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Chapter 8 – Halloween part2

He laid on the bed panting, his lover was laying next to him. They had just finish a round of love making and Yugi wanted more, but was tired.

Atem kissed his neck and asked, "How was that love? Did that satisfy your needs?"

Yugi looked to him and kissed. He laid his head on his chest, "That was wonderful, Atem. But I could use another round." He looked back at his lover's face and saw the passion and lust in his eyes.

"You never have to ask for another round, my little Game Angel." He kissed Yugi then slowly made his way down, kissing his neck and leaving a nice mark for the world to see that Yugi was his and his only. He left the neck and when down his chest before going to a semi-erected nipple.

He licked the bud before taking it into his mouth while Yugi moaned and arched his back. Once he felt satisfy with that one, he kissed over to the other one and gave it the same treatment. He was reward with a moan from his little angel.

Yugi was in bliss, so much so he didn't notice Atem's hands until one was stroking his member. "Atem!" now he was in heaven.

Atem smirked before he finish with the nipple and kissed down to his stomach, dipping his tongue into his navel several times. He kissed down to Yugi's manhood, but stopped and looked up and down at the body that was withering beneath him, enjoying sight of Yugi panting and the light sweat that covered his body. "And how's my Little One doing? Do you want more?"

Yugi looked at him with half lidded eyes, the lust was evident, but also love and passion. "What is it that you want my game angel?" Atem said as he let his finger ghosted over Yugi semi erected member.

"T-t-touch me!" Yugi panted.

Atem smirked before lowering himself down and parted Yugi's legs for better access. He gently licked the base, savoring the taste of his angel, before licking up to the tip and tasting the pre-come there. He licked slowly, teasing Yugi before taking him into his mouth.

"Ah! Atem!" Yugi moaned and Atem smirked around the member before he stuck on it lazy. Yugi tried to buck his hips into the warmth, but realized they were being hold down. "Atem! Stop teasing me!" Yugi whined and tried to buck again.

Atem chuckled and Yugi felt the vibrations, "Atem!"

He decided to have some mercy on his lover and stuck him hard. "ATEM!" Yugi screamed in pleasure. Atem continued to suck, every now and then licking the tip and enjoying the pre-come. He started to play with Yugi's balls while his other hand grabbed a jar of oil.

He gave Yugi one last hard suck before letting go with auditable pop and Yugi groaned. Atem chuckled, "Don't worry, Little One. I just want you to come with me inside." He covered three fingers with the oil and spread Yugi a bit wider, "Now remember to relax or it will hurt," he said as his finger circled the ring of muscles at Yugi's entrance before slipping the first one in.

Yugi moved a bit, but forced himself to relax. It still felt weird, but he liked it. The second finger entered and he his hiss at the pain, but the feel of Atem's lips on his made him relaxed.

Atem stretched him while searching for that one spot to make Yugi scream. "ATEM!" he smirked, he found it and kept thrusting fingers at that one spot, making Yugi moan and scream in pleasure. He add third finger and quickly hit that spot.

Yugi moaned and screamed as he thrust onto the fingers, bring out chuckle from Atem as pulled his fingers out. He groaned at the lost and opened his eyes to see Atem grabbing the jar of oil.

"Don't worry, little Angel. You'll get what you want soon," Atem said as he was about to pour the oil into his hand, but Yugi snatched it out of his grasped.

"I want to do it this time," he said and poured the oil into his hand and rubbed Atem's throbbing cock. He was reward with a moan from his lover as rubbed him a bit harder.

Atem pulled Yugi's hand away, pushed him back down onto the bed and smirked as Yugi pouted, "I know what you are trying to do, love. If you keep that up, I would have come before I got inside of you."

Yugi giggled sinfully, "I just wanted to tease a bit."

Atem chuckled, "Well you did a good job at it. Now, how about we finish what we started?" Yugi nodded and Atem slowly and careful pushed in.

Yugi bit his lips and tried to relex, but it was hard to do and tears fell from his eyes. Atem stopped and kissed away the tears, "Do you want to stop?"

Yugi opened his eyes and shook his head, "No, please keep going."

Atem kissed him again as he continued to push in. He got to the hilt and waited for Yugi to adjust, but man did he want to slam into that tight, warm heat.

Yugi finally relaxed and the pain went away and he gave a roll of his hips, earning a moan from Atem. Yugi smirked and continued to thrust into Atem, enjoy both the pleasure and the moans from Atem.

Atem had enough of it and pulled out of Yugi and slowly thrust back into him. "Atem!" Yugi moaned as Atem continued with slow action.

Yugi grew bored of the slow thrust and demanded for more, "Atem! Faster! Harder!"

Atem grunted and thrust harder and faster in different angels until, "ATEM!" he hit Yugi sweet spot. He continued to hit that spot making Yugi scream in pleasure and want.

He felt his end coming and reach down between them and grabbed Yugi's member and stroke it in time with his thrusts.

"ATEM!" Yugi was now seeing white, he was in so much pleasure. He wrapped his legs around Atem's waist, bring him in deeper, and his arms around Atem's neck. With the new depth Atem thrust harder and faster as he continued to stroke Yugi.

"Yugi…so hot…so tight…wonderful," Atem panted.

"Atem…harder…faster!" Yugi yelled and Atem thrust as Yugi wanted.

Yugi felt his end coming, "A-A-Atem, I'm c-c-c-close!"

Atem grunted, "Me too, H-H-Hikari." Atem thrust into Yugi and rubbed the tip of Yugi's member with his thumb. He slipped his thumb into the silt and Yugi lost it.

"ATEM!" he screamed as he came over Atem's hand and their stomachs.

Yugi's walls clamped down on Atem as he thrust a few more time before he yelled, "YUGI!" and came inside Yugi.

