Than who did?

Neru twitched in annoyance.

"KAITO!" Neru had just found out that all of the ice cream had gone missing. Kaito threw his hands up in surrender.

"I didn`t do it!"

Neru swung her long blonde ponytail

"Oh really," She said with sarcasm clearly in her statement."Than who did?"

The blue haired teen was flustered.

"Uhm, Teto did!" Teto shook her curly piggytails, clutching a loaf of her favorite french bread.

"Nuh uh." Neru glared at her friend.

"Well then who are you saying did?" The magenta- ette pouted with her hands on her hips and stated, oh so matter-o-factly: " Haku ate it."

The girl frowned, her purple and black bow swishing from side to side, flicking the back of her neck.

" Oi, no! Len did it, I have decided now"

Len glared at her with apparent unhappiness of being false accused of eating all of the ice cream.

"No way! We all know Rin ate it!" Neru grimaced, giving all of the aforementioned characters the evil eye.

" Well... green is the enemy, Len!" His sister shouted, pointing at the "legendary" Miku.

"No way!" The tealette diva wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Miku pointed at a chibi Miku, who pointed at, yet a smaller chibi, who pointed at Neru.

"Why would I-" They all started arguing until the room had become no less than a tornado of shouting.

If you had been there, you may have just barely noticed a tall purple haired samurai by the name of Gakupo Kamui slowly, slowly, slowly backing away from the mess.