might as well get this out, since the game's fresh and it's best to do it while it's still the thing... plus, who knows how much chaos can come from a goddess breaking wind? Just thinking about it makes me feel sorry for poor Pit. And of course, like certain other girls, this flatulent goddess would go from being embarrassed by it to embracing it... and it's very easy as to see why. Enjoy this one, you loveable sick freaks! I love ya!

"Trust me, we don't." Dry Bowser responded as he, Arceus, and Gruntilda Winkybunion all watch Lady Palutena fart in front of them, with all of them being at Palutena's stinky temple high above the sky world.

"I don't think YR is referring to us," Arceus explained as he watched many angels fall from Palutena's flatulence stinking too much.

Gruntilda shook her head as she scoffed, the green wicked witch of warty grunting rolling back her purple scarf. "Bleh! Why must we have these unnecessary cameos in these popular stories?"

"Because you three get a bit more relevance by association!" Palutena laughed as she was fanning the air with her right hand while spinning her staff with her left hand to help make her fart gas dissipate, letting the author's note end as the actual story began shortly afterwards.

"Three? Hey, we're here too ya know!" Space Ghost shouted as he was referring to himself and a couple of others, y'know IN THE BACKGROUND.

Dr. Hoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus were there too, the purple scientist raptor playing some Microsoft exclusives on his XBox 360 while the yellow tail club wielding dinosaur was munching away on ripe lettuce, wondering why they were dragged into making another pointless cameo.

Lady Palutena was sitting on her big fat ass, watching Pit beating up all the monster across the land. She giggled as she watch Pit bust his butt, only to get a pleasant surprise as Pit came back to the temple, running up to Palutena.

"That takes care of all those pesky monster, Lady Palutena!" Pit exclaimed as she pointed at himself.

Palutena squealed cutely. "Well done, Pit! You saved the lands one more!" She winked, wiggling her left index finger. "How about you come over here, big boy..."

Pit blushed as he waved his hands at Palutena. "Whoa whoa whoa... let's not get so hasty, I just got back..." He smelled his right armpit, shuddering as he folded his arms. "And ewww, am I sweaty. I'm gonna need a shower..."

Palutena grabbed Pit, stuffing him into her big boobs. "Oh, but I love young sweaty boys! It makes me feel horny!"

Pit struggled to break free, flailing his arms as he screamed. "Lady Palutena, please, this isn't right!"

Palutena laughed as she hugged Pit tightly. "Pahaha! Nothing you say will deter me!"

Palutena's stomach growled loudly, prompting Palutena to open her eyes as she farted loudly, causing her dress to be blown upward by her bassy, deep pitched fart. Palutena's eyes widened as a noticeable red blush appeared across her face. Pit pulled his head out from Palutena's chest, panting as he tried catching his breath.

"Man... that was... more cleavage... than I needed... to see..." Pit commented as he wheezed, glancing up at Palutena and tilting his head to the right as he blinked several times. "Lady Palutena, are you all right? You looked embarrassed."

Palutena chuckled nervously as she rubbed her right elbow. "Pit, let's just say that sometimes, it's not okay to hold onto things..."

Pit understood, nodding his head. "Yeah. We gotta let go of the past, and embrace the future!" He then gave Palutena a thumbs up. "We need to break new wind to uncharted territory! Cut the cheese and get a move on to-"

Palutena groaned as she felt her stomach growl again. "Oh no, I gotta rip one again..." She looked around, ignoring Pit's talking. "Gotta find a way to let one fly without Pit noticing..."

"Cut loose and just move on forward!" Pit continued exclaiming as he made ridiculous poses. "Because life goes too quickly, and it feels like one big fart!"

Palutena farted loudly again, though this time Pit witnessed it. Pit had a completely awkward face as his right eye twitched violently, his jaw dropping from having heard Palutena's tuba like fart.

"Lady Palutena... did you just..." Pit stated as he was in complete shock.

Palutena blushed as she held down her dress, another fart emerging from her goddess rear end. "Oh, I hope Sakurai san won't notice this... I have never been so embarrassed..."

Of course, given that this was the first occurrence of Palutena farting in front of Pit, this predicament of embarrassment surely wouldn't last...