Atem fell into Yugi and two rode out their wave of ecstasy and gather their breaths. Atem was the first to come back and pulled out of Yugi and laid to his side as he pulled Yugi so he could lay on top of him.

Yugi caught his breath and looked at Atem threw half lidded eyes, "That was wonderful, my Yami."

Atem chuckled and kissed the top of Yugi sweaty head. "I'm glad you enjoyed that, my Hikari." Yugi yawned and cuddled closer to Atem. Atem ran a hand through his damp hair and whispered, "Sleep my Little Game Angel. You've earned it." Yugi nodded and fell into peaceful rest.

Yugi opened his eyes and wondered where he was, then remembered he had stayed the night at Yami's. He looked to see if Yami was still asleep, but saw that he and the pets were not there. He laid back down and grab hold of Yami's pillow. He took a deep breath and flashes of the dream/memory played back in his head.

Oh Ra that felt so real! I really hope I didn't come on Yami last night because of that dream. He felt around and felt dry and sighed in relief. "Thank Ra!" he said and flopped onto the bed.

"Thank Ra what Little One?"

Yugi looked up and saw Yami standing in the doorway with a tray filled with his favorite breakfast food, pancakes.

"Oh nothing. Are those for me?" he asked as he sat up and Yami nodded. "Awww, that so sweet. You know you didn't have to do that, right?"

Yami chuckled and walked over to the bed, "I know, but I wanted to treat my Little Game Angel to a nice breakfast. I hope you like them. I don't make pancakes that often, but I know they are your favorite." He put the tray on Yugi's lap and kissed his forehead, making the teen blush.

Yugi took his fork and took a bite and hummed in bliss, "This is really good Yami. I love chocolate chip pancakes!" (A/N: There so yummy in the tummy!)

Yami chuckled and helped himself to some of the pancakes. He took the tray down to the kitchen once they were finished and went back into his room to see Yugi playing with Serena on his bed.

Yugi pulled the toy away and asked, "Can you sit? Sit?" and Serena did. Yugi cheered and tossed the toy to the floor. "Good girl!"

"Nice work, Yugi!" Yami flopped onto the bed and put his arms around Yugi. "I haven't been able to get her to do that one yet."

Yugi giggled, "It was nothing. You just got to use the right incentive to get them to do something." Yugi gave him a quick kiss on the lips and laid down on top of his chest.

Yami sighed in bliss and rubbed Yugi's back. He really missed spending time like this with his Little One, but unfortunately he had to go to the palace and take care of some rouges.

"So what should we do today?" Yugi asked and looked to Yami.

Yami sighed, "Unfortunately I have to get to the office soon."

"But it's Sunday. Why do you have to go in now?"

Yami shrugged, "Because I have Bakura and Marik working for me."

"Ah! Say no more then. I hope whatever they messed up isn't too bad," Yugi said and kissed Yami on the lips. Atem kissed back and decided to try something different. He gently nipped and lick at Yugi's lips begging for entrance.

Yugi carefully opened his mouth and let Yami's tongue slip in. Yami licked and mapped out the moist cavern, savoring the taste of chocolate on Yugi's tongue. Yugi moaned and pulled Yami closer, deepening the kiss.

Unfortunately the need for air became too great and they separated. Yami got up and went to his dresser as Yugi tried to regain his breath. He pulled out a pair of worn out jeans, boxers, socks, and a light blue t-shirt. "Okay I'm going to take a shower now and get dressed. You are welcome to stay here as long as you like. I probably won't be home until late so feel free to leave anytime."

"Okay Yami."

"Oh, let me get you something first." Yami said as placed his stuff on the bed, walked out and ran downstairs, where he grabbed a small envelope before running back upstairs to the room. He sat back down on the bed and handed Yugi the envelope.

Yugi took it, opened it, and shook it and a key fell out. "Huh? Yami what is this?" he asked holding the key up.

Yami grabbed his other hand, pulled the key out of the other, and laid it in the hand. "This is a copy of my house key. I want you to have it." He closed the hand and laid his other hand on top. "I love you and I trust you, so I'm giving it to you. You can come and visit the dogs whenever you want."

Yugi smiled and hugged his boyfriend, "Oh Yami! Thank you! I'll take good care of it and the dogs!"

Yami laughed and hugged back, "I know you will. Just promise me you will not go into the room down the hall. I'm not ready to show that room off yet, so no peaking." Yugi nodded and gave Yami a chastity kiss.

"I promise."

"Good! Now I'm going to shower unless you want to join me?" he asked and swung his hips left to right.

Yugi blushed several shades of red before flopping back onto the bed, "Yami!" Yami laughed and walked into the shower.

Eventually Yami was done and left, leaving Yugi and the dogs alone. He got some more sleep, took a shower, and watched some TV with lunch. "I hope Yami is doing okay? Hmm? Maybe I should make Yami a dinner that he can heat up later when gets home? What you guys think? I could make you something as well?" he asked the dogs after lunch.

The dogs barked and he got up, "Okay! I still have my money from yesterday since Yami would not let me pay for my costume, so I could run to that corner store I saw yesterday and pick up a few things. Let's see what Yami has in the cabinets?"

Yugi walked into kitchen and opened the top cabinets. "Hmm not a lot in here. He's got some rice and a few spices, but not much else. Oh well corner store here I come. Better not forget the key."

He got the key and was about to walk out, but quickly ran to the living room where the dogs were, "I don't know why I'm saying this, but Balto is in charge and no mating! Bye!" The dogs sighed as Yugi walked out and lock the door.

"Do you think it was a good idea for Yami to give Yugi a key to the house? What if he walks in on something he not ready for?" Missy asked to Balto.

"I think it was a great idea! Now Yugi can come over and spend time with us when Yami can't. I like Yugi!" Serena said from the sofa.

Balto nodded. "It show that Yami trust Yugi. He knows Yugi would not do anything to mess up their relationship, but he want to show that he trust him."

