Neru smirked, licking the seal of the envelope closed, as she hastily tossed her covers aside and got up off of her bed. She had connections the other 'Loids could only dream of having. Those connections being with the author. She pressed a stamp onto the envelope, and put it onto a pile on her desk, along with many other letters.

"I have 'em ready." said Neru, as the persona she appeared to be talking to appeared in front of her.

The girl seemed to be about 5 feet tall, with curly brown hair settled into short pigtails tied up with small blue ribbons. She wore a white polo, a sloppily tied tie, a white pleated skirt that went to just above her knees with blue trim, and her typical black sneakers.

"Terrific!" the younger girl said, with a perky attitude.

"Shall I deliver them, Celestt?" Neru asked, seeming eager to please, which would make sense, considering her circumstances.

"Sure," Celestt replied casually, pausing. "Come back here when you`re done."

"'Kay." Was the blonde android`s reply, swinging the door closed behind her.

Celestt, obviously in thought, plopped down on Neru`s beanbag chair and swiped up her home phone, which for some reason Neru owned despite the fact that she never needed it. She thought a moment, then dialed Master`s number, to let him know the 'loids would be away for awhile. He seemed okay with it, but a bit angry she hadn`t told him in advance.

Tch, too bad for him then. She thought. Just a moment later, Neru appeared back at her house, where Celestt was plopped down on Neru`s neon yellow beanbag chair, drawing Manga on the backs of the blonde teen`s files.

A vein bulged on Neru`s head.

" THOSE WERE IMPORTANT!" She yelled, yanking her side ponytail in frustration.

"Well, would you have rather me made you kiss Kaito? I am the author…"

Neru`s face turned white at the thought of kissing the blue scarved idiot .

"F-forget it… those weren`t that important anyway." The tsundere android shuddered.

Both girls suddenly heard some noise coming from the front of the house, followed by stumbling, whining, complaining and grumbling.

"I guess they`re here," Stated Celestt, playing with one of her curls. "C`mon, Neru."

The two made their way to the front door, to be greeted with Miku, Rin, Len, Meiko Sakine, MEIKO, Kaito Shion, KAITO, Teto, Haku, Momoko, Megumi, Ruko, Dell, Ted, Gakupo, Nero, Mikuo, Hakuo, Iku, Iroha, Luka, Tako Luka, Toeto, Akaito, BRS, Sweet Ann, Big Al, SeeU, Lola, Leon, Ritsu, and Piko.

"Everybody, calm down please." Commanded Celestt, and with her amazing powers of Microsoft Word, they all calmed down and sat at chairs that appeared out of nowhere and somehow magically fit into Neru`s small home.

"Neru, you too." Celestt said with a strict tone, as Neru was still standing beside her.

The author took a deep breath and spoke.

" Today we are here to participate in my first Vocaloid askfiction. Each chapter, a different one of you will appear, and fans and haters alike will get the chance to write letters to the 'loid being featured. I`ll be updating once every 1-2 weeks, and you have until then to write your letter. If for some reason someone is to miss their chance to write a letter, they will get another chance on the last chapter, where they may write the letter to the Vocaloid of their choice and I will update that chapter in 4 weeks. Any questions?"

Rin raised her right arm high in the air, jumping up and down as doing so.

"Ooh, ooh, pick me!"

"Alright, what is it, Rin?"

"What are the rules on writing our letters? I think you should set some so this doesn`t get out of hand."

"Here they are below." Stated Celestt, gesturing to the below paragraph.

No cursing

No hating on the 'Loids

Be nice to others who participate

Make your letter easy to read or I may burn it.

Anyone can ask!

Sign your letter

Post your question in the reviews of the most recent chapter

You may request a 'Loid

No dares


The 'Loid being featured on this chapter is…

Len Kagamine!