Celestt squirmed, trying to regain her focus.

"I have got to get this done, it's way overdue…" She muttered to herself, as she began to gather Gumi and start writing…

Celestt: Hero! ^w^

Gumi: And welcome to our third chapter of Ask! Vocaloids! Ask!

Celestt: Our first question is from Demolition Panda. They said:

Can I request Rin? Because...she's Rin. -3-

Now, back to Gumi...

Do those goggles have any special meaning, or are they simply an accessory? What's the best thing about carrots?


Signed, Demolition Panda

Celestt: First off, you cannot request Rin per say, but I can assure you that we'll get around to her soon.

Gumi: A meaning? I don't know. As far as I know, I just like wearing them. I think they're cool. And thanks, but I already know I'm awesome *epic face*

Celestt: Now for our second question, this is from Petite Angel:

Too bad, no dare

But I don't care

Anyway on to the question...

Do you have any relation to Len?

And also give me your opinion about the PV with Len in

Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life...so...that's all

Gumi: No, Len's really just my friend. He's okay. The PV was pretty fun, but I do dislike the Gumi/Len fandom that came along afterwards.

Celestt: Our next question is from The Dark Puppet Mistress. They ask:

For Gumi - Is there anyone in the Vocaloid household that you absolutely hate? Or maybe have a crush on *chuckles*

Gumi: Crush? Nah. At least…I don't think so…hmm…I'm pretty sure I hate Tei. She's really violent and her butcher knife scares the crap out of me. (Figuratively, people, figuratively.)

Celestt: Our fifth question comes from HomestarOtaku. They ask:

Of all the names people call you, which one do you usually prefer going by?

Gumi: Hmm…I usually prefer Gumi to Megumi, but only because some of the younger Vocaloids have a tendency to mispronounce Megumi.

Celestt: …and our last question is from my friend CherryTrees, and she asks:

1. Which gender bend do you like more: Gumiya or Gumo?

2. Is it true that carrots make your eye sight better?

3. Are you secretly dating Len?

4. I haven't heard many of your songs. Which one's your favorite?

Gumi: First off, probably Gumo, since I don't really hang around Gumiya much, and his name really doesn't coordinate with mine. Secondly, yes, actually. Third, here we go with the friggin' Gumi/Len fandom again... fourth, Carnival. Can I FRICKIN' GO HOME NOW?

Celestt: Gumi, be nice! That was awfully rude to sa—


Next Vocaloid up is…

Ted Kasane!