"So giving the key to his house does that?" Balto nodded, "That is weird, but I guess what you say does makes sense in a way. I know we can trust him not to tell anyone about us and I know Yami will have his mate back soon."

"Good, now let's play a bit before Yugi gets back," and the dogs played with their toys while waiting for Yugi to returned.

Yami had just change into his king's outfit, which consist of black leather pants, a red silk shirt, knee high black leather boots, a purple cape, and the crown he wore during his time as Pharaoh of Egypt. He was walking towards the dungeons, greeting other creatures that were visiting on the way when he ran into Ashley and Crystal.

"Well what brings my lovely cousin and her friend? Here to keep an eye on Sapphire or here to torture the rouges again?" Yami asked.

Ashley smiled, "Actually we were waiting for you."

"Me? What for?" Yami asked.

"Sapphire wanted us to make sure you don't over due it when you…uh…'talk' to the prisoner. She still remembers the last time you did," Crystal said using air quotes around talk.

Yami sighed, "Well the guy shouldn't have pushed me to that point of breaking his neck during the trial. Besides he was going to death anyway, so there really was no problem."

The girls shook their heads as they followed Yami, "Where is she anyway?"

The girls sighed, "She back at the hospital wing at the wolf palace. They told her that Matthew might be a vegetation state for the rest of his life. She went to spend some time with him," Crystal said in a low voice. "I can't believe my brother will never wake up."

They stopped at the door to the dungeons and Yami hugged the girl. "I'm so sorry, but I'm not going to give up on him. I know he can pull threw this. He is a fighter not a quitter."

Ashley huffed and looked away, "Yeah, you and Sapphire are the only ones who still believe he can still wake. I just hope you two are right or there will be a funeral."

Yami nodded and opened the door and let the two ladies in. They walked down the stairs and into the halls and stopped a wooden door with the words 'Interrogation 1' on it. The door open and a second steal door was behind it. Yami grab his keys to the cells and opened the door and walked right in with Crystal and Ashley behind him.

Inside, the room looked more like a torture room than an interrogation room. Chains hanged from the walls and the ceiling, steal cuffs were attach to the walls, deep pits with water were on one side of the room, and in the middle was a stone table filled with all kind of 'toy' as Bakura and Marik referred to the many torture devices.

The room was filled with the vampire council, Bakura, Marik, and the prisoner. The prisoner was tide down to a wooden slab with small spikes embedded into it. Yami walked forward and stood in front of the prisoner. "Prisoner, you have been charged with countless murders of magical and non magical creatures. What is the reason for this? Who are you working for?"

The prisoner looked up, "Bite me!" and spat on the floor in front of Yami. Bakura smacked him in the head and Marik punched him in the stomach.

Yami smirked, "You shouldn't tempt me boy. I could actually do that and not give a fuck." He grabbed the boy by his hair and slammed his head into the slab. " Now who are you working for? What are they planning?"

The prisoner didn't say anything. Yami smirked and walked over to the table, "What is his name?" Yami asked while looking through the many toys.

Mahad looked down at his papers, "His name is Bonz."

Yami picked up a small dagger with jagged edges. "Really? Well, it seems you are going to be in hell with me, Mr. Bonz." He walked back over to Bonz and started to drag the dagger over the boy's exposed chest. He screamed, but Yami continued until he stopped at the boy's pants. "Now, I'm going to give you a second chance to tell me the who's, the what's, the why's, the where's and the how's. If you don't, well, let's just say that what those two did to you will seem like child's play compared to what I could do to you."

"T-t-t-then bring it o-o-on! I-I-I'm not afraid of you!" the boy stuttered, but in truth he was.

Yami tsked, "Will see about that won't we? Bakura, Marik! Tighten his restrainers, I feel like make him suffer a bit."

Marik and Bakura nodded with big evil smirks plaster onto their faces and tightened the leather straps around his hands and feet. "If you thought you were in for hell before, you were wrong," Marik whispered to Bonz.

Bakura chuckled, "Our king is a lot worse then us."

While the two were talking to the prisoner, Yami walked back to the table and picked up a whip with nine tails that ended with little pointed pieces of metal. He whipped the whip and laughed. He turned around and faced the boy.

Bakura and Marik backed off and hid in the shadow with Ashley and Crystal as the council left the room.

Yami walked closer before he stopped right in front of the boy, "Are you going to talk like said you would or am I going have to use my little friend here?" Yami asked.


"Fine, suit yourself!" Yami said as he raised the nine tails, "Welcome to Hell!" and whipped it at the boy, letting the points drag on his skin and cutting the flesh. The boy screamed as Yami laughed insanely and continued to whip the boy.

"Okay, that should do it for the dogs' dinner. I hope they like steak with some pasta and vegetables. Balto, Missy, Serena! Dinner!" Yugi called and the sound of feet rushing was heard.

Serena was the first to enter, followed by Missy and then Balto. All three sat down before Yugi and looked up at him.

Yugi giggled, "You three are such good pets. I don't know why Yami complains sometime? Oh well, I have your dinner ready. I hope you guys like stake, pasta, and some vegetables," he said as he put the bowls down in front of each pet. "Bon Appetit!"

The dogs started to eat and Serena barked in joy. Yugi smiled and petted her head, "I'm glad you like it!" He got up and walked back to the stove. "Just got to finish Yami's dinner and I go back home. My grandpa should be home and I can give him some of this as well. I hope Yami likes turkey ragu with linguini noodles."

Yugi walked to the fridge and opened it, "I know I saw a Pepsi here. Hey what's this?" He pulled out a dark green wine bottle. The pets looked up and their jaws dropped. Fuck! Yami forgot to hide his blood bottles, all three thought.

