Ever since Seth showed me... I've felt so - I don't know, helpless. *smirks ruefully* One of my rarest emotions. It's this feeling of helplessness that the truth came with I hate the most. Every time I turn around, there's an open window.. with people watching everything I do. Knowing I'm just a drawing to be manipulated on the computer... Knowing that my voice is not my own. It tears me apart.

I am still finding it hard to know that I'm just a figment of someone's imagination.. An animated person like on TV. This whole world is made up.. I think Renamon's catching on to my feelings, though. And Seth... He knows exactly the right thing to say at exactly the wrong time.

This all means so much to me.. Not in the lovey dovey way like those stupid Authors' shards, though. I mean, I meet up with this crazy guy who shows me I'm not real, how do you think I'd feel? I hate this feeling. At any moment, someone could control my actions, words that aren't mine could come out of my mouth... It's like that book I read once, Ella Enchanted... But much worse.

Caloque, someday I will get you for inserting these words in my brain (assuming I have one).. You and all the other Authors on . But most of all.. This author that the Turtle calls Penn. You are going down.