Working title Another chance


Phoenix Mountain.

The battle was lost. Ranma and Akane in doll form were the only ones left. Ranma was crying as he felt Akane's ki vanish and her spirit depart.

"I wish I coulda told you how I felt..." Ranma whispered as Saffron began the killing blow.

Elsewhere in time and space.

Voice one: I thought for a moment that they would succeed in defeating Saffron.

Voice two: As did I.

Voice three: Excuse me, but I have a possible loophole that can be exploited.

Voice one and two turn towards Voice three looking very annoyed at the interruption.

Voice one: Go away. I will not have you interfering.

Voice two: (laying a hand on the others shoulder) We should at least listen. Kami-sama knows that I have no ideas for taking out Saffron with out HIS direction intervention. (turning to Voice three) What is your loophole?

Voice three: Simple enough... he made a wish... the loophole is in HOW it is fulfilled...

(Facefault from both Voice one and two)

Voice one and two together: Duh! That's almost... brilliant...

They think for a second and then look at each other.

Voice one: Goddess help line?

Voice two: Who's on duty?

Voice three: Belldandy.

Voice one: (turning towards Voice three) YOU will stay out of this. WE will handle this from here.

Voice three; Of course.

Voice three turns and departs. Voice three's smirk is hidden until he/she/it is out of sight.

Authors note: yes I did this on purpose. The three voices are named that to conceal who they are until/if the story requires that they reveal themselves.

Chapter One

Tendo Dojo

Nerima, Japan.

"These friends of yours daddy?"

Rather then respond verbally, Soun jerked his head from one side to the other.

"Oh so a Panda just decided to drop by?" Nabiki yelled.

Said Panda pulled a red-haired girl off its shoulder and put her down facing the Soun and Nabiki.

"You wouldn't be?"

"Saotome Ranma, sorry bout this."

"Oh he is cute." Nabiki chipped in.

Soun threw his arms around Ranma pulling her into a bear hug, Ranma stiffened in response.

Soun discovered much to his surprise, that there was a small physical discrepancy with the 'boy'. Actually it was more like two not so small abnormalities with the 'boy', abnormalities quite normal on a female. He released the 'boy' and stepped backwards. Nabiki looked from her father's impression of a board to Ranma. She stepped forwards and poked Ranma.

"Umm...could you stop that?"

Nabiki turned to her father. "He is a girl." Soun promptly fainted.

"This is all your fault daddy. You should have checked first."

"But Saotome said he had a son."

"Does this look like a son to you?" Nabiki growled reaching over and grabbing one of Ranma's breasts.

"I really wish you'd stop that."

"Leave him alone Nabiki. She's a guest." Ranma was thankful for the assistance.

Ranma smiled inwardly. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Akane's smiling face.

"Hi, I'm Akane, want to be friends?" Ranma felt her heart sing at the beautiful smile. "You practice Anything Goes don't you? Let's have a little sparring match." Ranma-chan smiled back at her and followed the youngest Tendo out to the dojo.

When they got into the dojo Akane turned back to face the redhead, Akane dropped into a stance in front of her.

Ranma-chan assumed the same relaxed stance she has used for several years now.

"Are you ready?" Akane asked with a smile.

"If you are." Ranma returned the smile.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you." Akane asked with a smile.

Akane charged forwards and threw a punch. She telegraphed the move however and Ranma-chan leaped above it. She didn't jump high enough though and had to twist out of the way at the last second to avoid the punch.

Akane came at her again, this time letting loose a series of kicks and punches which backed Ranma-chan into a wall.

Akane's next punch broke through the dojo's wall. Ranma-chan's jump took her over Akane and onto the other side of her. Akane seemed a lot more skilled then Ranma remembered her to be at first.

The red head smiled as she reached out and tapped the other girl on the back of the head. The result was totally unexpected.

What looked like a lightning strike hit the two of them. Bluish flames surrounded the two of them for almost a minute as their bodies writhed in apparent agony. The flames disappear and then Ranma shifts into his boy form. Ranma and Akane collapse to the floor.

The panda grabbed the pot of tea from the table and poured it over himself. Soun immediately fainted again and Nibiki looked like she was about to do the same.

Kasumi responded with her patented "Oh My..." She then turned and headed for the dojo "I think we need Akane and Ranma back. This should be an interesting discussion"

Kasumi reached the dojo just after the flames disappear. She facefaults in surprise as Ranma changes. They collapse onto the floor and Kasumi recovers almost immediately and rushes to them to see if they are alright. She quickly kneels down and checks their breathing and pulse.

They begin to wake up within seconds. Ranma turns his head towards Akane. "Are you okay tomboy?"

Akane whispers back to him "Yeah baka, I'm okay"

Kasumi facefaults again.

Ranma suddenly jerks himself into a sitting position and looks around with a very surprised look on his face. "Wh.. wh.. how did we get back home? The last thing I remember is..." he turns white as a sheet. Akane does the same.

"I.. died.." Akane whispers.

"Whats going on?" Kasumi asks with a very worried look on her face.

Ranma turns to her "We were on Phoenix Mountain fighting a demi-god named Saffron. I was the last one alive... Ryoga... Ku Lon... Mousse... all of them dead and I was holding Akane as she died... and then Saffron killed me..." he says in a very dull voice with almost no life in it. "Then I'm here surrounded by blue flame.."

"Yeah... and then we passed out..." Akane continues "I have no idea what happened..."

"What date is it Kasumi?" Ranma asks

Kasumi tells them the date. Akane and Ranma facefault and look at each other.

"Isn't this the day you and the fat Panda arrived in Nerima?"

Ranma nods his head "Yeah.. I remember something else too... I wished that I coulda told you how I felt..."

Unnoticed by any of them, a beautiful young woman with blue marks on her forehead and cheeks appears in the dojo. She smiles at the three of them.

"Excuse me for interrupting." They all turn to look at her "I can help explain a little of what happened. I am Belldandy, Goddess First Class, Category One. Ranma, your wish has been granted. Please don't take two years to admit to her how you really feel. Next time you might not be so lucky" she says with a smile.

Massive facefault.