Yugi looked at it, "I didn't know Yami was into wine? Well he is over the drinking age. Hmm? I probably should get wine next time I'm making dinner with him." He put back the bottle and found the Pepsi. He closed the door and saw the pets staring at him. "What?"

They looked back down and continue to eat, "Maybe Yami was right? You all are a bit strange, but good company." He walked back to the stove to finish dinner and the pets silently sighed.

The whip fell down again. Bonz was now bloody and whip lashes and many other injuries like burn marks cover most of his body.

"You ready talk yet? This is getting quite boring," Bakura said leaning against the wall with Marik who was just playing with a lose string from his sleeveless hoodie.

"I know, and I am the one with the whip and I'm getting bored. Maybe should just let him rest in a nice bath of salt water while we torture…I mean persuade his buddy to talk?" Atem asked as he whipped the boy again. "Bakura and Marik, take this boy to his bath now while I go and talk his little friend. Ashley and Crystal, come with me. I might need your help with this one."

They all nodded, Bakura and Marik had evil grins on their faces as they grabbed and dragged the boy to one of the open water pits that were filled with salt water. "Enjoy your bath you piece of crap," the two said as they tossed Bonz in and enjoyed the screams he made as the salt in the water got into his wounds.

"Remember, not to long! The last time you left someone in there, it wasn't pretty for the clean up crew," Atem said as he grabbed a few of his favorite toys, giving a few to Ashley and Crystal.

"Yeah, yeah, we know! We know!" the two said as they got comfortable and watch as Bonz tried to get back up. The two laughed and Atem shook his head as Ashley dropped a bowl of salt onto the boy and howled in laughter at the sound of his pain.

"Okay Ashley that is enough. We have a bigger ass to torture," Atem said as he and Crystal walked out of the room. Ashley huffed before racing out of the cell.

They walked over to the room across the hall that looked the same as the first. The door was wooden with the word 'Interrogation 2' on the outside and had a second steel door that had to be unlocked with a key and was the same inside. Once they stepped in they saw the blond named Bandit Keith strapped and chained down to a metal slab with his clothes, with the exception of his boxers, gone. He had multiple cuts, bruise, and burns all over his body and blood was flowing out of cuts he made while he was trying to get out of his restraints.

Yami walked over to the stone table where a few bloody and some rusted tools were. "So Mister Howard, we been trying to get your little friend to talk but nothing has happened yet, even though he said he would. Unfortunately for him, we had to punish him for lying." He laid the stuff he brought down and pulled out a long dagger that with big sharp edges. "Now are we going to do this the easy way or the hard, painful way?"

He spat on Yami's boots and said, "Never gonna happen. You'll never get anything out of me."

Yami grimace and wiped his boots of with a near-by towel. "Fine. It looks like it's going to be the hard, painful way." He walked over and slammed the dagger against the man's collar bone, successfully breaking the bone there and jamming it in.

Keith screamed, but did nothing else. "What no witty comeback? No smart ass remarks? Crystal, why don't you have a shot at making him talk?" Yami said and moved over to a chair near-by with a big evil smirk.

The girl grinned evilly and pulled out a chain-saw, "Oh goody! I get to finally use this new chain-saw I bought last week! Yeah!" Crystal said and pulled on the rip cord. She heaved it over her head and started to laugh manically. "Who wants a leg?" Keith gulped and Crystal rushed at him. The next thing that was heard was the sound of a murder-like scream as the chain-saw cut through him.

Yugi walked back into his home with Joey, who had just given him a ride over. "Grandpa I'm home! Grandpa?"

They walked into the living room and saw the old man on the couch with his eyes closed. "Looks like he fell asleep," Joey said from the kitchen doorway.

Yugi nodded and walked over to the couch where he shook his grandpa gently, "Grandpa. Grandpa, wake up. You can't sleep on the couch. Last time you did your back was messed up for a couple of days."

Solomon opened his eyes before he stretched and yawned. "Sorry boys I just got back and I couldn't resist taking a quick nap."

Yugi waved a bag in front of him and said, "That's okay Grandpa. I do have dinner here if you're hungry?" Solomon nodded his head and the three went into the kitchen.

"So how were your weekend boys?" Solomon asked.

Joey shrugged his shoulder, "It was fine. Me and Mokuba managed to get the workaholic to go to the park yesterday and to stay in bed most of the day. How about you Yug? Did ya enjoy your alone time with Yami?"

"Yes, were you with him today?" Grandpa asked.

Yugi nodded as he placed three plates of the paste down, "Well sort-of. We had a date Saturday and he let me spend the night at his house, and no! We did NOT do that! We just went to sleep. When I woke up he had breakfast made and we ate and watched TV before he had to take care of something at the office. So I didn't get a lot of time today with him, but I got to meet his pets and I love all of them!"

"Well that's good," Grandpa said and took a bit of his food.

"That's it?" Joey asked with his mouth full. He got looks of disgusted and swallowed, "Sorry."

Grandpa shook his head while Yugi chuckled. "Yes, but he did give me something," he said and pulled out his key.

The two looked and Joey asked, "Uh, what that?"

Yugi giggled, "It's the key to Yami's house. He trusts me enough to give me one." He pulled key to his chest, right over his heart and said, "I promise not to lose it or mess this up. I love him and I don't ever want to lose him."

Joey and Solomon smiled and soon the three finished their dinner. Joey said his goodbye and left. Solomon decided to make it an early night and went to bed, while Yugi went to his room and looked for a chain. He eventually found a small chain necklace and looped the key on it and put it around his neck.

"There! There is no way I'm going to lose you." He got up and got ready for bed. "Good night, Yami. I love you," he whispered before letting sleep take him.

Crystal walk back to the other side of the room where Ashley was waiting for her. "He is all yours Ashley!" she said with a big happy grin while the other girl was speechless.

Yami laughed, "Nice one Crystal. I don't think there was ever a time she was that speechless before!" He was laughing so hard he fell out of his chair.

Ashley finally got out of it with a huff and pulled out her rose whip.

Ashley: Rose whip! Are you serious! Why do I get a whip while Crystal gets a freaking chainsaw?!

Sapphire: Couldn't think of anything else? (grins sheepishly)

Ashley: (facepalms) Good grief! If you know any good torture weapons or weapons at all, let the dumb writer know. Stupid writer!

Ashley brought the tail up and asked, "Are you going to tell us or do I have to use this." She brought it down on the side and pulled it towards her. "It has actual thorns from a rare rose bush that is known to have thorns that have a poison that cause nothing but pain. It doesn't kill you, just makes you suffer hours of horrible, but blissful for me, pain. So are you going to talk or-" she whipped the space beside him "do I have to use this against those wounds Crystal just made?"

Keith gulped but still didn't say anything, "Fine have it your way!" and Ashley brought the whip down on one big gapping wound on Keith's chest that started at this collar bone and stopped at the waistband of his boxers. The thorns ripped at the skin, causing its poison to seep into Keith's wounds and cause a whole lot of pain.

Ashley: O-O

Sapphire: (Grins like Cheshire Cat) I'll take that as a thank you and complement.

"Well he is screaming, but not talking. I think you need to bring out the other rose whip as well and use both of them on him. The more pain, the more likely he will talk," Atem said looking at his nails in a bored state of mind.

Ashley grunted and pulled out her second rose whip and unleashed a furious hell of whips on Keith. The poison seeped into his all his cuts and the pain intensify ten fold.

She got two more hits of her whips, giving Keith a good forty lashes. He was a bloody mess; blood leaked from every wound and dripped to the floor.

Yami took a deep breath and released it, "Nothing like the smell of blood in the afternoon from torture. Now Keith we do have the antidote to the poison and we can give it to you for a price." He pulled out the vile and waved it in front of Keith's face. "All you have to do is talk…well…once your voice comes back, that is," and he, Ashley, and Crystal laughed.

Keith didn't nothing but growl. "Looks like he doesn't want to play properly or get the antidote either. Ashley? How long does the poison work?"

Ashley tapped her foot and looked up while tapping her chin with her index finger, "Oh about eight to ten hours, give or take an hour more."

Yami laughed, "Did you hear that Keithy-boy! About nine to eleven hours of pain! Pure, unadulterated pain!" He walked over and patted Keith's check hard before he slapped him and pulled out his dagger, making Keith scream in sheer pain. Yami chuckled darkly, "Come on girls. Let's see if our little friend is done yet." And the three left and walked back into Interrogation room 1 to see Bakura and Marik violently dunking Bonz into the salt water.

The girls laughed and Atem shook his head, "Okay you two that is enough. Strap him back to the slab. It's time to see if he can talk." The two frowned and mumble as they pulled Bonz out and drag him over to the wooden slab and tightly strapped him down.

"There!" the two said and grumbled back to the shadow corner they like to stand in.

"Now how are we doing Mister Bonz? Feel like talking yet?" Yami asked, sounding like someone talking to a very old and confused man or a young child.

Bonz was a soaking mess, the wound were still bleeding and now some had puss coming out. On top of all of that, he was shaking. "So are you ready to talk?" Yami asked. Bonz mumbled something, but no one could hear him. "I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that. Speak up bitch!" and Yami slammed the boys head into the wood.

"I-I-I'll talk! Just make them stop hurting me!" Bonz screamed and Yami smirked.

"Excellent! Now who is your boss or bosses?"

"P-P-P-Pegasus and D-D-Dartz! They plan to take over the world and make it a place for us vampires, the superior race, rulers of all!" Bonz started to whimper. "They told us that we should k-k-k-kill all of those who don't o-o-o-obey and try to create a w-w-war between the mythical creatures! That's all I know!"

"Lies! He must be hiding something!" Ashley yelled.

"He must know who put our king into his coma! Tell us who did that!" Crystal yelled before rushing over and punching the boy in his stomach. She pulled back just in time for Bonz to lose what little was in his stomach.

He coughed, "I (cough) don't know (cough) who did! (cough)"

"Unfortunately he is right. He doesn't know." Everyone turned to see Sapphire leaning against the steel door. "He probably doesn't know, and only those who are higher up will know, if not the bosses do."

"Sapphire what are you doing here?" Yami asked and the girl grinned sheepishly.

"I forgot to tell you that I got Keith to talk last night. He said he didn't know either. A job like that would have to be done by someone higher up and is close to the man. He told me the same stuff that bone guy just said."

"Are you sure?" Crystal asked.

Sapphire nodded, "Yeah and I probably have good idea who could have done that to my mate."

Yami nodded and looked back at Bonz, "Well looks like it is your lucky day. No more torture," Bonz sighed in relief, but Yami smirk. "Just death!"

"What? Death?! What do you mean?" if Bonz wasn't scared before he was now.

Yami chuckled, "Silly boy. Did you really think I let a rouge go free? Well you are sadly mistaken. I will not take the chance of you or your buddy getting away with murder." The council walked back in and stood on either side of Yami, with Sapphire, Crystal, Ashley, Bakura and Marik join them.

Sapphire stood next to Yami and asked, "May a make a suggestion, oh Vampire Pharaoh?" He nodded, "I suggest that he and the vampire, Keith Howard, be publicly executed. But not seen only by vampires, but other creatures like my people, the werewolves, and the dragons."

Yami thought for a moment and nodded his head, "Very well, Queen Sapphire. The two shall be punished in front of all creatures that want to see justice for those who have fallen. They will be killed by the very things that make them weak. Mahad?"

Mahad walked forward and handed Yami a two folders. He opened them and laughed, "Oh this should be fun. I'm going to need Ashley, seeing as Keith is actually weakened by those rose whips of yours." Ashley bounced for joy.

"As for Mister Bonz here, Marik and Bakura will enjoy using those new bronze swords they just got a week ago." Bakura and Marik high five and ran out of the room to get ready.

The council sighed and walked out of the room with Ashley and Crystal following behind, leaving Yami and Sapphire behind. "So do you think this could send a message to the Bosses that we mean business and that we will not be forced to fight each other?" Sapphire asked.

Yami sighed, "I don't know Sapphire, but it should help our people understand that we are doing everything in our power to stop this threat. At least we know who is in charge and start the process of finding them."

They walked out of the room with Yami telling the guards to watch over the kid. They walked out of the dungeons and Yami thought of something, "Sapphire? How did you get Keith to talk?"

An evil smile grew on her face, "Oh you know how I like to use chains and electricity?" Yami nodded, but was really wishing he hadn't asked. "Well I used the chains to beat the shit out of him, while I had jammed a rod up his ass and sent electric shock that went off every 10 seconds and lasted for 5 minutes."

Yami stared at the girl, "What the fuck!" The girl's smile just grew, "And I thought Bakura and Marik were bad. Remind me not piss you off."

Sapphire laughed, "Wise choice Yami. A wise choice."

"And who do you suspect to be the one who put Matthew into a coma?" Yami asked as they walked into the throne room.

"Not who, but whom. It was the work of three who did that to my mate."

"Who are the three?"

Sapphire sighed, "It's Rafael, Valon, and Alister. They used to be good friends with Ashley, but they disappeared a few months ago. They just made appearance last night!"

"Last night? Where?"

"At your home, my friend." The two looked to the throne and saw the three legendary dragons of Atlantis.

"Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos? What are you three doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see my old friends." Yami said and shook Timaeus's hand.

Timaeus sighed, "I wish it was on better terms my friend, but those three that Queen Sapphire mentioned are working for the rouges. They have been staking your house for a while and they know you have found you lost lover."

Yami sighed and face palmed himself. "Great. I just gave Yugi a key my house and left him alone with the dogs."

"Well we have been watching the place too. Yugi is back with his grandfather," Critias said.

"He did walk out maybe once, but that was to go to that corner store around the corner," Hermos said.

"Why did he go to the store?" Yami asked, but the three just shrugged their shoulder. "Hmm? I'm going to give him a quick call." He pulled out his phone and called Yugi.

"Hello Yami." Yugi gave a small yawn and Yami couldn't help but chuckle. "What's so funny?" he asked groggily.

Yami stopped his chuckling, "I'm sorry Little One. I hope I didn't disturb you. Sorry if I did."

"That's alright."

Yami smiled, "Well anyway, hello Game Angel. I just calling to see if you made it back home yet or are you still in that soft bed of mine?"

Yugi giggled, "I wish! Mine sucks after a night on yours! But, I'm back home now. Grandpa came back late today and I found him on the sofa asleep."

"Well that's good. I hope you did enjoy your stay Game Angel. You do still have that key I gave you right?"

"Yes I do! I put it on a small chain necklace that I had and it's around my neck as we speak."

"Good. I know I could trust you with it. I was also wondering if you fed the dogs yet?"

"Yes I did. I also made something for you when you get back from work. So you can just heat it up and enjoy!"

"Awww Aibou. That so sweet of you." Yami sighed, "Well I got to go. I need to finish a few things then I can go home."

"Okay Yami! I love you and have a good night in that wonderful bed of your!"

Yami chuckled, "I will and I love you too, night."

"Night!" and Yami hung up.

"Well~? What did he say?" Sapphire asked.

Yami's smile never left as he said, "He went out to buy stuff to make something for me to have when I got back home later."

Sapphire awed, "He is just the sweetest, adorable, cutest, and kind hearted person around. You are very luck man."

Yami sighed happily, "Yeah I know." They continued talking about their problems with the rouges until it was late and headed down to an open arena that was filled with magical creatures of all kinds. The rulers walked to the raised stage and saw the two accused along with Ashley, Bakura, Marik, and Crystal. Both were tied to two polls, one poll to each side, that had their hands and ankles tied to them.

They walked up the stairs and Yami lifted his hands in an attempt to quiet everyone. The crowd hushed as Yami spook, "Friday night two rouges were brought here to the Vampire Palace, charged with murdering and attempt of murder! They were stopped by the Werewolf Queen and her two ladies in wait! They are part of a group that is trying to cause a war between the different tribes of mystical creatures! These two have killed alone with many other vampires!"

The crowds booed, but Sapphire put up her hands to quiet them once more. When they did, she spook, "They and this group are not working for the Vampire Pharaoh! He has no reason to cause such a ruckus like that! This group believes that vampires are the superior race!" everyone but the vampire yelled. "But they are not like that! I know the vampires behind this are sick and evil as they try and convince their king into making humans slaves! He would never allow that!"

Sapphire looked to Yami and nodded. He stood before the two and said, "I will not let these two live for what they have done! And if anyone is a part of this group, they will meet with the same faith as these two! You have nothing to fear for I am not the enemy! We will catch these people and punish them for all they have done!" The crowd roared and cheered at the two. Yami nodded his head to Bakura and Marik while Sapphire nodded to Ashley and Crystal.

Bakura and Marik stood in front of Bonz as Crystal and Ashley stood in front of Keith. "You two have been charge with countless murders and conspiring against the Vampire Pharaoh and trying to cause an international war between the mythical creatures of the world!" Sapphire said as she stood next to Yami.

"You will be punished by the Vampires and Werewolves, but know that we are acting for all the leaders of the many mystical creatures. You will be put to death by the things that make you weak. Exposed to these items to long and it will kill you. Do you have any last parting words?" The two said nothing, but growled. "Fine! You will be punish now." Yami looked to Bakura and Marik and dragged his thumb over his neck.

Sapphire gave the same signal to Ashley and Crystal and the two rulers backed off as their people started their work. Ashley brought out both whips and handed one to Crystal. They both raised the whips and unleashed painful lashes on Keith. The man screamed as the lashes hit the ones from before. The two looked at each other before silently agreeing on something. They whirled the whips high in the air before swinging them at Keith and made them wrap around his neck. They pulled on the whips, making them tight and dig into Keith's neck. The man screamed as the thrones pierce the skin and the poison seeped into his blood stream. He yelled and screamed as the pain intensified more then before. Soon it was too much and he fell into unconsciousness.

The girls pulled out the whips and Ashley turned to the people, "Normally the poison doesn't kill, but he is weakened by it. We had used the whips before we knew that. The toxins that are already in his body and the toxins we just put in will be too much for his system to handle. It will kill him in a matter of moments, just long enough to punish his buddy over there." She looked to Marik and Bakura as they finish sharpening their bronze blades.

They grabbed their gear and walked over to the shaking boy. "Now for the real Hell!" Marik said as he drawn his sword and stabbed Bonz in the stomach. The boy screamed at the top of his lungs as Marik slowly and torturously pulled the blade out, before letting Bakura have his turn. Bakura lifted his blade up and brought it down onto Bonz's shoulder, successfully breaking the bone and left it there.

The two continued with the assault, raining blows and leaving their swords and daggers in the boy. "Vampire Pharaoh, will you take the last blow?" Marik asked, handing over the last bronze dagger. Yami nodded and grabbed the blade and walked over to the boy.

"May you see no mercy where you are heading," he said as he raised the blade and swiftly plunged it into Bonz's heart. He screamed as the cursed weapon sunk in and soon he turned to dust. The wind blew the dust away and all was hushed.

"You will not win!" said a hoarse voice. Everybody looked at Keith as he was slowly turned to dust. "Our bosses will make this world of the dead and vampires will rule on top with them as rulers! Mark my words! I will be avenged!" Yami walked over to him, fury and hatred burned in his eyes, enough to make Keith flinch.

He stared into Keith's eyes and said, "I will never let those monsters run this world! I will never let them control everyone! I WILL NEVER LET THEM WIN!" his hand turned into claws and he raised them into the air. "MAY THE DEVIL PUNISH YOU TO THE ENDS OF HELL!" and was about to slash Keith's neck when he looked back to Sapphire. "You can end this one if you like."

Sapphire nodded and with one swish of her hand, her nail turned into claws as she walked forward. She stopped in front of him, "As Pharaoh Atem has said, MAY THE DEVIL PUNISH YOU TO THE ENDS OF HELL!" and ran her claws against Keith's neck, successfully cutting the arteries and veins. Keith would have fallen forward if hadn't been for the ropes tying him to the post, but soon turned to dust and the wind blew them away.

Yami and Sapphire turned to the people, "Let this be a warning! If you are a part of this group, we will not hesitate to kill you on the spot! They are a dangerous group of vampires and I, along with the other leaders, will stop this menace once and for all!" Yami raised his fist in the air and the crowd roared. Soon the crowd dispensed and the six friends went back to the vampire palace and straight to Yami's office.

Yami flopped into his big chair with Sapphire taking the other on the other side and the others sitting on the couches. Sapphire looked over to Yami, "So now what?"

Yami sighed, "I don't know, but for now we let just go home and rest. I know we probably shouldn't but I'm tried and hungry. I'm probably saying the same for you all?" the others nodded, "Okay. I'm going to finish a few things then head home. Sapphire could you stay a bit long?"

The girl nodded and the others walked out. "What is Yami?" Sapphire asked as she watched her old friend walk over and site on the desk in front of him.

"How is Matthew? Ashley and Crystal told me he got worse."

Sapphire sighed, "He was, but when I went to see him, his hand moved a bit. They think he might not be in a vegetation state after all and if he keeps fighting, he might wake up soon. I hope he does. I don't know how much more I can take."

Yami grabbed her hand and laid his other on top, "I know he will. Don't give up hope, Sapphire."

Sapphire smiled and hugged him, "Thank you my brother." The two pulled apart and talked a

bit more before Sapphire left and Yami finished up the last of his work and started to get ready to leave. About 30 minutes later, he left the palace threw a portal and walked out of the park where the portal was and to his car.

He finally arrived at his house it was now midnight and he was wiped out. He dropped his bag at the door and drudge into the kitchen and to the fridge. "Now what did my Game Angel make for me?" He found a container filled with pasta and meat sauce. "What's this?"

"Turkey ragu with linguini noodles." Yami turned to see Balto standing at the entrance of the kitchen. "He made us steak with pasta and vegetables. It was really good."

"He can really cook can't he?" He put the container into the microwave and pressed a few buttons and waited for it to heat while looking for a plate, fork, and a knife. "Did anything else happen while I was gone?"

Balto stretched before he said, "Nothing really, but he did found one of your blood bottles that you left in the fridge."

"Crap! I knew I forgot something! Did he freak?" the microwave beeped and he stirred the food before putting it back and heated it again.

Balto shook his head, "No. He thought it was wine and put it back. He's thinking about get some wine the next time he cooks for you."

Yami gave a sigh of relief, "Good. I don't think I'm ready to tell him yet about the vampire thing." The microwave beeped again and Yami pulled it out and dished out some of the pasta of him and some for Balto. The two ate and Yami told Balto about the house being watch and the other stuff that happened today.

Balto growled, "I should have known! I kept smelling dragons and other vampires, but thought nothing of it. I'm sorry Yami."

He bowed his head, but Yami pulled it back up and gently rubbed the top of his head. "It's okay. I should have known as well, but didn't. The dragon king has sent his best men to protect Yugi but I'm going to send a few I know who can help and go in undercover."

"Yeah and who is that? Ashley and Crystal?" Balto asked.

"Nope. Jaden and Cyrus. They owe me for helping them get together. They probably won't mind."

"Yeah but they are away somewhere aren't they?"

"Yeah it won't be until next week if they do. So until then Ashley and Crystal have to keep up with him. I'm also going to get Yusei and his gang to help as well."

"Yusei! Wow, you are serious aren't you?" Balto asked and Yami nodded.

"I just want to make sure I don't lose Yugi again. He is my everything and I will not lose him to those bastards!" Balto nodded and the two got ready for bed.

The days passed by like a flash and Saturday was finally here. Yugi and Yami didn't get a chance to spend much time this week, but with the rouges still out Yami was not going to take any chances. He was determined to find and fight them before they got to his angel. He even started to go out into the city with Marik and Bakura looking for any vampire who would go after the mythical and/or non mythical creatures.

Yugi didn't complain about not spending time with Yami. He was busy as well by helping set up the dance, homework, friends, helping his grandpa with the shop, and finding more parts to his costume, maybe one or two things for Yami as well.

He was getting ready to take a quick shower when his cell phone went off, playing Sting's Desert Rose, the ring tone to let him know that Yami was calling him. "Hello my Yami. What's up?"

Yami chuckled, "Hello my sweet little Game Angel. I thought I call you and let you know that I will be picking you up at 7. What time is the dance?"

Yugi looked around his desk and found the flyer for the dance, "It starts at 8, but if you want we could go and get something to eat before we go to the high school?"

Yami hummed, "Yeah that sound like a good idea. I'll pick you up in 20 minutes then since it is almost 5:30. We'll have dinner, then come back to my place and we can get dressed here. I got you something that would look perfect on you."

Yugi sighed, "You know you didn't have to get me anything else. I don't want you to waste your money on me."

"It's just money Yugi. I don't care. So do we have a date?"

Yugi chuckled, "Yes we have a date. I'll see you soon, Love." Yugi hung up and quickly rushed into the bathroom and showered. He rushed out and ran into his room where he quickly slipped on an orange long sleeve shirt with a purple and black pumpkin and blue jeans. He grabbed his stuff for the costumes along his wallet and phone and walked downstairs just as the doorbell rung.

Grandpa opened the door and smiled as he saw Yami standing there, "Well hello there Yami, here to see my grandson again," he said with a chuckle.

Yami nodded, "Yeah, we just planned to have dinner before we got ready for the dance tonight. I hope you don't mind me taking him early?"

Grandpa shook his head and let Yami in, "Oh that is no problem. I was just about to tell Yugi that I was invited to a party a friend of mine is throwing tonight and that I won't be home for the rest of the night."

Yami gave him a sly grin, "Really? Got a date to go with as well?"

Solomon chucked again, "You could say that. If it's okay with you, can Yugi stay the night with you?"

Yami nodded and was about to say something when Yugi walked in and gave him a hug, "Hi Yami. I missed you!" he said and gave Yami a quick kiss.

"Hey Love. I missed you too. I was just talking to Grandpa and he asked if you could stay at my house tonight, right?" Yami said.

"Huh? Really? Can I Grandpa?" Yugi begged giving the old man the puppy eyes of doom.

The old man laughed, "Of course. I'll just want you to be with someone tonight since I won't be here."

"And where are you going Grandpa?"

Yami smirked and said, "He has a date."

"A date! When do you date?!" Yugi asked shocked.

Solomon sheepishly grin, "Well I met her the last weekend and it has been a while since I been with someone. I'm taking her to a party a friend of mine is throwing and I thought you might like to spend the night with Yami instead of staying here by yourself." Yugi nodded and rushed back upstairs and quickly grabbed a few things.

Once he was done, the two teens left and drove to a restaurant they like to go to. They went in and were taken to a table that was in the back and away from most prying eyes. The waitress took their drink orders and left. The two looked at the menus and when the waitress brought their drinks and a basket of rolls, she took their orders; Yugi got a tex-mex sizzling salad with chicken and beef, while Yami got a steak with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. The waitress took the menus and left the two alone.

"So, you really want to go to this dance right?" Yugi asked before he took a sip of his cherry Pepsi.

Yami nodded and grabbed one of the rolls and butter pads, "Yes I'm sure. Everything is going to be fine, my little Game Angel. No need to worry." He took the butter and spread it on top of the roll before taking a bite.

Yugi nodded, "Okay, if you say so. How was your week? We haven't talked since Sunday. Is everything okay?"

Yami placed his roll down, took a quick sip of his drink, and sighed, "Sort-of. A friend of mine is really upset and worried. Her husband is in the hospital and in coma. They don't know when or if he will wake up and I'm afraid she might do something she will regret later. He is such a great guy, he doesn't disserve that that. He shouldn't be in a coma. Its kill Sapphire, I just know it."

"What happened to him?" Yugi asked.

Yami placed his head in his hands and said, "He's name is Matthew and we tend to do business together. Well, he was just walking around when he saw someone who needed help. The person was being attacked by some thugs and he tried to help, but was attacked as well and left in a coma. He's been fighting for a less two months now and I miss him a lot. He is like a brother to me and Sapphire is like my sister. I'm worried about them and pray that he wakes up soon." He laid his head down on the table as he tried to keep the headache away. With all that was going on, he did worry about his friends and hoped that they will pull threw.

Yugi place his hand on top of Yami's and gently rubbed it with his thumb. "Well I hope she doesn't do anything reckless and that she doesn't give up hope just yet." Yami looked up and smiled when he saw Yugi giving him a gentle one.

"Thanks Yugi," Yami said before kissing him. The waitress popped up with their orders and the two ate in relative silence, but talking every once in a while. They finished and Yami paid for the food, once again ignoring Yugi's protest, and the two left to go to Yami's to get dressed for the dance.

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